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Building in the South-West from Paris: trends

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The city of Bergerac seduces Parisians, who have comfortable houses built there, open to nature. Discover this house.

There are many Paris who dream of build in the Southwest. Lands, cities, types of house… What are the choices of this clientele who built remotely ?


"The demand from Parisians who want to build their house in the South-West does not dry up" tells us José Dias, regional director of theParis agency for the builder Sic houses. Its role is to support and facilitate the construction project of this particular clientele. In order to help Parisians make their dream come true, the Parisian team of Maisons Sic, also made up of Florant Goiffon, visits them at home and helps them at every stage. Of the search for land, To thedrawing up plans going through the site monitoring throughout the South-West, the builder thus remains available and present throughout the project and limits travel.

Who builds in the South-West from Paris?

         Young retirees leave the Paris region

« Our Parisian clientele is made up of 90% of Retired or about to become “, informs us José Dias. Many testify to a real attachment to the region. " The majority of this clientele has lived in Paris for professional reasons. Once retired, they wish to return to their homeland. ". They often have a specific project in mind. Accustomed to the region, they sometimes own land and generally know in which sector they wish to settle.

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        Build in the South West for a better life

For another part of the clientele, do build in the Southwest is truly life changing. The project takes place during a job transfer, or following a job search in the region. Today, the South-West is the most attractive region for French employees according to the Southwest newspaper. 54% of French people cite it as a potential destination. The reason? Big, vibrant cities like La Rochelle, Bordeaux , Toulouse, Pau (FR), or Agen. Aeronautics in Toulouse, health, energy, high technologies are sectors which recruit and which energize the economic activity of the region. But above all, it is the living environment that makes young working people dream.

This house was built for Parisian clients who wanted to live in the South West.

Why build in the Southwest?

If the Southwest attracts so many retirees who wish to build, it is because the region combines the assets. Cities, montagne, countryside, ocean Atlantic and sea Mediterranean sea are quickly accessible to diversify activities according to the seasons. These varied landscapes combined with these countries of history and cultural heritage and history, offer the promise of visits of discovery and pleasant walks.

         A well-served region

La LGV put Bordeaux at 2 hours of paris against 3h 14 so far. At the same time, all the cities of the South-West are thus closer to the rest of France. Toulouse, Agen or Bayonne thus benefit directly from these new infrastructures. A boon for assets because with the development of teleworking, life in the Southwest could be reconciled with a job in Paris. This line, which abolishes distances, will help those who are hesitant to cross the threshold of a home far from family and friends.

         Building in the South-West and benefiting from a temperate climate

When you come from Paris, move south, it's the promise of better weather, lunch in the sun and bike rides. But today, with global warming, the Southeast and its scorching summer temperatures are no longer popular. As we age, we are indeed more sensitive to temperature changes. The oceanic climate of the South-West seduces. Neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter, the mild temperatures and sunny days of the Atlantic coast are attracting more and more seniors.

A stone's throw from the ocean, in Cap Ferret, this house open to nature and built by Maison Sic offers beautiful volumes.

Which regions do Parisians like the most?

“While the whole of the South-West is attracting Parisians today, several sectors are doing well. We therefore have strong demand in the Charentes Maritimes but also in Dordogne or demand has not faltered for many years”.

         Building in Charentes-Maritimes from Paris

La Rochelle, Saintes, Rochefort and Royan are attractive medium-sized towns steeped in history. Old stones and the ocean attract new inhabitants to its towns, which have managed to maintain their quality of life while still benefiting from affordable land.

         Building in the Dordogne from Paris

More rural, the Dordogne, best known for Périgord is a region rich in culture. Castles, prehistoric sites, villages of character like its generous gastronomy make the fame of this little corner of France. Well served, equipped with essential amenities and endowed with land at still affordable prices, the towns of Périgueux et Bergerac still appeal to Parisians who wish to build in the South-West.

What land budget to build a house in the southwest?

For Parisians, building in the South-West allows them to considerably improve their comfort of life. The sale of their property in the Paris region offers them a comfortable budget in the South West. THE land prices, although it varies greatly from one municipality to another depending on the proximity of major cities or transport links, it nevertheless remains lower than the prices encountered in the Paris region. In Île-de-France, the average price for a plot of land is €246/m2, When it is 86 €/m2 in Occitania and €62/m2 in New Aquitaine, According to the Ministry of Ecological Transition in its report “ The price of building land in 2019 »


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What are the trends for houses built from Paris?

         Doctors, markets, shops, these essential amenities to build

A pleasant and friendly place to live, which is not not a medical wasteland, so could be summed up the request of retired Parisians who are building in the South-West. " We rely on our large network of agencies to find the right land for their search. Some really want a city center where you can do everything on foot, others prefer calm and the countryside ". The South-West, with its network of medium-sized towns with local shops, is well suited to this type of demand.

         The wooden house seduces in the South-West

Wood is a traditional material in the Southwest. Half-timbered houses from the Toulouse region or from Pays Basque, oyster huts of the Arcachon bay, wood seduces. It is so on the Atlantic facade that wooden house particularly develops. “For the moment, the majority of our Parisian clients are seeking information on this type of construction, but they are still sticking to traditional construction because the wooden house remains a little more expensive. Things should change with the new environmental regulations”. Indeed, the RE 2020 which takes into account the carbon impact of building materials encourages the use of wood and other biobased materials.


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         Build a turnkey house

Unlike first-time buyers who to save money choose to do their own decoration, the Parisians who are building want a completely finished project. This is obviously due to the age of this clientele who no longer want to embark on extended work. " Equipment, fitted cupboards and fitted kitchens, Maisons Sic helps them make their wishes come true. All the services and equipment are thus chosen with the decorators and during the visit of the showroom and the technical center in Tonneins. ". Then remains the layout of the garden, from the gate to the plantations. Again they want to move into a finished space. Maisons Sic then puts them in touch with trusted professionals.

         Build a single storey house in the southwest

The sizes of the houses remain reasonable. Parisian customers generally choose comfortable houses, with a large living room and a master suite with a bathroom and an adjoining dressing room. The houses built are 99% single storey. One or two additional bedrooms are provided to accommodate family and friends. " These are well thought out and very elaborate projects from an architectural point of view. They leave on a controlled project, because they know that the children are not there all year round Explains the regional director of the Paris agency.


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