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Choosing a heat pump water heater for a new home

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The thermodynamic water heater is one of the solutions offered by the builder of single-family houses maison Sic. The process is presented in its technical center to discover here in virtual tour.

The thermodynamic water heater is required in new homes. Simple solution to implement, it heats the water of the house with the calories naturally present in the air. Consuming too much energy, the cumulus classic is no longer prescribed in new constructions. However, it is not necessary to have a solution of central heating to heat your water. Using renewable energies, the thermodynamic water heater is a must in new homes for its energy savings. It is particularly suited to South West and its mild temperatures.

The thermodynamic water heater is energy efficient

The thermodynamic water heater combines a hot water tank classic electric and a small pompe à chaleur integrated. It thus recovers the calories from the air to heat the water in the tank. Energy efficient (up to 75% electricity saving compared to a conventional tank), it thus restores more energy than it consumes to heat the water which will be stored in the hot water tank.

This household items and works tells you how to save hot water to reduce your electricity bill.

How does a thermodynamic water heater work?

Ambient air is sucked in by a fan and heats the refrigerant in an evaporator. This then passes through a compressor to increase its temperature. The fluid then gives up its calories to the water in the balloon and starts a new cycle. These devices offer a strong coefficient of performance. Thus, if he presents a COP of 4, it will mean that for 1 kWh consumed it will produce 4 kWh of heat. Enough to supply hot water for an entire family.

Which installation should be favored in the South-West?

         – Installation on extracted air, ideal for a new house in the South-West

Several installations are possible. But to have the most efficient device possible, ie which will save you the most energy, the thermodynamic water heater on outside air is recommended. In this configuration, the water heater recovers calories present in the outdoor air.

The water heater is then installed in any room of the dwelling, but it is connected to the outside of the dwelling by two sealed sheaths. The first is used to capture outside air, the second to reject cold air once the calories have been recovered. There are also versions Split, where the pompe à chaleur is placed outside while the tank is placed inside the housing.

These two solutions are well adapted in the regions of South West or the thermometer rarely drops below 5°C. Indeed, the heat pumps perform less well when the air is colder.

         – Installation on ambient air

Here the thermodynamic water heater must be installed in an uninhabited room measuring at least 10 m². He uses the indoor air calories that it captures around it to produce domestic hot water. Easy to install since it does not require the drilling of exterior walls, it captures and rejects the air directly into the room. This automatically implies a drop in temperature in the room in which it is present.

The thermodynamic water heater is compatible with the RE2020

For some years now, thermal regulations have made it necessary to build new, very energy efficient. Objective, to drastically reduce the heating bill and domestic hot water.

The thermodynamic water heater is thus a solution compatible with the environmental regulations 2020 which governs the new construction.

Indeed, it is energy efficient and uses renewable energy. Finally, operating at electric power, it is a less carbon-emitting solution than other solutions recommended for heating water such as gas.

Hot water, a comfort that should not raise the bill.

A complement to air/air heat pumps in new homes

Gironde, Haute-Garonne, Pyrenees, Gers or Landes, the new houses built today in Occitania and Nouvelle Aquitaine require very little energy to heat up. The houses are indeed well designed and well insulated which reduces the heating consumption. The air to air heat pump, is thus a high-performance solution in the large South West, where it strongly reduces the energy consumption of the house for heating. This is a solution often chosen by customers of Sic houses, whether in split heat pump, with discreet indoor units in each room, where in ducted solution or the heating is invisible. These easy-to-implement solutions can easily be combined with a thermodynamic water heater who will ensure for his part the domestic hot water heating.

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Connect the thermodynamic water heater and photovoltaic panels

To further reduce energy consumption, the thermodynamic water heater can be connected to photovoltaic solar panels. Indeed, the RE2020 encourages self-consumption of electricity produced by photovoltaic panels. A chance in our regions where sunshine is more than 2 hours per year. A free online simulator has just emerged in the big South-Gironde : the solar cadastre. It maps the solar potential of the sector and makes it possible to know the profitability of the installation of a solar thermal or photovoltaic system. To discover on this site.

What size for a thermodynamic water heater in a new house?

A thermodynamic water heater is first chosen according to your domestic hot water needs. THE storage volume of the hot water tank can range from 200 to 300 liters. Your individual house builder will help you choose the ideal water heater. Indeed, an oversized water heater consumes more than necessary. Conversely, if it is undersized, your comfort will not be guaranteed.

The other options for choosing your thermodynamic water heater

To go further in savings and comfort, manufacturers are always offering more features.

– A programmer

Whether integrated or not, program your water heater is a good way to save on energy bill. Indeed, the idea is to start the water heater during the hours say " hollow ". The cost of the electricity consumed is thus lower.

– The “intelligent” water heater

These appliances adapt the production of hot water according to household consumption. To do so, they analyze your lifestyle to adjust to real needs. The temperature inside the water heater is thus higher or lower depending on the need.

– The connected water heater

This feature makes it easy to communicate with your water heater. A good way to manage, thanks to an application, the unexpected like a person no longer or less at home. But the biggest advantage is to be able to avoid unnecessary heating in case of absence. An essential option in a second home so that the water is hot on arrival.


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