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Expand your house with wood: extension, attic conversion and annex

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how to enlarge your house with wood?

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Enlarging your house with wood adds warmth to your home. When the family grows, when you take care of a parent or when you start working at home, it becomes necessary to enlarge your house, if you do not wish to move. In this area, linked to the construction of new houses, there are different extension solutions: wooden extension, attic conversion, creation of an adjoining space... Maisons SIC, builder of new houses in the South-West for more than 50 years years, gives you some advice on extending your house.

Why extend your house?

Expanding your home responds to various evolving needs of a family or living situation. Here is an overview of some common situations:

  • Adaptation to family growth : the arrival of a new child or the need to welcome additional family members is often the catalyst for an expansion project. This makes it possible to create suitable living spaces without moving.
  • Improved comfort : Over time, our expectations of comfort evolve. Expanding your home can mean adding an extra bathroom, a master suite or a leisure space, thereby improving the quality of daily life.
  • Valorization of real estate assets : by increasing the living space, we also increase the value of the house. It is an investment for the future, whether for resale or rental.
  • Teleworking and professional space : the rise of teleworking requires a dedicated space to work effectively from home. Expanding your home to create an office is a direct response to this modern need.
  • Passion and hobbies : whether for an artist's studio, a music room or a veranda for gardening, expanding your home offers the possibility of dedicating a space to your passions.

Each extension is therefore a personalized response to specific needs, making the house more suitable and pleasant for those who live there. And each need can be matched with a different house extension.


Why choose to extend your house with wood?

Choosing to extend your house with wood offers many advantages. Wood is a sustainable and ecological material. It contributes to better thermal and acoustic insulation.

Enlarging your house with wood allows fast and clean construction. Workshop prefabrication reduces construction time. This limits nuisance for residents during the work.

In addition, expanding your house with wood is aesthetically pleasing. Wood brings a warm and natural touch to the home. It easily matches different architectural styles.

Opting for wood also means making a responsible choice. This material is renewable and stores carbon. Enlarging your house with wood therefore contributes to the fight against climate change.

Enlarging your house with wood is a solution that is practical, beautiful and ecological. It allows you to create additional spaces while respecting the environment.


Expanding your house with a wooden extension: an innovative solution

how to build the wooden extension of your house? And expand your house with wood?

Do you want to save space in your home? You want enjoy optimal thermal comfort while respecting the environment? Are you looking for a fast, economical and customizable solution? So, why not opt ​​for the wooden extension?

The wooden extension is a technique that allows increase the living space of your home . It is ideal for densifying existing housing in urban areas, where land is scarce and expensive.

By choosing wood as a construction material, you benefit from many advantages. Wood is an ecological material, which perfectly meets the requirements of RE 2020, the new environmental regulations which will come into force in 2023. Wood is also a light, resistant and insulating material, which lends itself well to off-site construction.

Most wood extension specialists work using an industrialized process, with elements that are prefabricated in the factory. Allowing easy assembly and a lower cost because the construction site is shorter.

Therefore, you can create a tailor-made project, by choosing the type of cladding that suits you (wood, fiber cement, steel deck, etc.), and reduce construction times and costs. In general, it takes between 3 and 4 months of work to make a wooden extension.

With the wooden extension, you can create multifunctional pieces, adapted to your needs and those of your family. Whether you want to add a bedroom, an office, a bathroom, a laundry room or a pantry, you have additional space that saves you from moving.



Reinventing the attic: creating a contemporary universe under the roof

expand your house with wood by converting your attic

Attics are spaces located under the frame of your house, which can be converted into additional rooms.

For it, the slope of your roof must be greater than 25°, and the height at the ridge must be at least 2,30 meters. Thus, you will be able to gain between 20 and 60 m2 of floor space, depending on the configuration of your house.

With the attic, you can give free rein to your imagination and your needs. Whether to create a master suite, an office, a play area or a child's bedroom, you have a separate universe, where you can enjoy a warm and bright atmosphere. You can also play with volumes, colors, materials and accessories to give character to your decoration.

But before you embark on your project, you must take into account a few important elements. First of all, it is necessary think about the position of the staircase that will lead to the attic, ensuring that space and safety are optimized.

Ensuite, the faut choose a qualified contractor, who will be responsible for verifying the feasibility of the project according to the local town planning plan of your city (PLU).

Finally, it is necessary plan an appropriate budget, which will vary from 900 to more than 2000 euros per square meter, depending on the complexity of the work.


The art of the annex: merging design and practicality in your new adjoining space

If you have a large outdoor space, extending your house with wood and adding an adjoining space is an elegant method of expanding your home. This extension offers a new dimension to your home. It combines comfort, design and utility.

In this process, architecture plays a key role. It is essential to think of the extension in harmony with the existing. The goal is to create a fluid and integrated space.

The use of modern and sustainable materials is recommended. They ensure the durability and aesthetics of the annex. At the same time, these materials can improve the energy efficiency of the home.

The interior of the extension must be functional and aesthetic. You should choose a layout that reflects your lifestyle. Every space must be optimized for maximum use.

Lighting and color play a crucial role in these spaces. They should be chosen to create a welcoming atmosphere. Natural lighting is particularly appreciated in these annexes.

Finally, expanding your house with an annex offers new possibilities. This can be an office, a studio or a games room. The space should be adaptable to the changing needs of the family.


Carports, Shelters, Pool House, the various annexes

extend your house with wood: build a garage or a carport?

Expanding your home with wood with extensions such as carports, sheds and pool houses not only offers increased functionality but also aesthetic value to any property.

Carports, open structures designed to house vehicles, represent an economical alternative to traditional garages. Their open design allows for natural ventilation, while providing protection against the elements.

Shelters, As for them, they are versatile and can be used as storage space, a workshop, or even a small studio. They are often constructed of wood, metal, or composite materials, providing strength and durability.

pool houses have become increasingly popular extensions for houses with swimming pools. These structures can serve as a changing room, bathroom, summer kitchen or place to relax, enriching the pool experience.

These well-designed additions can not only improve the functionality of the outdoor space but also increase the value of the property.

Want to extend your new home? Call Maisons SIC!


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