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The 7 advantages of building a house in the Gers

build a house in the gers

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The terroir, the gastronomy, nature, human warmth… The Gers remains one of the most attractive French departments, to work there, to settle there and to build a house. Discover all the attractions of one of the jewels of South-West France thanks to SIC houses

1. Happiness is still in the meadow, when you build a house in the Gers

In 1995, the film “Le Bonheur est dans le Pré” by Etienne Chatilliez was released, highlighting the Gers in general and the region around Condom in particular. As explained in this article from Les Echos, this successful film greatly promoted the image of “good living” in the Gers. Indeed, the Gers, with its good meat, its foie gras and its Armagnac, relaxing landscapes, its rural lodgings and its dozen festivals (Jazz in Marciac…), “has become a tourist department which attracts 1,2 million visitors per year bringing 213 million euros in revenue in 2014, up 53% in ten years according to the CDT.” 

Responding to the expectations of friendliness and authenticity of city dwellers, the Gers attracts tourists but also newcomers. Indeed, the department gained on average, in 2015, 1 inhabitants per year and continues to gain each year. The construction of houses in the Gers is always more numerous, the land being more accessible than in other regions. 


2. A historical heritage of rare richness

The Gers has an extraordinary historical heritage. And it is in Auch, prefecture of the Gers department, that we find the greatest number of architectural gems, as well as many historical monuments: the magnificent Sainte-Marie Cathedral, renowned for its stained glass windows and stalls and listed as UNESCO world heritage, but also the Tower of Armagnac, a 14th century prison transformed into a museum, the monumental staircase of Auch, a listed site and historical monument, made of limestone from the Serrot quarries in Leboulin. But also the episcopal palace and the prefecture, the courthouse and, of course, the statue of D'Artagnan. Also discover the Château de Lavardens dating from the XNUMXth century, the remarkable Collegiate Church of La Romieu with its ensemble of southern architecture and the Pont de Lartigue, one of the last Romanesque bridges built especially for the passage of pilgrims. Right next to Auch, the village of Lupiac hosts the museum dedicated to the emblematic Gers musketeer, D'Artagnan.

On a daily basis, building a house in the gers means being constantly amazed by the castles, bastides, abbeys and other villages of character. One thinks of Marciac, of course, or of Lavardens, but also of Fourcès the rounded castelnau, La Romieu, this village of history and legends, Larressingle, nicknamed the "little Carcassonne" of the Gers, Montréal-du-Gers, the oldest bastide in the Gers and Sarrant, the city of illustration. And for more information on these magical places, check out the Tourism in the Gers website.


3. Choose a country of terroir and gastronomy

gers markets calendar

It is not for nothing that the slogan of the Gers Tourist Office remains “for lovers of freedom”. Indeed, in addition to its magnificent landscapes and wide open spaces, the Gers is known worldwide for its succulent dishes, which have made the reputation of French gastronomy. Generosity is therefore also on the plate, within this department which was the first in France to devote itself to organic production. 

The country of D'Artagnan is teeming with local markets but also with fat markets such as Samatan and Limont. But the Gascons also like to share farm products directly from the producer. The star product is of course duck, in all its forms (confit, foie-gras or rillettes), but also with Lomagne garlic and the famous Lectoure melons. As for good wines, they are legion here with 6 wine appellations including the essential discovery of Floc de Gascogne, a liqueur wine made by mixing grape must and young Armagnac.


4. The construction of a house in the Gers for its relaxed lifestyle

If a lot of regions pride themselves on certain sweetness of life in France, the Gers has figures to justify it, if it were needed. Indeed, in the context ofa survey by the Gers Departmental Council in 2020, the people of Gers naturally associate the Gers with quality of life (gentleness of life, good living), calm (tranquility, serenity, peace of mind), the countryside and gastronomy. “For more than 80% of the people who took part, the word “happiness” corresponds to the Gers. And 80% consider themselves better off than the inhabitants of the rest of France.”

The people thus questioned praise what they came for, namely “not to be stressed (57,5%), to live in an area where nature is protected (56%), to find a balance between personal life and professional life ( 54,5%), having the feeling of living in safety (53,6%), having room and space (51%) and being able to consume locally (50,7%).”


5. Find a house builder in one of the pretty towns of the Gers 

SIC houses, builder of houses in the South-West since 1972, knows the Gers well and will be able to support you in any project to build a house in the region. If you like the countryside, there are many charming little villages. 

You will then be able to choose between very different territories: 

  • Auch and its surroundings: for a mix of urbanity and relaxed living. 
  • The region of Condom: the episcopal city, in the heart of the Armagnac vineyards, is a pleasant tourist mecca. 
  • the nature bubble of Arrats et Save: this verdant region invites you to discover the town of Samatan, Lombez and its superb Gothic cathedral, Gimont, a medieval town founded in 1266 or Isle-Jourdain.
  • Lectoure, in the heart of Lomagne: labeled “the most beautiful detour in France”, this spa town is as beautiful to see as it is pleasant to live.
  • Val d'Adour and Astarac: Marciac, Mirande, Montesquiou are at the heart of the natural balcony of the Pyrenees: discover towns with high cultural potential (such as the famous Marciac jazz festival) and benefiting from true rural modernity. 


6. Build a house a few kilometers from Toulouse

The east of the department is economically the most dynamic, facing the Toulouse metropolis, in particular via a good road network. For those accustomed to large cities, the eastern sector of the Gers department therefore makes it possible to get closer to Haute-Garonne. 

Indeed, there are only about sixty kilometers that separate Toulouse from the towns of Gimont, Sarrant, Mauzevin or L'Isle-jourdain. To build his house in one of his towns in the Gers makes it possible to obtain an excellent compromise between the calm of the Portes de la Gascogne and the vitality of a large town in France. 


7. Choose the construction of a house in the Gers for your employment pool (and your remote work)

Today, settling in the Gers while keeping your telecommuting job is a completely feasible solution. Indeed, the department's digital coverage (presence of fiber optics, 4G, etc.) makes it possible to work in almost every corner of the Gers. Moreover, the CCI makes pride of place for self-employed workers with the Soho Solo conceptwhich offers real logistical support (housing assistance, practical information) in more than 50 partner municipalities. 

Other advantages: the real estate market remains attractive, the local authorities are welcoming and always ready to help “new Gersois” and the economy, like the employment market, is dynamic and attractive.



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