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12 advantages of duct heating in a new house in the South-West

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  • 12 advantages of duct heating in a new house in the South-West

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install ducted heating in a new house in the South West
The air outlet of the ducted heating can be discreetly integrated near the window.

Invisible heating? It exists ! Ductable heating in new homes is a simple solution if it is integrated during construction.

No unsightly appliances in the room, no noises and yet, it is good in this house. But where does the heat come from? Discover the 12 advantages of duct heating in new homes.


The duct heater heats the entire new house

Principle of operation of ducted heating in a new house

The principle of a duct heating in a new house is the same as that of a central heating. But here, it is not a hot water circuit but hot air. Most of the time a air to air heat pump is connected to a ductwork hot air. Usually placed in lost attic en new construction but also under the floor or in the false ceiling, these ducts distribute the hot air in all the rooms of the new house.

How does an air to air heat pump work?

Very suitable for duct heating in new homes, the Air/Air heat pump consists of a indoor unit which diffuses the heat, and a outdoor unit. This captures the calories present in the outside air. These calories are present even when the temperature is below 0. On the other hand, under these conditions, the heat pump has a lower efficiency. Its operation is thus optimal in our southwestern regions where the temperatures are rarely negative.

Building your house with duct heating for energy savings

Forget the preconceptions about electric heating. THE Air/air heat pumps perform much better than convectors. Thus, in winter, the performance of an appliance is evaluated by its SCOP. A SCOP of 4,50 means that on average, for 1 kW of electricity consumed, the heat pump restores 4,5 kW of heat.

Installing an air/air Pac in new construction means choosing a solution that consumes three to five times less than a classic electric heater!

Easy to install in new construction

In renovation, the installation of a duct heater is complicated and expensive. It is generally necessary to hide the ducts in a false ceiling to distribute the hot air. The volume of the room is reduced accordingly. In new houses, duct heating is planned from the outset and its installation is all the easier, which limits the investment.

Freedom of layout and space saving at the rendezvous

La pompe à chaleur of the duct type is a top-of-the-range solution. It offers great freedom in the design of the room. Freed from their bulky appliances, the completely bare walls offer great architectural freedom and significant space saving.

Ducted heating in a new house: An invisible heating solution

This solution is extremely discreet. The duct network is generally concealed in the attic. Only remain one to many diffusion grids of heat depending on the size of the room. Well sized, this network is sufficient to ensure optimum comfort and ideal air circulation.

Ducted heating in new homes is compatible with a thermostat
The ducted heating allows you to adjust the temperature room by room.

The temperature room by room, even with duct heating

This centralized system does not however prevent individualizing the rooms of the house. A single remote control open or close the diffusion grids heat according to the desired temperature.

There is no need to heat the bedrooms to the same temperature as the living room when you are not there. A temperature of 18° may be enough in the bedroom, where you spend little time out of the duvet, while 21° is appreciable for watching television in your armchair.

A solution which, when properly used, guarantees solid energy savings.

The duct heating can be programmed for even more energy savings

Why heat a room during the day when you're not there. And why raise the temperature to 21° at night when under the duvet 17° is enough for comfort? To make your life easier and avoid going around the house as soon as you leave, there are weekly schedulers. The temperature thus rises or falls automatically at the chosen time to adapt to your lifestyle. The bathroom warms up in the morning and evening, just before toilet time. The house warms up to welcome you every day when you return from work etc. The possibilities are many.

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The ducted heating in a new house is completely silent!

Contrary to popular belief, this system is not noisy! Indeed, theair to air heat pump indoor unit of the duct system is generally installed in an unoccupied room. Boiler room, scullery, entrance, etc. Noise is therefore particularly limited. In addition, many models today are very quiet. The same goes for the outdoor unit which makes very little noise thanks to the inverter technology. Solutions also exist to further reduce the decibels when the neighborhood is too close to the outdoor unit, for example.

duct heating in new house the outdoor unit
The outdoor heat pump unit is easy to maintain

Easy maintenance

Maintenance is made easy by the simple fact that there is only one source of heat production (one indoor unit and one outdoor unit). You just have to do a dusting ventilation ducts and grilles regularly to prevent it from clogging.

The only real constraint is cleaning or replacing any dust and pollen filters, every 3 to 6 months depending on the model and needs. This cleaning is imperative to maintain a healthy air and guarantee the ideal functioning of the system.

Ducted heating in new homes is suitable for people with allergies

Usually the indoor units are equipped with dust and pollen filters. As the volume of air in the house is continuously stirred, the filters of the Air/Air heat pump then trap the pollutants et allergens air. Good news to avoid respiratory allergies !

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The ducted heating to make it cold in summer?

An Air/Air heat pump is generally a device reversible. This means that he also knows how to cool the house in the summer. Ideal in our regions of the South-West where our houses, even very well built, can sometimes rise too much in temperature. A door left open, or a blind not lowered at noon and it's a disaster. Moreover, with global warming, heat waves are becoming more and more frequent and the air conditioning sometimes helps to lower the temperature. However, recourse must be exceptional.

Ducted air conditioning prohibited in new construction?

Houses built to standard RT 2012 must consume less than 50 kWh per square meter per year. The use of air conditioning is therefore limited or even prohibited. (In our regions, areas exposed to noise benefit from a derogatory regime which does not penalize the air conditioning in the calculation engine).

To compensate for any excess energy consumption generated in summer, the builder find tips such as installing photovoltaic panels that will help the house produce energy.


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