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Building your new house in the Tarn: 5 assets of the region

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And if you decide to build your new house in a region that feels good: the Tarn. A trendy destination for natural, cultural and gastronomic holidays, the Tarn is a place where life is good, whether you are a couple, a family or retired. Maisons SIC, builder of individual houses for 50 years, knows this department of Occitanie well and presents its 5 most beautiful assets. 


The countryside, a major asset of the Tarn for building your house

All those who have already passed through the Tarn and stayed there will tell you about its exceptional light and its large spaces to breathe deeply. Nature is omnipresent in the Tarn. According to France 3 Regions, the Tarn and its greenery is the 2nd trendy destination in France for stays in August on the Airbnb booking platform (after the Doubs). And if the weather is so good to stay there, why not build your own house in the Tarn?

The Tarn countryside has many attractions. The small villages of the Tarn allow you to appreciate the beauty of extraordinary landscapes while enjoying all the services of a small town (health, education, food, etc.). 

And as explained in La Dépêche : “The campaign is more trendy than ever. Urban populations seek the values ​​of the countryside, need to recharge their batteries, to eat locally. To simply be close to nature”, according to Paul Salvador, President of Tarn Tourisme.

The Tarn has remarkable natural sites, for lovers of hiking, strolls as well as for the more athletic. The latter appreciate being able to canoe in the splendid Gorges de l'Aveyron or embark on the ascent of the Pic du Montalet perched at an altitude of 1259 metres. The most contemplative prefer the observation of the local fauna in the Nature Reserve of Cambounet-sur-le-Sor where a colony of herons has settled. And hikers love Mont Paradis and its beautiful Adelaide waterfall.


Albi, an ideal city to build your house

why build a house in Albi?

Albi, the “red city”, combines extraordinary architectural heritage, intense cultural life, gastronomy and gentle security. Building your new house in the surroundings of Albi gives access to both the modern infrastructures of the city but also to all its aesthetic, cultural and sporting attractions...

Geographically speaking, Albi, the capital of the Tarn, is a city between countryside, sea and mountains. Indeed, the Albigensian vineyard of Gaillac surrounds the city. On the mountain side, the Ariège Pyrenees Regional Nature Park is less than 2 hours by car from Albi and the Massif Central is nearby. Finally, the sea is less than 150 km away. 

Modern city less than an hour from Toulouse, the former episcopal city offers magnificent historical monuments to see (city listed by UNESCO, with the Sainte-Cécile cathedral or the Palais de la Berbie) but also has many infrastructures sports, a large hospital, 12 public schools and has demonstrated a real commitment to technological innovation, labeled level 4 of the Free Digital Territories and having also obtained the Prize list of the Forum Smart City Paris in 2017.


Build your house around the towns and villages of character in the Tarn

Where to build your new house in the Tarn? Around Albi, of course, but also in or around the many villages and small towns that dot this magnificent territory. As for medium-sized towns, we think of Gaillac, little sister of Albi, poetically nicknamed “the rose of the south” or of Castres, labeled “City of Art and History”.

Among the most popular villages, we find Penne and its 295th century fortified castle, Castelnau-de-Montmiral classified among the most beautiful villages in France like its neighbour, the fortified village of Puycelsi. In the heart of nature, Ambialet, at an altitude of XNUMX meters, dominates the whole region. And, of course, the world-famous Cordes-sur-Ciel and its winding streets that take you back to the XNUMXth century.


The Tarn: a historical heritage of rare richness

Rich in its history, the Tarn region has places of international renown. Such as the Cathedral of Albi, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or the Bastide de Cordes, emblematic with its atypical architecture because it is built on the side of a hill. 

Building your detached house in the Tarn means enjoying this architecture engraved in time on a daily basis, which you never tire of. Like for example the Château de Mauriac, the village of Vaour, the Abbey-school of Sorèze, the bastides and the Most Beautiful Villages of France like Castelnau de Montmirail or Lautrec.


Tarn gastronomy: an excellent reason to set up home in the Tarn

If you like small pleasures and great pleasures, the Tarn region is made for you. The markets of the Tarn, like its restaurants, are renowned for their richness but also for the friendliness and kindness of the Tarn people. Good products are legion in this department of Occitania. Because the heritage of the Tarn is also gastronomic!

Take advantage of all the local specialities: Soup with pink garlic from Lautrec, charcuterie from Lacaune, veal from Ségala, frésinat (pork stew), saffron, chichoulet (ancestor of cassoulet), radishes with salted liver, apple crisp, Cordes crisps, Gaillac wines but also the many cheeses (Cheese from the Monts de Lacaune, Blanche d'Oc, Tomme des Gavachs, Mont de Saint Pierre, Raclette from the Monts de Lacaune... ).

Want to settle in the Tarn? Call on a professional in the construction of new houses in the Tarn: SIC House!


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