Builder of individual houses for 50 years

throughout the south-west of France


Thanks to our subsidiary Aquiterre, we research and create specially dedicated programs for our clients.
Our main business, which is the individual house, makes us aware of creating spaces, plots and lots that correspond to the needs of a house. The facades are designed to limit terraced settlements or entrances mainly to the north to promote
the gardens to the south.
We first think about: how our customers will use their house on the plot, both the sunshine of the house for energy savings but also for the benefit of light, for the use of the garden, terraces and how to optimize them?
For us the establishment of a house and the division of plots are a priority. We want you to benefit from this expertise: a space specially designed and fitted out for your home, so that your project becomes an integral part of the city of tomorrow.

Aquiterre is an average of 100 lots to market, in areas ideally located close to amenities, transport and schools in prime cities. We think of spaces in connection with environmental respect and that of urbanization rules to avoid urban sprawl, always in consultation with town halls and community of communes.
We work with urban architects, former permit instructors converted into development project study consultants. This college of experts sets us apart, making Aquiterre a key player in land use planning. In particular, we are working on large-scale projects such as the Parc du Mestrot in the town of Roquefort (link maps) divided into three stages which will result in an operation of 89 lots. This shows our desire to work with both private and public players.
We also know how to develop macro-lots in collaboration with social landlords to comply with the SRU law (25% of social housing per development operation).

We carry out global operations that integrate perfectly with the current functionalities of municipalities: use of urban transport, shops, integration of families in infrastructures such as schools, community halls, sports or cultural associations but also medical centers, nurseries, colleges or high schools. We also ensure that the projects are in the image of the elected officials, neat and perfectly integrated, thus these partners of the local authorities identify with our projects and operate an irreproachable follow-up and maintenance for the good of your house. We are registered in the long term because we follow 3 essential principles while respecting at the same time:

This winning trio has existed since the beginning of our activity.

We are now called upon by notaries in the context of inheritance, surveyors, real estate agents and even individuals to study the development of these properties.

So whether it is to develop your land, your main residence, your second home or your acquisition rental accession via our social landlord partners, you will find the solution with us. As you will have understood, the job of developer is complex, it requires real expertise, we have been committed to respecting all these prerequisites since 1982 so that your choice of land is as relevant as possible.


Partner of Aquiterre , specialist in land use planning, the Maisons Sic offer opportunities to build on 3 real estate programs: