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The comfort of the wooden house defies the seasons of the South-West

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  • The comfort of the wooden house defies the seasons of the South-West

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The comfort of the wooden house is one of its many advantages, such as its speed of construction, the cleanliness of its site, its excellent environmental record and its architectural qualities. Originally seduced by the construction process, the inhabitants of wooden houses quickly appreciate the sensations of well-being inside their home. Mild temperature in summer, warm atmosphere in winter, healthy atmosphere... These undeniable qualities undoubtedly explain the growing enthusiasm for wooden house.


The wooden house: a comfortable house in winter

The very good insulation of wooden houses

Beyond the ecological character of the material itself, the wooden house is a constructive system which makes it possible to easily achieve a very high level of insulation and this with a low additional cost. THE timber frame houses didn't wait for the news environmental regulations 2020, said RE2020 to present very strong thermal performance.

At the builder of wooden houses in the South-West Sic houses, the double insulation (insulation distributed between uprights, and insulation from the inside), guarantees an absence of thermal bridges. The heat is thus kept as long as possible inside the dwelling. The key is very low heating consumption.

La wood frame house is also one of the most widely used processes for designing passive houses, that is to say houses that do without any heating system.

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Perceived temperature and hot walls

In an old masonry house, the feeling of discomfort is often linked to the cold wall phenomenon. The feeling of cold persists even though the thermometer displays very comfortable temperatures around 20° in the accommodation. On the contrary, in a well insulated wooden house, this feeling is non-existent. The heating is thus optimized, which makes it possible to live very comfortably in a house without having to overheat it.

A house always at the right temperature

The wooden house generally has a low inertia. The materials that compose it are indeed not heavy materials that take time to warm up but also to cool down. The house thus reaches the desired temperature more quickly, which is particularly appreciable in winter, during sudden changes in temperature, or when you want to turn off your radiators when you are away.

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The wooden house a comfortable house in summer

Wooden houses in the South-West and summer comfort

Wooden houses have long suffered from their reputation of not being comfortable in summer. This is due to their low thermal inertia. If this element is a guarantee of comfort in winter, it is not the same in summer. THE wooden house builders studied how to overcome this inconvenience. Today, all of wooden constructions take into account this summer comfort, because this criterion is imposed by RE2020.

It is therefore necessary to add a little inertia to the wooden house. A floor consisting of a tiled concrete slab, the addition of an interior brick wall, will be all elements that will store the coolness of the night to prevent the house from rising too quickly in temperature during the day. It also involves adding a whole bunch of tricks, linking common sense and technology.

The operation of wooden houses as masonry houses will be based on the implementation of the principles ofbioclimatic architecture.

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A bioclimatic architectural design

The new environmental regulations require the manufacturer to carry out a thermal study and to ensure that the house maintains a comfortable temperature even in the event of strong heat, without having to resort to air conditioning. THE builder of wooden houses in the South-West thus provides caps above the sunny bay windows.

La bioclimatic wooden house does not let the sun's rays enter the house in summer when the sun is high in the sky. In winter, on the contrary, the sun being lower on the horizon, it penetrates inside the dwelling and becomes one of the main heating systems of the bioclimatic wooden house.

House model 2024 Malaga wood 108m²

The wooden house offers great architectural freedom for the greatest comfort. Model Malaga wood 108m² from the builder Maisons Sic.

A house protected from summer overheating

Well-thought-out sun protection is also put to use. The shutters thus prevent the sun's rays from penetrating inside the dwelling. Still need to close them in time. There home automation, with automation of shutters, takes care of everything, opening and closing the shutters at the right time.

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The good sound and acoustic performance of the wooden house

A house well insulated from outside noise is also a guarantee of comfort for the user. THE wooden constructions use multilayer walls made of different materials that easily achieve the required performance in terms of sound insulation.

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With its large bay windows, this model of wooden house Mob Aloha of 131m2, offers a bright house, open to the outside.


Visual comfort in the wooden house

The wooden houses offer greater architectural flexibility. The constructive process, more flexible, more easily allows large openings that let in natural light. Wooden houses can thus be very bright and give the impression of really opening up to the outside, for unrivaled living comfort.


The wooden house, a healthy house with good air quality

The French people spend around 9 a.m. on weekdays in their accommodation. The air quality is therefore essential for maintaining good health. Contrary to popular belief, the air inside a home is often more polluted than the air outside. It can indeed be loaded with many pollutants. These can be chemical and the result of our lifestyles such as Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs from construction and decoration products or from daily consumption.

They can also come from too much humidity (mold, dust mites, bacteria). Wooden houses like all houses must be well ventilated. Air renewal is based on controlled mechanical ventilation, called VMC, effective.

This technological equipment provides wooden houses with quality indoor air. Prioritizing healthy materials in our homes, from construction to decoration, is a matter of common sense. Unprocessed, wood is naturally low in emissions and absorbs little pollutants.

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While the construction tries to limit its environmental impact by focusing on the low carbon house, the wooden house demonstrates its many qualities every day. Renewable, biosourced material and what is more a carbon trap, which makes it possible to build healthy, comfortable and ecological houses, wood is without context the material of the future.

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House model 2024 Pyla wood 106m²

Comfort is guaranteed in this model Pyla Wood 106m² in the southwest.


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