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New house decoration: 9 ways to use wood

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When decorating a new house, wood is the essential material to give a soul to your future home. Layout, furniture, floor or wall coverings, this timeless material knows how to create the atmosphere that suits you. Contemporary, rustic, refined, minimalist, Scandinavian, industrial interior, here are 10 ways to highlight your custom house construction.

South-West interior layout: why prefer wood?

New house decoration: A local and economical material

Between the forests of Landes, those of Occitanie, the Pyrenees and Périgord, the timber industry is particularly dynamic in the South-West. There is no shortage of resources, such as manufacturers, craftsmen and quality creators. In a territory so rich in varied species, wood is a competitive material that offers quality fittings à reasonable cost and allows you to easily get into your house construction budget.

Wood, an ecological material

The wood material is undoubtedly the most common material ecological industrial printing process Today. This renewable resource has the advantage of absorbing carbon and trapping it throughout its lifespan. A wooden house model or a wood layout thus makes it possible to increase what we call the “carbon sink”. This high-performance, lightweight material also consumes little energy, whether for transport or processing.

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Wood parquet, a timeless floor covering

What could be warmer than a wooden floor to beautify your interior. Choosing a parquet floor means offering yourself a flooring timeless and durable. Thermal and sound insulating, wood contributes to the comfort of the house, winter and summer. Colors, quality, size of the boards, or installation, the choices in terms of parquet flooring are vast to match all styles of home decoration. There are also coverings for all prices, from solid wood floors in noble species to rather inexpensive laminate floors.

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Customized layout in a builder's house in Gironde,
Wood offers all the freedoms for home decoration. Image by chien than from Pixabay.

Wood on the wall to beautify and insulate

Today, wood is making a comeback on our walls. Wide slat paneling, vertical, horizontal installation, decorative wooden battens, etc., Wall covering is reinvented to benefit from the incomparable warmth of wood but also its soundproofing. In small, carefully measured touches: headboard to protect the walls, on the television wall to improve theacoustic, or on a section of wall, it furnishes the space and offers authentic charm in the house, without imposing itself.

Dressing room and wooden fittings: the advantages of tailor-made

Have a tailor-made room, dressing, a library, etc., wood allows you to take advantage of every nook and cranny thanks to perfectly designed dimensions and openings. Your home builder will help you create your tailor-made furniture perfectly suited to your needs to make the most of every square meter. The opportunity to enjoy a refined interior, but also more functional with elegant furniture perfectly suited to your needs.

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Home decoration: a modern wooden kitchen

Worktop, furniture fronts, floor or wall coverings, etc., open kitchens or closed today dare to use wood to blend into the habitat. Combinations with other raw materials such as stainless steel, glass, steel, stone or ceramics offer varied, resolutely contemporary atmospheres. Metal and wood, for one kitchen model industrial, white kitchen and light woods for a Scandinavian atmosphere, black furniture and wooden worktop for a warm kitchen, wood plays on gentle contrasts to enhance the materials.

In this beautiful residence in the Toulouse region, the wooden kitchen contributes to the decoration of the house.
Wood brings a touch of authenticity and warmth to even the most modern kitchens. Image by Jesse Bridgewater from Pixabay

The bathroom focuses on wood

In the Modern bathroom, wood takes its revenge on mineral coverings, because it gives this relaxation room an incomparable softness. From the vanity top to the furniture, including the bathtub apron or floor and wall coverings, wood is now inseparable from the bathroom models contemporary. In the ground, certain types of wood are naturally resistant to humidity, such as chestnut or acacia, while others have received appropriate treatment. Finally, other materials such as tiling no longer hesitate to borrow its appearance for very successful imitations.

Essential wooden terrace in a detached house

Smooth transition between interior and exterior, the wooden decks know how to be welcoming while blending into their environment. This durable, weather-resistant and easy-to-maintain material transforms the terrace into a real living room. Exotic woods, treated pine, species suitable for outdoors suitable for the most restrictive environments, even swimming pool laps.

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Exterior fittings: wood an all-terrain material

Outdoors, wood is king and adapts to all desires. Gates, fences, and gates, borders, sunshade or windbreak panels, wood is suitable for all needs for custom fittings resistant. It will also allow the creation of pergolas, carport or furniture that will give a crazy character to your garden.

a builder who integrates custom furniture into its South West homes
This kitchen fits into the library. A tailor-made wooden layout created by Maisons Sic which allows you to take advantage of even the smallest square meter.

Wooden stairs: The center of the house

Whatever its style, wood knows how to give staircases two-storey house a modern and decorative touch. The wooden staircase is suitable for all interiors, in structure or in small touches on the steps or the railing. The staircase becomes a piece of furniture and a decorative object to fit into the home without wasting space.

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