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Commercial in new house: a versatile job

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Helping customers realize their dream is the job of a new home salesperson. At the single-family home builder Sic houses, Cyril Sarrazin has been practicing this passionate profession for more than 5 years in the sector. Lot-et-Garonne, in the region New Aquitaine.


« The job of commercial in new house requires a great open-mindedness. People come to you with a personal project that you have to know how to interpret to meet their wishes and needs. ". The job of salesperson is thus a very complete job that requires listening, good interpersonal skills, rigor and creativity.

Commercial in individual house, a specialist of the house

Cyril Sarrazin has always worked in the building trades. Specialized in renewable energies and design of facilities heat pumps (PAC), he quickly became interested in the design of the building as a whole. Indeed, the energy savings in the house are not limited to the only thermal comfort equipment. Thermal insulation, airtightness, ventilation, all the elements have to be taken into consideration. In 2017, he joined Sic houses. " It's the builder whose approach seemed to me the most serious and realistic in the design of the construction itself », Explains the commercial.

Finding land to build on: the strength of the network

If the job of salesperson requires knowing how to support your client, it also requires a lot of preparation work. Find land is an important part of this job. " There is a long phase of land prospecting. This requires the creation and strengthening of a local professional and personal network that provides information on the land available in the long term. “, continues the commercial.

The salesman in new houses develops with his client the first model of his construction project.

Commercial in individual house: designing a construction project

« I am lucky to work in a company where it is possible to interpret and personalize a project. We are not trying to stick at all costs to the single family house catalog. We remain attentive to the customer for a personalized project which keeps the frame of a good construction ". The salesperson is thus responsible for making the first proposals. Depending on the complexity of the project or the customization of a catalog template, he then entrusts the project to the internal design office who verifies the feasibility of the project and makes the necessary adjustments.

Discover here the role of the architect and design office at Maisons Sic.

Interior design support and advice

At Sic houses, the sales representative follows the project from A to Z. Two showrooms, designed by the house builder come in support in order to help the customer to project himself in his future project. " The CERT (Technical Achievement Test Center) is a real tool. It allows us to present our customers with the reality of home design. We can walk them through the design and specific details of their future home in full size.”
A second showroom is dedicated toplanning and decoration for the new construction. “He is there to determine customer choices in terms of floor coverings, Food, bathroom, but alsoarrangement of cupboards ". After this presentation of the choices offered in the customer's price range, the decorators et kitchen designers take over for the final choice. Overall, the salesperson guides and outlines the project during the different stages. He accompanies the client throughout the project.

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Cyril Sarrazin commercial new houses for Maisons Sic

Varied work and projects

The business of commercial in individual house is thus a multi-faceted job where you never get bored. Each house built is singular. First there are these non-standard projects, but also the very beautiful homes, or those containing strong Technical constraints and architectural. " Recently, we made a nice timber frame house, entirely à la carte. It is a magnificent project that fits into the rest of the house ". Often, it is the fact of having made a family's dream come true that motivates salespeople.«  I remember a project that had to be revised several times due to administrative problems. The client wanted to quit. We managed to go all the way and customer satisfaction was there. It was a very beautiful human adventure “recalls Cyril Sarrazin.

This involvement with customers requires real teamwork and trust in the manufacturer for whom we work. " I take pride in the homes I deliver. Sic houses has 50 years of experience behind it and learned from the good and bad things that happened. When I meet my clients, I always have a smile ».


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