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Building a new house when you are young parents necessarily implies thinking carefully about your child's room. We must think about the place of this place of sleep but also how to arrange, decorate and develop the room of a baby who will grow quickly. SIC houses, your builder of individual houses in the South-West of France, explains how to optimize the baby's room.


Where to place your baby's room in your new home? 

We have given you tips for designing the plans of your new home, among which we underlined that it was essential to think about the construction of one's individual house according to the lifestyle and the needs of one's family. 

For your baby's room, you have to think carefully that it is not too far from yours but, at the same time, a little far from the interior noises of the house (like a bathroom or a laundry room) while such as outside noises (road or other) that could disturb his sleep.

This quiet place must also be fairly well insulated to maintain a good temperature, essential for the well-being of an infant. According to specialists, the ideal temperature in a baby's room is 18-20°C, summer, like winter. Do not hesitate to see a thermometer to check that it is neither too hot nor too cold in this room, in which your child will spend a large part of his time. 


Construction of a new house: think about the evolution of your baby's room into a child's room when furnishing it

Always think about the possible evolutions of your new house! Projecting into the future must be done from the construction of your detached house in the Southwest. In order to better place this chamber on your construction plan, you need to decide on its size. And for that, think about what this room will become when your child grows up. If you want to keep the same room for him, it is essential that it can contain a larger bed, a play area if possible and a desk for his future homework. 

For a solo child, the ideal is between 8 and 10m2. If you have less, it is possible to imagine a high bed with a play area or a desk below. But remember that according to the law, a room cannot be called a bedroom that if:

  • its minimum area of ​​at least 9 m2 of living space;
  • its ceiling height is at least 2,20 m;
  • its habitable volume is at least 20 m3.

This rule of “decent housing” has been designed for maximum well-being, on a daily basis. 


Where should a baby's bed be placed when you are furnishing their bedroom, for better sleep?

what decoration for my baby's room?

When your new house is built, it's time to furnish the baby's room. And the most important is his bed. A child's sleep remains a major concern for parents. In order to allow him the most beautiful dreams, it is important to keep his bed away from noises and to allow him to sleep in a restful calm. 

If you can, place your baby's bed with its head against a wall for maximum reassurance. But not against the wall near the door because a child (like an adult) needs to see the door of his room and who enters it to be perfectly well. For example, you can place the bed in an angle, between a window and a door…


What colors to know how to arrange a baby's room? 

According to the principles of Feng Shui, in order for vital energy to circulate well, it is good to favor light colors in a baby's room. Soft colors should therefore adorn the walls. For more "sparkling" colors (like red or orange), you can use them with very small touches but they must not be visible from your baby's bed when he is sleeping, to avoid disturbing them too much his falling asleep, for example. The sleeping area should be in cozy colors. 

We therefore favor white, of course, but also blue and green, but clear. Promoting relaxation, these two colors have complementary virtues. Blue is linked to dreams and will promote serenity. Green aids in both serenity and a gentle awakening. However, we will rather choose these colors in pastel tones. 

If your child's room is quite dark, opt for a pastel pink or blue, beige or very light gray to bring in some light. You can choose bolder or deeper colors such as terracotta or midnight blue if this room is already very bright. 


What lights to properly arrange a baby's room? 

The light in a baby's room must be particularly well reflected. The fragile eyes of newborns and babies do not tolerate artificial light well and this has a very negative impact on their falling asleep. 

If you install a pendant lamp or a ceiling lamp (be careful, never above the baby's bed), opt for warm white LED bulbs with a low intensity, for the most subdued light. 

You can also put a small, soft bedside lamp next to his bed, to gently wake him up. But any light above his bed (phosphorescent patterns or luminous mobiles) is to be avoided because baby must be able to sleep (at night only, not during the day) in complete darkness. 

Because we often need to see a little more clearly from the side of the changing table, we can install floor lamps with a dimmer, which will allow you to lower it when baby is sleeping and increase it when he is wide awake. 


Decorating a baby's room: how to create a cocooning space

How can I arrange my baby's room safely?

If baby feels best in your arms, he will be all the more comfortable in a very soft and cocooning room. To arrange this little cocoon of tenderness for him, some very simple advice to put in place, a bit like for the cozy decoration of your room in a new house :

  • Soft and natural materials for furniture (raw wood but work well to avoid splinters)
  • The same warmth for textiles: linen for the soothing side, wool for blankets and throws. 
  • Maintain fluid circulation and do not place any storage that could hinder your passage. 
  • Powder pink, with taupe, big mouse, can be colors (for girls and boys) that will emphasize this cocooning aspect. 
  • To a bedroom that is both zen and montessori, do not hesitate to declutter as much as possible

For optimum design and decoration advice, call on the Maisons SIC team, who will accompany you throughout the construction of your new home.  



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