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5 advantages of building a new house in a subdivision

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Subdivisions have evolved greatly in recent years. Having become real places to live, they also allow you to afford an individual house for excellent value for money. Maisons SIC, builder of new houses in the South-West for over 50 years, explains 5 of the advantages of choosing to build your house in a subdivision.


Land ready to build: the comfort of servicing in a subdivision

The major advantage of land in a subdivision is its preparation. These lands are already serviced and ready for use. This means that water, electricity and sanitation are already on site. The buyer thus avoids the hassle and servicing costs.

Another strong point is the guarantee of constructability. Each plot in the subdivision is certified as buildable. This is security for future owners. They can start construction without fear of administrative obstacles.

Our Company SIC houses, recognized in the construction of houses in subdivisions, is based on this principle. It offers land ready to accommodate your future home. With Maisons SIC, the subdivision house project becomes a tangible reality. Our teams ensure full support, from construction to handing over the keys.

In subdivision, each piece of land is bounded and precisely defined. This eliminates the risk of land disputes with neighbors. Significant peace of mind for buyers. Moreover, common access and equipment are already in place. This makes construction planning and execution easier.

Subdivision land offers a pleasant living environment. They are often located near urban amenities. Maisons SIC offers subdivision houses in strategic locations. These places combine residential tranquility and access to urban services.

The servicing and preparation of the land guarantee a peaceful project start-up. Maisons SIC, as an experienced builder, values ​​these aspects. We offer turnkey solutions to make the dream of a detached house in a subdivision come true.



Living on the urban outskirts in the South-West: the advantages of housing estates near towns

Have a subdivision built near Toulouse
The city of Toulouse and its agglomeration are always more attractive for building.


Opting for a housing estate on the urban outskirts means choose a balanced lifestyle. These residential spaces combine calm and amenities. They offer a peaceful living environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

In the South-West, housing estates are acquiring attractive features. The mild climate and accessibility to major communication routes are undeniable assets. Families find it an ideal environment to flourish. Essential services, such as schools and shopping centers, remain nearby.

The peri-urban subdivision responds to a demand for nature and space. Residents benefit a better surface area-price ratio than in the heart of metropolises. The gardens are more spacious, the houses better arranged. This attracts those seeking a higher quality of life.

Proximity to cities in the South-West, such as Toulouse or Bordeaux, makes everyday life easier. Residents benefit from urban infrastructure without suffering the disadvantages. Public transport networks are often well developed. This allows easy connection to business centers and leisure venues.

The subdivisions of the South-West are also distinguished by their integration into the local landscape. The architecture there often respects regional aesthetics. Traditional materials rub shoulders with modern and eco-responsible constructions. It is a harmonious blend that preserves the cultural identity of the region.

Finally, living on the outskirts allows you to enjoy the outdoor activities that the South-West offers. Hiking, cycling or tasting local products are within reach. These subdivisions prove to be true havens of peace for their inhabitants.

The peri-urban housing estates of the South-West therefore combine quality of life and proximity to services. They offer an environment conducive to a lifestyle where well-being rhymes with space and nature. A lifestyle choice that is becoming more and more attractive in these modern times.


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Architectural harmony and environmental standards: the commitment of housing estates

Storey house Pyrenees South West



Contemporary housing developments are taking a marked eco-responsible turn. They are committed to architectural harmony that respects traditions and strict environmental standards.

The adoption of the RE 2020 is an eloquent example. This environmental regulation aims to reduce the carbon footprint of new construction. It imposes high standards in terms of insulation, use of renewable energies and indoor air quality.

SIC houses, aware of these issues, designs homes that match local architecture. The Pyrenees line, for example, is an illustration of this successful integration. These houses are inspired by regional aesthetic codes. They combine traditional charm and modernity. The materials used, such as stone and wood, reflect the identity of the South-West, while respecting current ecological imperatives.

The Maisons SIC construction team is continually trained to the latest construction standards. This ensures that their skills are constantly updated. Thus, the houses they build are not only beautiful and functional but also environmentally friendly. They ensure energy performance that exceeds regulatory requirements.

Housing estates don’t just follow standards. They anticipate them, sometimes integrating innovations before they become obligatory. Rainwater harvesting systems, green roofs or solar panels are examples of these initiatives. They contribute to better resource management and the reduction of energy bills.

Choose a committed subdivision for your future home, it's about choosing a sustainable habitat. It also means opting for an aesthetic in accordance with its environment. Maisons SIC positions itself as a key player in this field, offering homes that respect and enhance architectural heritage while being at the forefront of environmental progress. It is a commitment to the future, a promise of a responsible and warm home.


Peace of mind when purchasing: the guarantees offered by the developer

what are the main subdivision builder guarantees?

The acquisition of land in a subdivision comes with solid guarantees, offering peace of mind to buyers. The developer, as a professional, is required to respect a strict regulatory framework which secures the purchase. These guarantees begin with the development of the land. The developer ensures connection to essential networks: water, electricity, gas and telecommunications.

A geotechnical study is often carried out, providing information on the quality of the subsoil. This approach prevents risks linked to the land which could arise after construction. In addition, the developer precisely demarcates each plot. The definitive boundary guarantees the exact surface area of ​​the property, eliminating land uncertainties.

The planning permission is another important guarantee. It is issued by the competent authorities, certifying that the subdivision project complies with town planning legislation. This includes ensuring that each lot is buildable, consistent with its intended use.

Documents such as the subdivision regulations and the specifications define the rights and obligations of each owner. These documents govern the aesthetics of constructions, the use of common spaces and the conservation of the visual harmony of the subdivision. They reassure buyers about the long-term preservation of the quality of life in the subdivision.

the insurance provided by the developer, such as the ten-year guarantee, covers the viability infrastructure. This insurance protects against construction defects and possible poor workmanship.

These multiple guarantees, established by developers, constitute a peaceful purchasing framework. They allow buyers to plan for their future living space with confidence and peace of mind.



Savings and tax incentives: the financial benefits of building in a subdivision

financing construction house subdivision

Building in a subdivision can be economically advantageous thanks to various tax incentives. Purchasing serviced land in a subdivision already offers significant savings. The costs of connecting to public services, often expensive for isolated land, are non-existent or reduced. In addition, the concentration of construction allows for optimization of infrastructure costs.

On a fiscal level, the State encourages the construction of new houses through attractive measures. A significant advantage is the exemption from property tax during the first two years following construction. This exemption can represent a substantial saving, especially in areas where property taxes are high. It is important to note that to benefit from this exemption, a request must be made to the public finance center.

In addition, buyers can benefit from a VAT reduced to 5,5% instead of 20% in certain areas subject to resource conditions. This mainly concerns so-called “tense” areas where the supply of housing is insufficient in relation to demand. This VAT reduction applies to both the price of the land and that of the construction, leading to a considerable reduction in the overall cost of the real estate project.

Subdivision home builders, aware of these advantages, can also offer all-inclusive packages. These formulas include the price of the land and the house, providing financial visibility from the start and avoiding unforeseen expenses.

These incentives, coupled with guarantees of sustainable and energy efficient construction such as those imposed by RE2020, make it possible to achieve long-term savings. New homes, better insulated and using renewable energy, reduce energy bills significantly.


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