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8 reasons to integrate your swimming pool in your new house from the start of the project

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Have you always dreamed of having a house with a swimming pool? When you build your house, it's time to think about it. Whether you take the plunge now or later, it is better to anticipate. Here are some good reasons to plan your swimming pool in your new home, from the start of the construction project.

Because a swimming pool in your new home increases the value of your property

A well-designed swimming pool can greatly increase the value of your home. This capital gain would reach up to 20% of the initial value for properties located in the southern half of France, according to this article from the website
Even if you haven't built it yet, having it planned from the start will provide prospects for your buyers.
Similarly, a swimming pool will increase the rental value of your property, whether for the year or for seasonal rental when you are away.
Beyond that, a swimming pool helps resale by bringing an undeniable charm to outdoor spaces.

Because the climate of the Southwest is conducive to swimming

It is not only in the Southeast that we enjoy the sun. According to cand article from Sud-Ouest magazine, many cities in the South-West are among the 20 sunniest cities in France. Bordeaux and Toulouse are thus respectively ranked 12th and 13th in this ranking, in which we also find Tarbes, 16th and Biarritz in 20th position.
Thanks to these beautiful sunny or weakly sunny days (more than 200 for Toulouse), a swimming pool in your new house allows you to claim a well-deserved swim at least 5 months a year. It is therefore possible that you will fall for a swimming pool quite quickly in the years to come.

Because it is important to adapt the plan of the new house to its swimming pool

It is important to discuss the swimming pool project from the outset with your Maisons Sic builder. This will adapt the house accordingly. You can even benefit from a 3D simulation of this future development.
Ideally, your builder will provide a well-exposed, accessible space, generally to the south and which remains within sight of the house.
See our article “Building a house with swimming pool news and trends"

The swimming pool of this new house structure outdoor spaces.

Because it contributes to the development of the garden

A pleasant garden is a garden designed like the interior of your home, with spaces dedicated to your various activities. The swimming pool will be the central place of this future living space. Choosing its location will help you to realize the layout plan of your exteriors.
See our article “the steps to lay out your garden at the time of construction".

Because you have to choose a land suitable for the construction of a swimming pool in your new house

– Choose a land suitable for swimming pool to build your house

To be suitable for swimming pools, building land must allow the installation of a swimming pool at least 130 cm deep. Consult the local urban plan (PLU) available at the town hall of your municipality. You can check that the land does not include underground networks likely to be flooded, such as a rainwater network for example.

– The relief of the land is important when choosing the location of a swimming pool

Preferably, the swimming pool takes place on a flat ground.

On sloping terrain, costs can quickly rise. Depending on the location of the pool, it will be necessary to provide earthworks, reinforced foundations and possibly drainage so that rainwater bypasses the pool.
Similarly, it is more expensive to install a swimming pool on land in a basin. Indeed, the water may stagnate. To prevent the pressure from weakening the installation, it will again be necessary to provide an efficient drainage system.

Because you have to anticipate urban planning constraints

In the South West, the exterior of this new house represents for the inhabitants a place of
life in its own right with its summer kitchen, its terraces and its swimming pool.

– A PLU which authorizes this swimming pool project in his new house

It is rarely forbidden to build a swimming pool at home, but it must nevertheless respect some urban planning constraints. It is therefore better to draw up the plans for your house according to this project, even if it does not materialize until later. Indeed, the swimming pool cannot be put anywhere on the ground. In general, the regulations impose a distance of 3 meters between the swimming pool and the fence of your neighbors.

– Plan the footprint of the future swimming pool in your new house

Land is normally subject to a maximum footprint coefficient (CES). This limits the building area on your land. You should know that a swimming pool, whether covered or not, has a footprint, like the technical room. On the other hand, single-storey terraces do not constitute a footprint. Consider this when developing plans for your new home. This may lead you to make a floor to keep the possibility of creating the pool of your dreams.

– Plan the floor area under a pool enclosure

If you want to install a swimming pool enclosure, you must then plan to have enough floor space available. Indeed, apart from the pool itself, all surfaces located under a shelter higher than 1,80 meters are counted as floor surfaces (curbstones, pool towers, etc.). Also think about the technical room.

– Check the regulations of the subdivision

In housing estates, there are sometimes rules concerning the creation of swimming pools. These are often more restrictive than those listed in the PLUs. Thus the regulation can go as far as the prohibition to own a swimming pool.

Because you can finance the construction of the swimming pool with your mortgage

When building, it is possible to combine the construction of the house and the construction of a swimming pool in a single mortgage. This solution is all the more appropriate as it allows to have a more interesting rate and especially not to have to take out another loan later. The bank will probably play on the repayment period of the loan to allow the borrower to realize his dream.

Because these few examples of Maisons Sic realizations will make you want to take the plunge

– A bright house around the swimming pool in Bergerac

New house in Bergerac. Located opposite the large bay windows in the living room, the swimming pool extends the outdoor living space.

For those customers who have settled in Bergerac, the swimming pool is located opposite the large bay windows in the living room. It thus extends the outdoor living space, a large partly covered terrace which serves all the rooms of the house.

– A house in Charente Maritime

– Or this beautiful wooden frame house project in La Teste de Buch

the swimming pools go very well with the wooden house. Here, a project at Teste de Buch in Gironde.


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