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Mont de Marsan, a jewel of New Aquitaine, is the perfect blend of history, culture and modernity.

Imagining your home in Mont de Marsan is envisioning a peaceful life cradled by a pleasant climate, the richness of Landes gastronomy and the gentle melody of the surrounding pines.

Mont de Marsan is a city in constant development, characterized by a dynamic real estate market and infrastructure that is constantly improving.

Choosing to build in Mont de Marsan means embracing a lifestyle that is both quiet and dynamic, while giving yourself the opportunity to grow in the heart of a booming city.

Maisons SIC, your reference in construction in Mont de Marsan for 50 years

SIC houses is recognized for its art of creating custom-made individual homes. By opting for Maisons SIC, you choose a house that reflects your essence, while capitalizing on our rich experience in the Landes.

With our 50 years of experience in Mont de Marsan, we deeply understand the region, its architectural charms and its ecological requirements. Our local know-how makes us the ideal partner to make your dreams come true.

A construction, a unique support with Maisons SIC

Our commitment goes far beyond simple construction. At Maisons SIC, we are here to listen to you to ensure a personalized journey, from the first sketch to handing over the keys. You benefit from an approach focused on your needs, your desires, and your well-being.

Our reputation is based on our dedication to designing homes that, while being aesthetically pleasing and practical, harmonize perfectly with the unique charm of Mont de Marsan.

Find the right partner for your home in Mont de Marsan

Choosing a builder in Mont de Marsan can seem confusing given the multitude of options. However, by focusing on certain essential criteria, the choice becomes clearer. With Maisons SIC, you opt for excellence that meets each of your aspirations.

Choose proven expertise in Mont de Marsan with Maisons SIC!

Standards and regulations for your home in Mont de Marsan

Building in Mont de Marsan requires precise expertise, which Maisons SIC has refined over the years. By rigorously aligning ourselves with thermal standards, we offer you a home that combines comfort, energy saving and respect for nature.

We want to honor current construction standards, which guarantees the robustness and durability of your new home in Mont de Marsan. Plus, our robust manufacturer warranties ensure your investment is secure for years to come.

Our dedicated teams for your project in the Landes

The essence of Maisons SIC is our integrated team. She ensures attentive supervision at each phase of your project in Mont de Marsan.

Our collaboration with local suppliers and our architectural mastery mean that our creations blend naturally with the Landes environment.

We also guide you through financing your home, with options designed for your situation. Our talented architects work with you to develop plans for your future home, while guiding you to the perfect location in Mont de Marsan.

Our agency in Mont de Marsan to support your project

Whether you are attracted by a traditional house or a wooden structure, our agency in Mont de Marsan is your ally.

With a rich understanding of the Landes market and the architectural specificities of the region, we provide you with support adapted to each stage of your project.

Expertise in wooden construction with Maisons SIC in Mont de Marsan

Designing a wooden house in Mont de Marsan requires distinct expertise, particularly regarding the characteristics of the wood.

We, at Maisons SIC, are recognized for our specialization in wood frame construction. We guide you in choosing the ideal wood, adapted to your tastes and the Landes climate.

Our team also helps you in the choice of finishes, interior layout, and advises you to maximize the energy efficiency of your new wooded home.

Develop your project with the best house builder in Mont de Marsan

How much does it cost to build a house in Mont de Marsan?

Determining the budget for building a house in Mont de Marsan is a crucial step that requires an in-depth study of the local market. Several elements can affect the final cost, from the price of the land, to notary fees, without forgetting the choice of builder.

On average, the cost of building a house in Mont de Marsan generally varies between 1 and 207 euros per square meter. So, for a house of 2670 square meters, anticipate a budget of 100 to 120 euros, without including the cost of the land. These estimates may fluctuate depending on the style of home you want.

How much do you need to plan to build in Mont de Marsan?

Where you decide to build can also impact the cost. For example, certain areas of Mont de Marsan, which are particularly popular, can result in higher costs, especially because of the price of land.

The budget for construction at Mont de Marsan depends on many criteria: the house model, the selected manufacturer and the chosen location. It is therefore essential to collect several detailed quotes before finalizing your decision.

Why choose Mont de Marsan and its surroundings to build?

Opting for Mont de Marsan and its surroundings for your house project is wise for various reasons. With a competent local builder, not only will you adapt your home to your tastes, but you will also enjoy the quality of life that this Landes region offers.

Mont de Marsan, rich in history, culture and traditions, is a town where historical charm and current dynamism coexist harmoniously. By choosing to build your home here, you will immerse yourself in an exceptional environment, while enjoying modern amenities and proximity to all the necessary services.

The advantages of Mont de Marsan for building your own house

Are you considering becoming a homeowner? Here, you will be at the gateway to nature, surrounded by vast forests, serene rivers and the charms of the Landes region.

Opting for a new home in Mont de Marsan and its surroundings is wise. The region is experiencing stable growth, and the real estate sector is showing good strength, making it suitable for real estate investment. For a successful project, the best builder in Mont de Marsan will guide you.

How to select the ideal builder for Mont de Marsan and its surroundings?

Mont de Marsan and its surroundings, thanks to their proximity to sites of interest such as the Landes beaches, forests and lakes, offer a variety of activities which will charm families as well as sports enthusiasts or nature enthusiasts.

By trusting a reputable builder like “Maisons Landes”, famous for its rigor and attention to detail, you will be assured of having a house that is both solid and aesthetically attractive.

Mont de Marsan represents the dream place to build your individual home, combining urban life and natural pleasures, all in a mild and warm climate.

Where to consider building near Mont de Marsan?

Determining the location of your future home is essential. Around Mont de Marsan, certain towns stand out for their distinct assets.

Saint-Pierre-du-Mont, neighboring Mont de Marsan, offers a pleasant living environment. Its proximity to commercial areas and its green spaces make it attractive for those who want to combine tranquility and dynamism.

Geloux, with its peaceful setting, is also a choice to consider, especially for families enjoying proximity to Mont de Marsan whilst enjoying a relaxed atmosphere.

As for Campet-et-Lamolère, its rural charm and tranquility make it a preferred destination for those who wish to immerse themselves in an authentic environment.

Each of these locations has its own characteristics, and an informed builder will be able to direct you to the location that will meet your aspirations. Options abound to create your ideal home near Mont de Marsan.

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