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Building a bioclimatic house in Gironde: 11 tips for a cool house in summer

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  • Building a bioclimatic house in Gironde: 11 tips for a cool house in summer

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Building a bioclimatic house in Gironde that is cool in summer, it's possible. THE summer comfort is first and foremost a matter of home design. Sic houses gives you his 11 tips for spending the summer cool.

Tip n°1: Opt for a bioclimatic house in Gironde

A bioclimatic house in Gironde, without air conditioning

La thermic regulation current ( RT 2012), which applies to new homes, limits the use of air conditioning in summer. It therefore encourages individual home builders to follow the principles of bioclimatism . It is simply a matter of using common sense, and applying the methods proven by our ancestors.

The houses are therefore designed according to the race of the sun. In winter, the rays thus enter the house, while the house remains in the shade in summer. “These are important principles in Gironde as in the whole South West, where the sun is sometimes very strong in summer”, reveals Cédric Leman, wood project manager at Maisons Sic.

 A bioclimatic house in Gironde adapted to the land and its orientation

« Our work is important. The bioclimatic house must have a exposure optimal and well thought out ". Generally, southern exposure is the most popular with locals. The bays of the south facade, exposed to the sun at the hottest hours, will then have to be protected. " Un roof overhang or well-designed awnings will break the direct sunlight on the windows in summer. In winter, the sun being lower on the horizon, its rays will still penetrate the house ».

However, other orientations are possible. A orientation East/West will, for example, offer better comfort in summer but will be less pleasant in winter. "To find the best solution, I go to the field and take into account the prevailing wind, the view and the exposure", continues Cédric Leman.

The plan is the first key to a bioclimatic house in Gironde

Tip #2: Opt for the ideal plan

Beware of overheating especially at night. prefer rooms to the east to enjoy the rays of the sun in the morning, but without overheating. The living rooms will benefit primarily from the southern exposure. There western kitchen enjoy the last rays of the sun.

Tip n°3: Choose good sun protection for your windows

Install rolling, swinging or sliding shutters

Keeping the house cool is not the primary mission of shutters. Yet they are very effective. Equipped with adjustable blades, some may let in a little light or air at night to cool the house during the mild hours. Prefer light shades to avoid overheating.

Install blinds or curtains inside

It is sometimes more practical to have your sunscreens inside. Blinds or curtains also protect against the sun's rays. Installed on the window sash, they also make it easier to exit through the French window.

Tip #4: Protect the terrace from bioclimatic house in Gironde

To further limit solar gains, we multiply the areas of shade and freshness around the south facade. A pergola or shade sails above the terrace will provide a gently shaded space.

Similarly, cleverly placed panels or vegetation in the garden can block the rays of the sun setting in the west on hot summer evenings.

Trees and other deciduous plants will also be invaluable allies, since in winter, they will let the sun penetrate.

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heat insulated attic
A well-insulated house for summer comfort

Tip #5: Good insulation

Insulating your home well is essential, it is also to ensure that the heat from outside does not enter the house. At the house of Sic houses, brick houses are internally insulated. The wooden houses benefit from a distributed thermal insulation, ie which takes place between the rafters supplemented by an interior insulation.

Do it virtual tour of our technical realization test center to discover our construction methods.

Tip n°6: Choose the right materials for your bioclimatic house in Gironde

To prevent the house from rising too quickly in temperature, it is necessary to choose materials that haveinertia. Stone, brick, ceramic, concrete, mineral materials are able to store heat and then release it when the house cools down.

Traditional houses thus suffer less from the heat than wooden houses. " At Sic houses, we build our wooden houses on a concrete slab and recommend tiled flooring in the main living areas. We can even go further, by building some masonry walls “, explains the manager of wood projects at the manufacturer. 

Tip #7: Take care of your ventilation

Good comfort in summer requires a air renewal adapted. To avoid untimely hot air inlets, the house will be mechanically ventilated. Air circulation will thus be ensured by a CMV (controlled mechanical ventilation), which will suck in the indoor air to reject it outside.

A CMV humidity variable is even more efficient, since it will only work when needed. Its sensors detect ambient humidity and evacuate it immediately.

Tip #8: Understand your bioclimatic house in Gironde and adopt the right gestures

In a well-insulated house, you absolutely must not let the heat in because it will take longer to leave.

During the day, the doors and windows will remain closed. To keep out the sun's rays, blinds and shutters are closed accordingly.

Finally, it will be necessary to take advantage of the nocturnal coolness to renew the cycle and leave with a fresh house in the morning. To do this, the outside air is let in in the morning and at night.

Well understood, the bioclimatic house in Gironde remains protected from the heat in summer.

Tip #9: Prefer a two-storey house

The main advantage of the two-storey house is that it facilitates the nocturnal overventilation. Opening a window on the ground floor and another on the first floor quickly causes significant air circulation. This is called the "chimney effect". Ideal for quickly refreshing the whole house.

Tip #10: Choose a heat pump

The air/air heat pumps are not only relatively economical heating systems, but in addition they are air conditioners efficient.

If you have a heat wave, this 2-in-1 solution will prevent you from reaching suffocating temperatures in the house. And good news, these reversible air conditioners are now much less energy intensive than in the past.

Tip #11: Let home automation manage your comfort

There are many home automation solutions which automate certain tasks such as closing the shutters at certain times for example (depending on the course of the sun). Similarly, the ventilation of the house can be programmed to activate nighttime overventilation depending on the outside temperature.


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