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8 advantages of double flow ventilation in the South West

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La double flux ventilation is a high-end equipment in new house. Its role: to ensure the quality of the air you breathe and also contribute to the good health of the house. There ventilation of a house is not to be neglected. Serving to improve the indoor air quality, it also has a strong impact on the energy consumption of the building. Here are some keys to choosing controlled mechanical ventilation or CMV that you will install in your south west house and discover the many benefits of VMC dual streams offered by your builder Sic Houses .


Advantage 1: high-end ventilation equipment

Why should a new house be ventilated?

THEindoor air would be 5 times more polluted than the outside air according to theindoor air quality observatory. In a house, the inhabitants through their breathing, their activities (cooking, showering, etc.) produce pollutants but also water vapour. If it is not evacuated, the latter saturates the air and creates condensation. The inhabitants are directly affected by the inconvenience of a air quality degraded and can develop various syndromes such as asthma or allergies. A lack of ventilation also has harmful consequences on the building which can also be degraded because of the water vapor which is deposited on the walls by condensation.

What is the role of a VMC?

Unlike the old houses, the houses built today under the aegis of the RE 2020 (2020 environmental regulations) track the slightest air leak in the home to limit energy consumption. While in the old house the air was naturally renewed, circulating through the planned openings and through the interstices of the house, it is now ensured by a controlled mechanical ventilation ou CMV. The advantage is to adapt the air renewal more precisely to the needs.

What is the difference between a single-flow VMC and a double-flow VMC?

Most new houses are equipped with a so-called simple flow VMC. The new air then enters through the openings provided in the windows and the stale air is extracted mechanically (thanks to a fan) through the air extraction vents located in the service rooms (bathrooms, toilets, kitchen, etc.), which generate humidity and bad smells. With a simple flow ventilation say humidity sensitive, the extraction vents only open when needed, adapting to the humidity level of your rooms. There VMC dual streams goes further and controls both the flow rates of the air inlets and outlets. All the ventilation of the house is thus fully controlled.

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What is double flow mechanical ventilation?

Easier to install in a new house than in a renovation, the VMC dual streams requires the establishment of two separate networks. The first breathes new air into the different living rooms of the house. The second evacuates the stale air in the parts of water. These invisible networks are generally hidden in the attic.

How VMC DF works
Principle diagram VMC double flow. The double flow VMC recovers heat to preheat the fresh air entering the house.


Advantage 2: Double flow VMC, optimal air quality in new homes

One of the main advantages of dual-flow mechanical ventilation is its ability to provide optimal indoor air quality. In the South West from France, where summer temperatures can be high, many homes choose to close their windows and doors to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. However, this can lead to a buildup of indoor air pollutants, such as allergens, dust, mold, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). There double flow mechanical ventilation provides constant air circulation, filtering and removing these pollutants to maintain healthy indoor air quality.

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Advantage 3: Double flow ventilation air filtered from allergens

La VMC dual streams is equipped with all filter brewing methods.s on his air inlets who traps the pollen, pollutants atmospheric and dust. Essential equipment for allergy sufferers who thus benefit from a haven of peace in their home. THE filters interiors as for them trap the mites in suspension. Above all, the VMC dual streams eliminates the humidity responsible for the proliferation of dust mites and mold, another major source of allergies in the home.
Some advice from the Ministry of Solidarity and Health on indoor air quality here.

mold develops in an old, non-performing house
A high-performance new house avoids the problems of condensation and mold linked to poor airtightness and poor insulation.

Advantage 4: Double flow ventilation: focus on energy savings

La VMC dual streams is a very ingenious system. Indeed, thanks to a heat exchanger, the system of double flux ventilation recovers heat exhaust air to preheat incoming fresh air. In summer, on the contrary, the incoming air cools in contact with the outgoing air. In the South West of France, the temperatures can be extreme, which can lead to heating costse and of air conditioning students. There double flow mechanical ventilation recovers up to 90% of the heat from the exhaust air for preheat fresh air entrant. This reduces heating and cooling costs, as well as CO2 emissions of the House.


Advantage 5: Double flow VMC suitable for noisy environments

La double flow mechanical ventilation also offers better soundproofing of the house against outside noise. Allowing the house to ventilate properly without opening the windows and trapping allergens, this equipment is suitable for noisy environments (near a road, a railway line, shopping street, restaurant, factory, etc.). In addition, the ducts used in double flow mechanical ventilation are designed to reduce noise from outside, such as traffic noise or noise from neighbors. This helps to create a quieter and more comfortable environment inside the house.

Advantage 6: the double flow VMC contributes to the thermal comfort of the new house

Thanks to the'heat exchange between incoming air and the outgoing air, the temperature differences between inside and outside are less noticeable. No more discomfort from the draft. The double flow VMC thus offers more daily comfort, especially in winter because the felt temperature by the occupants is higher than with other types of ventilation.

Advantage 7: Cool the house in summer

At night, thanks to the function by-pass, the air will not pass through the exchanger in order to freshen up the house. Subject to automation the system will turn on automatically. It will therefore help to keep a fresh, healthy and comfortable in summer, without opening the windows and without air conditioning.

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A new house ventilation grille
The ventilation grids, installed in the rooms of water must be cleaned regularly to ensure the renewal of the air.


Advantage 8: Ease of use and maintenance

The box of a VMC dual streams must be accessible to facilitate maintenance and changing filters. Maintenance is essential on this type of device and the occupant will have to think about its ventilation once or twice a year to ensure its proper functioning. When the pollen mains in your region will have fallen, it will then be necessary to change the filters to guarantee sufficient flow rates. These operations are not complicated thanks to intuitive controls, easily replaceable filters and indicator lights which alert on the clogging of the filters.


La VMC dual streams is thus a new home equipment high-end that distributesfresh, heated and filtered air. The double flux ventilation offers better indoor air quality, superior energy efficiency, optimal thermal comfort, soundproofing and humidity control, compared to single-flow ventilation. This is why it is preferable for southwestern modern homes which prioritize energy savings and thermal comfort.



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