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6 benefits of building a timber frame house

the advantages of building a wooden house

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Benefiting from many models within its wood line, the company SIC Houses has become an expert in the construction of wooden frame houses, for the South-West but also for the whole of France. In collaboration with the SIGA company (Société Industrielle de Gajac), which has been building wooden frame houses since 1969, Sic-Habitat is aware of the great interest in having a wooden house built. Because the advantages are numerous and indisputable, we present them to you below…


Choose to build a wooden frame house, for a comfortable and warm atmosphere


The wood is definitely thehe material considered to be the “warmest”. It is moreover the adjective which is immediately used (with "user-friendly") when we want to define the characteristics of this material.

But where does this feeling of well-being come from? There are several explanations for this. In our common history, to begin with, wood, this rustic material has something reassuring about it. More “scientifically” speaking, wood has a very special hygroscopic capacity (even after its “death”, it continues to interact with its environment, to absorb water and humidity from the air). Its intrinsic characteristics (naturally breathable for example) allow it to provide true hygrometric balance, naturally regulating the humidity within a home and then giving us immediately a feeling of warmth and comfort

Finally, wood is warm through all our senses: pleasant to see, to touch, to hear and even to smell, it delights all our sensory feelings. It then offers an impression of contact with nature, which is essential to our balance and which, once again, soothes and calms. 


The choice of wood: an ecological material 

wood construction ecological house

Choosing wood for the construction of your new home is an ecological decision in many respects. 

To begin with, wood construction has low environmental impact, because of its low carbon footprint. Naturally storing carbon (on average, 1m3 of wood can store the equivalent of 1 tonne of CO2), wood reduces greenhouse gas emissions. 

Its great insulating power also makes it possible to save energy. And therefore savings. 

Wood is also a “cleaner” material on construction sites because all its waste and residues are recyclable. 

But it should pay attention to the origin and provenance of the wood, to limit the carbon impact. At Maisons SIC, the wood used is European and classified according to the NF B 52-001 standard, then sorted respecting its singularities: number of knots, knot diameters, resin pockets, biological alterations.


A timber frame house: resistant to time and bad weather

Contrary to what one might sometimes think, wood is a material very resistant to time and weather. It is in fact capable of surviving the centuries provided it is implemented flawlessly and properly maintained. 

In view of the evolution of contemporary timber frame houses, it is clear that they are now aging exactly like other types of construction, at the same rate as materials such as bricks or concrete blocks.

The longevity factors of a wooden house are very simple. You have to make sure good design, strict compliance with manufacturing standards, proper use of materials and also appropriate and regular maintenance. 


At Maisons SIC, as soon as the wood is taken care of in our factory, it receives a fungicide treatment, and a colored treatment to be certain of its execution.

And our vast experience in the construction of wooden frame houses assures you of the longevity of your project. 


The wooden house: for a modular and light construction

The wood is one of the lightest building materials, up to 7 times lighter than concrete for example. The light structure then makes it possible to avoid setting up too large foundations and thus to make further savings. 

Both light and very resistant, wood allows great modularity in construction. Indeed, its ease of implementation allows the wood to be used easily for the construction of an extension for example. Aesthetically speaking, wooden construction blends in perfectly with any other type of construction (concrete, steel, stone, etc.). And you can very easily modify a wooden construction. 

Finally, due to its “flexibility”, wood allows a great freedom of forms and architectural possibilities even larger than for any other construction. 


Wood: a highly insulating material with low inertia

wood insulation construction houses

Again, wood insulation for building a house also depends on how serious your builder is. All SIC wooden houses benefit from the long experience of our company. In effect, we line this wooden frame with outer peripheral insulation made of heavy insulating materials of the wood fiber type, for example. This improves insulation, provides a better thermal phase shift for the benefit of summer comfort and eliminates all thermal bridges attributable to the wooden frame. 

Naturally already, wood is very insulating. 12 times more than concrete for example. A “power” that comes from its low conductivity, which then provides a low thermal inertia. Using wood for the construction of your house greatly limits the creation of thermal bridges (zones of heat loss). By choosing Maisons SIC, which also perfectly master the airtightness of this material, you ensure a home with unparalleled comfort. 

The reduced construction time of a timber frame house

build a timber frame house

The construction of a wooden house is easier but also faster than a “traditional” house construction site. With wood, we don't wait for the material to dry, for example (apart from the concrete slab). 

One of the main advantages of wood for the construction of a house is that the elements of the framework can be manufactured in the workshop, in the dry and in total safety. Once the walls are finished, they can then be delivered to the construction site and immediately erected. With the installation, then, of the frame and the floors, the “effective” construction of a wooden house may take only a few weeks. 

Once again, it is essential to surround yourself with good professionals. Because if this wooden construction seems easier than a “traditional” construction, this manufacturing method requires anticipation, good management of supplies, design mastered to the nearest millimeter and perfect synchronization with the other trades. Do not hesitate to trust the experienced professionalism of SIC Habitat. 



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