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Building a house: why use a mortgage broker?

why use a mortgage broker?

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A mortgage broker can be very helpful when building your home. Indeed, it can help you prepare your borrowing capacity, compare loan insurance and advise you on setting up your project. SIC houses, a specialist in the construction of houses in the South West for 50 years, offers its clients the services of real estate loan brokers. Find out what it can do for you.


The support of a real estate loan broker when you build your SIC House

Using a mortgage broker when building your house allows you to benefit from their expertise in financing and to obtain the best loan conditions. The broker can negotiate the most advantageous interest rates for you and find solutions adapted to your borrowing profile. It can save you time and money in your construction project.


Ashler & Manson, the real estate loan broker agency alongside Maisons SIC

Ashler and Manson has existed for 20 years in Bordeaux. The national brokerage structure has offices all over France, including four agencies in Bordeaux. They are among the largest brokers in Bordeaux, with 25 employees who constantly negotiate with banking partners.

Vincent Nadeau, manager of the Bordeaux Quinconces agency, explains that "the idea of partnership with SIC houses, is to be able to validate the feasibility of the files. As soon as Maisons SIC works with a client, the role of Ashler & Manson is to ensure that the latter will have a financing solution for his project and to quantify the possible financing envelope. »


The mortgage broker, a specialist in banking relationships

Working in collaboration with all the banking brands, the real estate loan broker knows the credit policy of all the banking brands, as well as the expectations of all its banking partners.

The work of a mortgage broker is all the more important that there are differences, from one bank to another, concerning the financing of a construction project.



Quantify the budget for each house construction with the help of a mortgage and insurance broker

mortgage broker benefits

The real estate loan broker will help quantify the budget for each client of Maisons SIC, in order to define to what extent the latter can obtain, for example, a loan at zero interest, to see what solution is possible in relation to his situation. .

This then allows Maisons SIC to be able to quantify the project and also geolocate it. Because the envelope can vary enormously depending on the price of the land, for the construction of the house behind.

And the envelopes of these budgets are very different, depending on the bank. Vincent Nadeau confirms: “it's the benefit of consulting a brokerage agency at the start of your project, upstream, to be able to define the real budget. This will allow us to offer the best financing solution to customers. Apart even from the rate conditions and insurance which will necessarily be optimized by our intermediary. » 

A major issue since, necessarily, the rise in rates has a huge impact on project leaders and significantly reduces certain project envelopes.



The experience of the real estate loan broker at the service of the Maisons SIC client

The mortgage and insurance broker will have a very global vision of the financing of a house construction project. In all these aspects. He will also be able, for example, to advise on all the mortgage credit assistance that exists when you have an individual.

Vincent Nadeau also explains the benefit of using a brokerage agency: “We have a large volume of files. So, inevitably, we immediately manage to perceive where the client's interest lies. »

We are also helping in the construction of the project with our clients from Maisons SIC. That is to say that people who unfortunately do not have the fundamentals to obtain a short-term credit solution, we will be able to support them with an action plan; in particular, for example, for savings, in order to explain to them how to make the project a success. »

The broker is now positioned as the cornerstone of project leaders, since his role is to support the client until the outcome of his file.

And Vincent Nadeau concludes: “it is really interesting for a client to consult a broker to have a budget that is really successful, especially on the current market prices, with land prices that are still quite high. And suddenly it has a significant impact on its budget.



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