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10 reasons to prefer the new house against allergies

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A new house helps fight allergies

Rhinitis, asthma, eczema… the allergens present in our homes can quickly become a nightmare. For people with allergies, choosing a new house limits the risks.

Allergies don't just affect others

Today, 30% of the population is allergic against barely 3% in 1970. And the symptoms can develop at all ages in the inhabitants who will remain sensitive all their life. The onset of allergies is favored by excessive and repeated contact with a The absence of dyes and chemicals reduces allergenic effects. the children are particularly sensitive and it is necessary at all costs to protect them by helping them to grow in a healthy environment and protected. molds, mites are the main ones allergens present in our homes, against which we must protect the asthma. It is also necessary to guard against pollen of the neighborhood.

The serious consequences of a bad choice of house

THEbuying a house is a very important stage of life. Better not make a mistake and choose a adapted house has its needs, its desires and above all in which one feels good. When a family member is allergic, move into a new house is always a risk. Is the house healthy ? Does it promote development of mites ? pollen allergenic are they present around the house? The consequences of a wrong choice could be disastrous, both financially and for your health. Because you don't change accommodation like that. Opting for a new house is thus limiting the risks encountered in old housing.

Air quality directly influences the health of occupants.

The new house is healthier for allergy sufferers

It is not uncommon in a old house to be confronted with moisture problems. Capillary rise, infiltration, poor insulation, condensation, the causes are sometimes difficult to find and the problems difficult to solve. A well-designed new home avoids these kinds of problems. At the house of Sic houses, the houses are thus built on crawlspace to avoid long-term capillary rise. The sources of humidity in the dwelling are thus controlled.

The new house is well insulated

The houses built today are well insulated to retain heat in the home and provide energy savings. They leave no cold spots on the exterior walls. called thermal bridges, the latter are the places where there are no insulation continuity. A defect frequently encountered in old houses. I'humidity indoor air then condenses on contact with the cold surface and mold develops. a situation that is frequently encountered in old houses, at the junction of two walls, or at the edge of the ceiling. This situation seriously deteriorates the quality of indoor air because molds are very powerful allergens. They are the cause of many typical symptoms asthma attacks or eczema.

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The new house ensures the renewal of the air

In old houses, you don't always know what has been done before you move in. Sometimes the house is very well insulated but that the air renewal is not sufficient. Result, the indoor air quality is very bad. Humidity accumulates, mites can proliferate in this favorable environment and molds will also tend to develop. When we do to build a home new RE 2020, the emphasis is on ventilation the proper functioning of which will be checked at the end of the works. Good news for allergy sufferers.

Comfortable heating

The friend of dust mites is also the heating. To prevent their proliferation, it is better to limit the temperature of your home. Preferably the heating is set to 19°C, especially in the bedroom. This conservation temperature is less difficult to hold in a new house where the heat is often better distributed and where the insulation removes the feeling of a cold wall. Heaters like the heating floor which offers a gentle heat on the ground, are also more efficient. As a result, the temperature felt is higher and there is less of a reflex to push the radiators thoroughly.

Allergens develop less at certain temperatures

The new house allows you to choose natural materials

When we build his house, all of the constructive choices can be reviewed with builder of the new house. The latter adapts to your needs and your allergies to find the appropriate equipment and materials. We avoid carpets, which dust mites are fond of, in favor of smooth surfaces that can be easily washed. Tiles, parquet, these old and natural materials have it all. Resistant, durable and above all without synthetic materials, they avoid taking risks.

The new house allows you to choose VOC-free materials

While we spend most of our time indoors, indoor air is more contaminated than the outside air. More than 150 pollutants (fine particles, volatile organic compounds, pesticides, etc.) may be present in theindoor air. To limit the allergic reactions, it is important to choose your materials carefully. Lots of decorative items or building materials are today synthetic, or composite. They contain glues, which emit Harmful VOCs in the air. Similarly, it is better to limit certain paints. I'VOC emissions label construction materials provides information on the harmfulness of the materials. Even if it is not very demanding, this labeling already provides initial information. Then prefer products displaying the grade A+. We will then prefer the most natural materials possible (the least transformed), or minerals which are inert and do not emit VOCs.

High-performance equipment adapted to allergies

Heat pumps ou double flux ventilation are devices equipped with filters which trap mites. Indeed, the heat pump stirs the air inside the house to heat it. By the way, she trap small particles suspended in its filters. Double flow ventilation, on the other hand, controls the air entering the house. Its filter thus captures pollution but also external allergens before they enter the house. An ideal solution to help families whose child is allergic to outdoor pollen.

Long term performance against allergies

Before entering a new house, the priority is to ventilate it as much as possible to eliminate fumes of construction and decoration products. Especially in the bedrooms. Then you leave on a healthy basis and for a long time. But for fight against allergies, it will be necessary to think about the maintenance in particular of the ventilation systems. Changing the filters and cleaning the air vents is essential. Finally, cleaning and other small gestures will help you struggle on a daily basis to keep a housing also healthy only on the first day.


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