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Building a square house: mixing aesthetics and functionality

why build a square house?

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The construction of a square house provides you with many advantages: optimized space, architectural simplicity, construction at reduced costs, clean lines and an easier arrangement of rooms. Maisons SIC, builder of houses in the South-West for 50 years, presents its beautiful square houses.


Reasons and practical advantages of opting for the construction of a square house

When considering building a new home, the shape of the house plays a huge role in how it looks and functions.

Opting for a square house offers many advantages: benefits on space efficiency, architectural simplicity, and ease of construction, among others.


Space efficiency: optimal use of interior space

A square house, by its shape, offers a natural optimization of space, which is difficult to obtain with other house plans.

Indeed, a square makes it possible to maximize usable space relative to the ground surface. Corners are more easily exploitable and wasted spaces are reduced to a minimum.

This geometry is also ideal for the distribution of living rooms. The square shape of a house can be easily subdivided without compromising structural integrity.


Architectural simplicity: a sleek and modern aesthetic

Simplicity is the key to modern elegance, and that's exactly what a square home gives you. With its straight lines and right angles, a square house presents a clean aesthetic that exudes modernity.

This simple, refined and geometric shape is a ideal canvas to give free rein to your imagination. It lends itself to many interpretations, whether for a minimalist, industrial or contemporary design.

In addition, a square house allows great clarity in the perception of spaces. The square pieces are intuitive and readable, which facilitates orientation inside the house.


Ease of construction and planning: indisputable practical advantages

Beyond the optimization of space and aesthetics, choosing a square house also offers practical advantages in terms of construction.

This simple form allows for ease of planning and construction that can significantly reduce costs and lead times. The square shape simplifies the architectural design process. It allows you to quickly establish clear and understandable plans for all project stakeholders.


The reduced construction costs of a square house

In terms of construction costs, the square house has undeniable advantages. Its streamlined shape reduces construction complexity, resulting in saving time and resources.

Square house plans are generally easier to make, which reduces planning time and associated costs. During the construction phase, the simplicity of lines and right angles makes work faster and more accurate, which can minimize costly errors.

In addition, the square shape requires less building materials compared to more complex shapes for an equivalent floor space, further reducing costs.

the maintenance of a square house is generally less expensive, because its simple structure minimizes the risk of long-term structural problems.


The excellent thermal performance of the square house

Add to that a major advantage of the square house: its exceptional thermal performance.

Indeed, the square shape offers the best ratio between floor area and facade area, which reduces heat loss and improves energy efficiency. A configuration that allows an even distribution of heat inside the house, avoiding cold areas or drafts.

The square shape also facilitates the installation of heating and cooling systems, because it allows more efficient air circulation. Finally, the walls and roof of a square house are easier to insulate effectively, which further enhances its thermal performance.


How to optimize the aesthetics of the geometric design of a square house?

why build a square house?

Harmony with the environment: perfect integration into different landscapes and urban environments

The simplicity of the geometric design of a square house allows its harmonious integration into all environments. Whether it is located in a rural landscape, a residential suburb or a modern urban district, its square shape adapts to all situations.

Its clean, minimalist look provides a neutral backdrop that complements rather than competes with the surrounding landscape. In addition, the square house offers many possibilities in terms of construction materials and exterior finishes.

Whether you prefer wooden cladding for natural integration, white plaster for a Mediterranean look, or metal cladding for an industrial style, the square house offers a perfect canvas to express your personal taste while respecting the character of your environment.


Layout of rooms: a logical and practical organization

The arrangement of rooms in a square house can be thought out both logically and practically. The construction of a square house allows the rooms to be laid out in a coherent way, avoiding unnecessary hallways or wasted spaces.

She permits an open and fluid plan which facilitates circulation and communication between the different areas of the house.

You can also opt for a symmetrical layoute, particularly valuable for family homes. You can arrange, for example, the bedrooms on either side of a common space such as the living room or the kitchen, thus giving each member of the family a personal space while maintaining a feeling of cohesion.


Versatile use of spaces: flexibility offered by right angles

The right angles and clean lines allow for a multitude of possible layouts. Whether you need a home office space, a playroom for the kids, or a space to relax, the square house can easily adapt to your needs.

The square house also allows an easy and efficient division of spaces. Whether you prefer an open plan or well-separated rooms, walls can be strategically placed to create distinct zones while keeping the space flowing.



What plan for a square house of 90 m2?

For a 90m2 house, an optimized layout might include an open living space in the center, surrounded by two bedrooms on either side, to maintain privacy. A shared bathroom can be placed near the entrance for easy accessibility, while an open kitchen overlooking the living space creates a convivial place for family meals and receptions.

This arrangement emphasizes openness and friendliness, while providing private spaces for each member of the family. As always, the plan can be tailored to your specific preferences and needs, which is one of the many advantages of opting for a square home.



Personalization options

why build a square house?

Model City 3 – 96 m2


Customization is a big plus when considering building a square home.

The houses of Maisons SIC are particularly appreciated for their great adaptability and the ease with which they integrate modern technologies. They are designed to meet your current needs while anticipating your future aspirations.


Adaptability of your square house to future needs

One of the biggest benefits of this house plan is its ability to grow with you. The square structure allows change the interior layout easily, according to your desires and the stages of your life.

Moreover, the square format makes it easy to add extensions. Whether to enlarge the living room, add a veranda or even an additional floor, the square house offers a solid and stable base. The addition is made with ease, harmonizing the aesthetics of the existing house with the new construction.


Integration of modern technologies

In addition to its adaptability, a square house facilitates the integration of modern technologies. The right angles and the well-defined space it offers make it easier to install home automation solutions. Whether for the automation of lightings, shutters or heating, everything is possible in a square house.

The square design is ideal for maximizing energy efficiency. It allows better thermal insulation and even heat distribution, reducing your energy consumption. The installation of solar panels or a green roof is greatly facilitated by the square shape of the roof.

The square houses of Maisons SIC are ultimately a blank canvas that adapts to your desires, your needs and the evolution of technology. They embody the future of living, where personalization and sustainability go hand in hand.


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