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Why build your house in Montauban: the 6 unstoppable reasons

why live in a house in Montauban?

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Montauban is not nicknamed “la petite Toulouse” for nothing. Choosing to build your house in Montauban allows you to afford the charm and calm of a medium-sized town (which strongly resembles the pink city) with many cultural, sporting and gastronomic assets. Ideal for seniors, families, couples… Follow SIC houses to discover all the attractions of a house in Montauban, in the Tarn-et-Garonne (82)


Building a new house in Montauban: an ideal choice for seniors and retirees

why live in Montauban?

The city of Montauban is very pleasant to live in when you are with your family, as a couple or even single. The many schools (including the university center of Tarn et Garonne), cultural and leisure venues can appeal to the youngest.

But a house in Montauban is also an excellent choice when you are senior / retired. According to a March 2022 ranking in Le Figaro, Montauban is the third average city where it is good to retire. Seniors already represent nearly 25% of the Montalban population. For what ? Because, in this medium-sized city, it is easy to have fun, to learn, to get around, to get medical treatment and to obtain rights and assistance. The former mayor of Montauban then added: “Concerned about the development of our seniors, we pay particular attention to their expectations and their well-being […]. Whatever their age, state of health or neighborhood, everyone must be able to find their place. » The Montalban elders are therefore particularly pampered. 


Montauban: the choice of tranquility for families

Having a house built in Montauban makes it possible to ensure a beautiful tranquility of life. Montauban is a real country town. The little pink town indeed offers a peaceful living environment that ensures families can work and enjoy their leisure activities in a preserved environment.

Some criteria that make Montauban an ideal city for active families (Figaro 2021 figures): 

  • the monthly net salary is 1972€
  • the baccalaureate mention rate is 48,5%
  • the health access indicator is 4,6 (indicates the number of consultations accessible per inhabitant of the municipality)
  • cinema showings per inhabitant is 6,5

As for schools, more than 5000 children are welcomed in the city's nursery and primary schools. And more than 2 young people study in one of the higher establishments in Montauban. In addition to a wide range of training courses, systems…


Montauban: 6th city in France where life is good

why live in a house in Montauban?

In 2021, Le Figaro magazine ranked the main French cities according to nine criteria: demographic dynamism, economic performance, educational results, real estate, the cultural, sports and leisure offer, the living environment and safety, health services, climate and transport.

Montauban then again performed well in progressing with an overall score of 15,44/20 which places “the pinkest of pink cities” in 6th position over sixty towns with 50 to 000 inhabitants (behind Quimper, Bayonne, Niort, Colmar, Vannes and ahead of the towns of La Roche-sur-Yon, Cholet, Valence, Chambéry, Saint-Nazaire, Narbonne, Pau, Beauvais, Béziers…). Montauban, an attractive, young and dynamic town, is the first of the medium-sized towns in Occitania.

What are the assets of the city of Montauban according to this ranking? a very good level of public service, modern municipal infrastructure, numerous activities for all audiences, but also attractive real estate prices and always radiant weather.


A rare cultural offer for an average city

There are many places in Montauban to enrich its culture. Many cinemas and libraries are accessible in the city. The Ingres Bourdelle Museum, housed in the former episcopal palace, houses a rich collection around the painter Ingres and the sculptor Bourdelle. Eurythmie and the Olympe de Gouges theater offer a very rich theatrical season. My memo media library offers many workshops throughout the year. The Natural History Museum, located in the former palace of the Court of Aids from the 17th century, displays its collections in five rooms. The Resistance and Combatant Museum, a place of discovery and exchange in the service of the work of memory, the duty of vigilance and peace, participates in informing the general public... The Architecture Interpretation Center and Heritage offers year-round exhibitions and events inside and outside the walls. A real exhibition and meeting place in the heart of Montauban, the Maison du Crieur welcomes the public for events and exhibitions.


Build your house in Montauban to live 30 minutes from Toulouse

Prefecture of Tarn-et-Garonne, Montauban exerts its economic and cultural influence on an urban area of ​​more than 100 people. Its territory covers an area of ​​000 km², a record that makes it the second largest municipality in France after Arles. 

The Greater Montauban Agglomeration then benefits from a privileged geographical position: at the crossroads of the A62 (Bordeaux-Montpellier) and A20 (Toulouse-Paris) motorways, at the crossroads of the axes serving the south of France and the Iberian Peninsula, the Grand Montauban is 25 minutes from Toulouse, and 30 minutes from Toulouse-Blagnac International Airport. The city of Bordeaux is not far either since it is only 1h40 by train, with 16 trains per day on average. 


Gastronomy and rugby: living in Montauban to appreciate the South-West

The agro-food industry is very important in Montauban. The city is indeed the first French producer of apples, plums and hazelnuts, the second of table grapes and melons and the third of kiwis.

Gastronomy also has a special place here. Among its specialties are La Tome du Ramier cow's cheese, Cabécou d'Autan, Quercy saffron, Pécou dragee, Montauban ball, but also typical dishes from the South-West such as friton, stewed porcini mushrooms, foie gras and, of course, cassoulet!

Another specialty of the South-West (this time sporty) next to which you cannot miss in Montauban: rugby. The Union Sportive Montalbanaise, the USM Sapiac has existed since 1903 and brings together all the inhabitants on match days. 

To build your house in Tarn-et-Garonne, around Montauban, call on SIC houses !


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