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What paint color for the facade of my new house?

how to choose the color of the facade of your new house?

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When you build your house in the Southwest, choosing the paint color of your facade is not easy. It is necessary to take into account the exposure, the trends but also the external environment or the personality of his house. Maisons SIC, builder of individual houses in the South-West for 50 years, helps you explore the different color options for your new house facade. Follow us on this colorful creativity adventure to make your new house facade a true masterpiece!

Facade color rules according to its municipality

Call out a professional new home builder, such as Maisons SIC, which necessarily knows the region where you are building, has many advantages. One of them is to take care of all the paperwork. Among them, knowledge of the PLU (Local Urban Plan) of your municipalityThis will allow you to better choose your new house facade color, depending on the rules to follow. 

Indeed, the choice of the color of the facade of a new house is subject to the town planning rules of the municipality where it is located. These rules are defined in the PLU, a document that can be consulted at the town hall or online. The PLU may include architectural prescriptions, in particular on the colors authorized for the facades, depending on the district or the zone concerned. 

These indications may vary depending on the preservation of the architectural or landscape heritage of the municipality. It is therefore important to consult the PLU before making your color choice.


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How to choose the color of the facade of your new house according to your region of France 

what facade color to choose for your new house?

The choice of the color of the facade of his house is an important element in the personalization of his place of life. However, depending on the region of France where you live, some colors may adapt better than others. 

Indeed, the color of the facade can influence the temperature inside the house and must therefore be chosen according to the region: 

  • In the south of France, it is recommended to opt for ocher and yellow shades that bring light while limiting heat. Ocher shades such as red or orange can also be chosen to give a Provencal style to the house.
  • In the east of France, bright colors such as blue, green or red are recommended to bring vitality to the house.
  • In the West of France, especially in the Basque Country, the color red is (almost) mandatory for facades. 
  • in the north of France, sober colors such as white, beige or gray are often chosen to adapt to the local climate and architecture.

By choosing a facade color adapted to its region, you can enhance your home while promoting its thermal comfort.


Take into account the exposure of your house to choose the color of your facade 

Why choose the color of the facade of your new house according to its exposure? For a reason of brightness. Indeed, not all colors reflect light in the same way.

If your facade is to the south, a color that is too light may dazzle you. Opt instead for a dark color, which will better highlight the volumes of your home. But if you are in a very hot region, a light color (like an off-white or cream, or a pastel) will allow you to store less heat (since it reflects the sun's rays better). 

If the facade of your new house is rather to the North, a light and warm color will reflect light well.


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5 “technical” questions to ask yourself to choose the color of the facade of your modern house? 

Storey house Pyrenees South West

Beyond the simple taste that one may have for a house facade color, there are technical aspects that must be taken into account. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before choosing the color of your facade: 

  1. How will my garden ? Where am I going to put the trees? What facade color will go best with my future exterior? 
  2. What is theby the force of the sun in my area, knowing that bright colors fade faster under the effects of UV rays? 
  3. What level of “clarity” do I want for the color of my facade (knowing that a color seems 5 to 10 times lighter on the outside than on the inside)? 
  4. Which "personality” do I want to give my house: modern, country, Provençal, original, neutral…? 
  5. How long do I wish keep this house (knowing that a house with an intense color facade such as red or orange is much more difficult to sell).


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What color should you choose for your facade depending on the energy you want for your new house? 

The choice of the color of the facade of a new house can also depend on the energy that one wants to associate with it. 

If you are looking for a dynamic and warm color that brings joy, red is a good option. 

Charcoal gray is on trend this year and is suitable for those looking for a timeless yet modern color. 

Sage green is a calming, sophisticated and modern hue that brings character and charm to the outdoors. 

Soothing colors like white, pastel colors or blue-grey are also great options for creating an ambience of serenity and calm. 

Earth tones such as turquoise, sage green, mint and grey-green are subtle and relaxing colors that fit well into any local landscape.

Yellow is also a color that can bring warmth to the exterior of the house. Shades like mustard yellow or butter yellow can be a good option. 

For a "slow life" side, terracotta is a warm and natural color that is always very popular.

For the construction of your new home, call on a professional like Maisons SIC !



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