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Designing your ideal new home: support from the builder

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Designing your new home is done with the builder throughout the sale. Budget, wishes, hopes, materials, Sic houses helps you make your dream come true.

First meeting at home to define the project

A new house adapted to the lifestyle

« The first appointment takes place most of the time at the client's. The objective is to properly apprehend and understand your project. We look with him what he likes in his current home and what he wants to reproduce but also what he does not want “, explains Cyril Sarrazin commercial on the sector Lot and Garonne, Marmande, Tonneins, Casteljaloux, Miremont. It is also an opportunity to understand lifestyle habits and short, medium and long-term needs. Number of people in the household, age of the children, people welcomed, all these elements are important for the design of a new house comfortable everyday.

Defining the ideal location for the new house

It is then a question of studying the wishes of the customers in terms of geographical location. Find land close to the workplace, downtown, public transport, access to care, local shops, is not always easy. These many factors influence the choice of land, but also its cost. " Our role at Maisons Sic is to get as close as possible to the ideal desired by the client, both for the house and for the geographical part, while respecting the budget.  ».

Finding the right land

Based on this information, the salesperson goes in search of the ideal ground. " We make field visits to the places targeted by the client. Sometimes we make other proposals when we think it could be just as suitable. “says Cyril Sarrazin. This is where the strength of a builder as Sic houses, well established in the region of South West. As a player in the field, the builder is well aware of the opportunities in the territory, which are often difficult to find for an individual. Things can go very quickly because with the current market, land is rare and goes quickly as reported in this article from La Tribune: Building land: a tense situation in New Aquitaine, explosive in Gironde.
Once the client validates the location, things materialize and it becomes possible to work on a real overall budget. Indeed the shape, theorientation, and the constraints inherent in land but also its price are of great importance in the project end.

It is also possible to design your home remotely as explained in this article from Sic houses: Building in the South-West from Paris: The stages

Land, shape of the house, equipment, all these elements determine the total budget of your new house.

Design the project

Visits and places of inspiration

Sic houses offers its clients an original approach. THE home builder tries as much as possible to help them project themselves into their future home. Find the materials, understand the consequences of your choices in terms of heating,isolation, define the colors and materials that will make up the house, Sic houses places its customers in real conditions. For this, the cindividual house builder has built two showrooms on the site of Tonneins, near its head office. The large exhibition hall and a technical center, which are also available here in virtual tour have been designed for all future new season owners in the Southwest.

A first showroom on home design

In its technical center, Sic houses reproduced all construction stages in actual size. The idea is really to make the customer understand how his house is built. the idea is to get to know the different equipment better, to heating, domestic hot water, house insulation, foundations. Everything is shown and explained. This makes it possible to validate important choices concerning the energy savings and comfort in the home and also to explain the operation and maintenance of technical equipment. This tool allows the customer to better follow his construction site, to get involved in his project and thus to truly appropriate his house.

Choose the decoration and layout of the new house

The second showroom is there to discover the possibilities in terms ofhome layout. Floor tile, Food, floor coverings, furniture and equipment for bathrooms, kitchen, cupboards, dressing room. a very large catalog of decorative solutions allows you to project yourself into the decoration of your future home. " the customer discovers here the whole range accessible in our standard proposal. It is a wide enough range to allow him to have real and different choices ". At this stage, the choices are not definitive, but make it possible to be reassured about the possibilities and above all to correctly define the global budget.

The signature of the CCMI

Once signed on individual house construction contract ou CCMI, starts the administrative phase with the building permit application. The manufacturer accompanies you at each stage and provides all the parts necessary for theobtaining the permit.

Development of final plans

Here come the most enjoyable steps. The project takes shape and the first 2D plans et 3D arrive. the details can be settled on site, or even remotely by sending an email.
Place of pieces, orientation, number of closets, your future living space takes shape according to your aspirations.

Designing your house requires imagining all the materials and the future decoration of the latter. At Sic houses, an interior decorator helps you.

Finalization of choices with the interior designer

Once the construction site started, customers make their final choices regarding the interior appearance of the house. " We have a very wide range, so a single customer can quickly lack consistency. Clients at Maisons Sic are therefore assisted by a interior decorator for the final choice of the different elements: kitchen fronts, worktops, tiles, floor and wall coverings, etc. ».

A new house à la carte

Sic houses also knows how to adapt to specific projects, it is obviously possible to come up with solutions chosen by Maisons Sic. " We are able to respond to all requests, whether in terms of architectural design or decoration. Waxed concrete, bioclimatic pergola, flat roof, we study all requests so that they can fit into the client's overall budget “, explains the commercial of Sic houses.

Once this design stage is over, the house takes shape directly on the ground. Only a few months left to finally live in the house of her dreams.

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