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11 reasons to choose a heat pump for your new house in Gironde

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New homes in Gironde are increasingly equipped with aerothermal heat pumps. Encouraged by thermal regulations, nearly 2 buildings out of 3 in France have chosen this solution. Here are some reasons to install a heat pump in your new home.

An energy-efficient device for your new house in Gironde

The so-called aerothermal heat pump (or heat pump) is a device that knows how to recover the calories present naturally in the outside air. This electrical equipment consumes less energy for its operation than it restores in heat in the dwelling. The seasonal coefficient of performance or SCOP provides information on the performance of the heat pump in winter. A SCOP of 4,50 thus means that for 1 kW consumed, the appliance provides 4,5 kW of heat over the entire heating season. That's a nice energy saving!

Which heat pump to choose for my new house?

An air/water heat pump as central heating

The air/water heat pump is today the most widespread in individual housing. According to Domexpo barometer, it now equips 36% of homes. Generally this equipment consists of an outdoor unit, which recovers the calories, connected to an indoor unit or hydraulic module which transmits this energy to the heating or domestic hot water circuits. The air/water heat pump is therefore a central heating installation. It will suit those who appreciate the comfort offered by hot water heaters, radiators or hydraulic underfloor heating.

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The new house in Gironde is also equipped with an air/air heat pump

Called Pac Air/Air, these heat pumps also capture the calories present in the outside air. This time, the heat is used to heat the air in the home through one or more indoor units.

The Air/water Pac has become the most prescribed mode of heating in single-family homes. Source Domexpo

Discreet and comfortable heat emitters

In the case of an air/water heat pump, the heat emitters are the same as with an installation of central heating. Heating floor and hydraulic radiators will be supplied by the water circuit from the heat pump.

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In air/air systems, the solutions are also discrete. THE wall split is thus installed at a height to free up space, consoles, similar to radiators, will offer a more conventional aesthetic. hidden in a false ceiling, the solutions ductable discreetly diffuse the heat.

The wall consoles are installed in height and integrate discreetly into the new house in Gironde.

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The heat pump remains efficient in cold weather in Gironde

The heat pumps know how to recover calories, even when outside temperatures are negative. The ryield is then less good and electricity consumption increases. However, you should not be afraid of being cold. An electric backup obviously compensates for these drops. Due to the mild temperatures in the department, this inconvenience is not really one. Ideal for new homes Gironde, the heat pump promises on average strong performance and energy savings.

Refresh the new house in Gironde

A new house in Gironde is often subject to high heat in summer. Aerothermal heat pumps have long been called air conditioners reversible. This type of device is in fact capable of reversing its operation to refresh the house in the summer. They then draw heat from the indoor air to send it outside the home. Cooling can then be provided by the refreshing heated floor. Good news with the multiplication of heat waves in summer and the steady rise in temperatures of the department. The new thermic regulation encouraging the creation of houses without overheating in the summer, this feature is however rarely used for the moment.

The outdoor unit is installed away from the living rooms.

Heat pump in a new house, a low-noise solution

Noise from heat pump outdoor units

They say the heat pumps are noisy and unsightly, it's true that this is not their strong point, at least for the outdoor unit. But this is rarely a problem in new construction since your builder of a detached house in Gironde will take into account the situation of the neighborhood. Equipment will be placed away from your living quarters as well as those of your neighbors to limit the inconvenience. Adopted by most recent models, Inverter technology considerably reduces noise pollution. The noise of an outdoor unit thus varies from 35 to 65 dB(A).

Interior acoustic comfort preserved

In the new house, the heat pumps do not disturb the tranquility of the occupants. Even the hot air diffusion provided by the indoor units of the Air/Air heat pump are relatively quiet. For the most sensitive, a silent mode further reduces the sound level to adapt to nighttime periods.

New house in Gironde, a heat pump to produce hot water

Air/water heat pumps are capable of providing heating andhot water. A circuit will then be connected to the hot water tank. To save space, some solutions combine the two uses, heating and domestic hot water in the same module. A way to further reduce energy costs. It is also possible to choose a thermodynamic balloon. A separate solution that has its own heat pump.


The heat pump is controlled remotely

Like all electrical solutions, heat pumps are well suited to programming and remote control. Whether you go through the programmer built into the heat pump or through an installation automation, the objective is to guarantee comfort while saving energy. It is thus possible to program the temperatures set point hour by hour, or to subject the operation of the devices to the presence detection.

The CAP a non-binding interview

THEmaintenance of the heat pump (PAC) is mandatory when its power is greater than 4 KW, which is a common power in new homes. Every two years at the most, the professional checks the general proper functioning of the heat pump and ensures the tightness of the refrigeration circuit. In fact, a refrigerant leak can be harmful to the environment.

Des prix acceptables

Easier to implement because it is not central heating, the Pac air/air is one of the least expensive solutions in new construction.

The Air/Water Pac, which is accompanied by the installation of a hot water network and radiators or underfloor heating is obviously more expensive. Very economical and comfortable to use, it remains, however, an interesting investment in the long term.

Uses renewable energy compatible with RE 2020

La RE 2020 (Environmental Regulations 2020), is the new regulation that governs the performance of new homes. It strongly encourages the use of renewable energies for the heating and production of domestic hot water in a new house. Available, renewable and free, the calories present in the outside air are offered by solar energy. I'aerothermal is thus considered as a renewable energy, even if it needs a contribution in Electricity supply to retrieve it.

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