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Build a house with garage in the Southwest

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Laundry room, workshop, cellar, the garage is not only used to park your car. Inseparable companion of the individual house, it must be well thought out.


What surface for the garage of the new house?

What regulations for a garage

Like the rest of your new home, the garage must respect the local urban plan (PLU) of the municipality. Before submitting your permission, it is important to know the maximum footprint coefficient, indicated in the PLU. Indeed, if it is not included in the floor area, the garage develops'footprint. Thus, if this coefficient is 10%, the house and the garage must have a footprint of 100 m2. Determine the surface of your house in order to define the dimensions of your garage.


What are the dimensions of a garage?

Even if for a small car, a garage of 13 m2 could be enough, it is better to plan a little larger to adapt to any type of vehicle. A garage of 15 m2 (5×3 meters) and a height of 2,5 meters provides sufficient shelter for most cars. However, a garage offers many other attractions. Store the bikes, the motorcycle, garden tools, but also utility room, storage, storage, workshop, cellar, you will quickly find a use for all additional surfaces. Think about all the spaces you might need to design your ideal garage.

A new house with a garage serving as storage and laundry near Marmande in the Lot-et-Garonne department, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

An attached or separate garage in a new house?

The advantages of the attached garage

The attached garage is an inexpensive and simple solution to implement at the time of construction. Often recommended by Maison Sic, the attached garage offers a real comfort of life. With direct access to the house, it offers real storage space at your fingertips. A real extra piece, it then turns into cellar to store everything, and even utility room, when moving the washing machine, the dryer etc to gain surface in the new house. The other advantage is to be able to free the house of certain technical equipment, such as the water heater, the wood boiler or the pompe à chaleur.

The advantages of the separate garage

A separate garage removes both olfactory and sound nuisances. No risk of letting hydrocarbon vapors infiltrate the house, which greatly affects the indoor air quality. When it is planned from the building permit filing, separate garage can also be built later, when the budget allows. it is then possible to opt for a prefabricated garage. A small construction that punctuates the garden, the separate garage can also be transformed over time into an independent living room to respond to changes in the family.

The underground or semi-underground garage

Much rarer, the buried garage is very beneficial. Discreet and offering real space saving, it generally takes place under the house to leave more space in the garden. More expensive to build, it will be justified in a sloping ground where it can be integrated more easily and offers more comfortable access. THE semi-buried garage is sometimes separated from the house and its roof is then generally exploited as terrace. Be careful though. This type of installation is not suitable for all terrains. It is therefore not recommended in areas with high rainfall where the access slope could quickly turn into a gutter. Likewise, a buried garage not recommended in areas where the groundwater outcrops in winter as on the Arcachon bay.

This model of house with garage plays on the differences in roof height. Marbella model

What architecture for the garage?

In the ground floor house, the garage is often in line with the house. Practical and space-saving, garage accessible from the kitchen to be really practical. As for the model performance 01 classic de SIC houses, a 80 m2 house with garage. He can also participate in the rhythm of the house, by offering a hook as for the marbella model of Sic Houses. On two-storey houses, the differences in height give charm to the house

House plan with garage

Ideally placed in the north of the house, the garage offers a buffer space which contributes to the insulation of the walls of the house, according to the principles of bioclimatic house. A good way to fight against energy loss.

But the location of the garage is also dictated by the house land. Here again, Maisons Sic draws up the plan of the house and the garage to guarantee great comfort in everyday life. Accessibility from the street is obvious. Willing behind the kitchen, the garage makes it easier to unload groceries and offers a storage room additional and discreet.

Covering an area of ​​120 m2, the plan of the carat house de Maisons SIC offers a large optimized garage of 15 m2 in line with the kitchen.

Which garage door to choose for the new house?

There are many garage door models. The choice will depend on the configuration of the garage and the needs.

Choosing a sectional door for my garage in a new house

Easy to install whatever the configuration, this garage door model is made up of hinged panels that slide between two side uprights up to the ceiling. A hassle-free solution that saves a lot of space. Can be easily motorized. In addition there are models with gate. Does not overflow on the outside.

House with garage: opt for the up-and-over garage door

Overflowing or not overflowing onto the street, this garage door tilts and is placed parallel to the ceiling. If this solution is easy to motorize, the rails on the ceiling are not always very aesthetic.

New house with garage on the street: a roll-up garage door

This is the same principle as a roller shutter. Generally motorized for more comfort, the garage door frees up a maximum of space inside the garage. The blades roll up in effect in the trunk provided for this purpose generally fixed on the lintel. On the other hand, this solution is less practical for pedestrians, because there is no gate. Another access must then be envisaged.

The sliding garage door

It is made up of several vertical panels that slide sideways on a rail. The advantage is that the first panel serves as a gate, which makes everyday life easier. On the other hand, a whole section of wall is unusable because of the presence of rails and motorization is not possible.

The swinging door

A swing door or sliding door garage is also possible and offers an economical solution. The operation will then be the same as that of a portal. Very practical, the 4-leaf garage door, which can be glazed, is perfect for spaces that are more often used as workshops.

A new house with double garage

When you have two vehicles, protecting them from bad weather and burglars requires a double garage. The ideal is obviously to be able to park the two vehicles side by side, but again, everything will depend on the configuration of your land. A double garage will do minimum 40m2. And will include one or two doors. A large door of at least 5 meters will be necessary. Longer to operate, especially if it is manual, it can however be equipped with a pedestrian gate.


Some examples of Houses with garage in the Southwest

Visit a two-storey house with a large garage from 30 m2 to Gaillac in the department Tarn, In the region Occitania.


Visit a house near Marmande Lot-et-Garonne, in the region New Aquitaine.


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