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Having a house built is the choice of freedom. A freedom all the more important as we advance in age. Because the constraints and needs are not the same at 60 as at 40, for example, building a new house makes it easier to live in retirement. In a house in his image, functional, comfortable. The construction is the ideal choice for a special seniors' home. And, contrary to popular belief, building a house, in the South West for example, is not so complicated vis-à-vis the banks. Maisons SIC, builder of individual houses for almost 50 years throughout the south-west of France, explains how to make the right choices for your new home. 


Seniors: why opt for the construction of a detached house in the South-West?

When we see retirement coming, we often want more comfort, a place to live that suits us. And because the new seniors, this “silver generation”, are increasingly active and fit, they often want changes, particularly where they live. And for many reasons, more and more future retirees are turning to the construction of individual homes. 


Because “already built” houses will never meet all your needs

The main advantage of opting for a purchase in the old, is to have a property with character well located. Indeed, the houses available on the real estate market can be found in the city center, close to the shops. While it is often complicated to find land to build in the heart of a city. 

But one of the great drawbacks of buying an old house is that it is already built, precisely. And that to make it to your liking, it will often require expensive work. 

Choosing to build your detached house allows you to control all aspects of your future living space, from the layout of the rooms to the materials used, including the creation of the garden, a swimming pool, a terrace or the choice of windows. . 


Because building is less expensive, in the long term, than buying

We covered this topic in our article on the most economical solution between buying and building your house. By choosing to build a modern and individual house, we make real savings in the long term. Because the RT 2012 allows you to make great energy savings. Because a good construction lasts a long time without requiring any other work, thus avoiding any additional cost. And because there are many tax and financial aids to help you build your new home. 


Because building your house means thinking about the future

Building a house can be a project to think about long before retirement. Building to rent and putting money aside, as long as you are still in business, makes it possible to compensate for a future insufficiency of your retirement pension. Tenants will then pay a large portion of your purchase of a detached home.

And the house thus built, to your liking, can accommodate you when you are no longer working or offer you capital for resale. 

Another asset, a detached house that we have built can be thought of in the long term. If you think you will need to create a new room later, to accommodate a caregiver for example, you can anticipate this construction by choosing land suitable for a future extension.


Because the financing of the construction of a house in the South West has been simplified for seniors

how to prepare for retirement by building a house

We are often afraid to embark on a real estate project after 60 years, thinking that the banks will not follow. Some seniors think that a real estate project is not for them, fearing being refused a loan because of their age. 

It is true that for credit insurance, the state of health is part of the guarantees. Insurance companies therefore systematically fill out a loan insurance health questionnaire, regardless of the age of the borrower, and sometimes require a medical examination.

To avoid the inconvenience of being refused a loan, it is therefore advisable to prepare your real estate project as soon as possible, well before reaching retirement. 

However, you should know that banks now offer senior loans, adapted to the drop in income linked to retirement. 

And for people with health problems, the AERAS convention (Insuring and Borrowing with an Aggravated Health Risk) promotes access to insurance for a mortgage for anyone under the age of 70 at the repayment of the loan, and wishing to take out a loan for a maximum amount of €320.


Be accompanied by a professional in the construction of your house in the South West

The best way to ensure that your real estate project will take place in the best conditions is to be accompanied by a professional home builder. 

A builder with experience like SIC houses can accompany you from the beginning of your home construction project. He can, to begin with, help you find land to build your house

Knowing and mastering all the administrative and mandatory stages of the construction of a house and taking charge of them, a professional builder allows you to devote yourself to the choices of decoration and interior design while he carries out the construction site in accordance with the CONTRACT.

Creating plans with an architect will allow you to choose all the arrangements that will be the most comfortable for your future. And in order to better project yourself, you can visit our showrooms, including our permanent exhibition on more than 2000 m²  in which we have recreated in scale 1, the stages of the construction of a house. From structural work (foundation, floor, wall, framework, roofing, plastering, tiling) to finishing work (heating, electricity).


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