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Demolishing a house to rebuild: 7 reasons to start fresh

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Demolishing a house to rebuild instead is a good way to carry out your project of new house. If you are looking for a land to build South West, widen your field of vision. Why not look at old houses? The idea is not to embark on an expensive and risky renovation but to make something new instead of old. Here are seven reasons to get started.


Demolition reconstruction more advantageous than renovation

A priori, renovating an old house seems less expensive than demolish and rebuild a new house. However, this is not always the case. First, the land cost with house is, very often, no more expensive than a bare building land. To achieve the same performance and bring it up to date, a renovation is quickly very expensive. Certain operations and works are also longer and more difficult in renovation than in new construction.

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Demolishing a house to rebuild makes it easier to find land in the Southwest.

Scarcity of building land in the South West

Today, it is increasingly difficult to find building plots South West. The situation is all the more tense in city centers or large cities such as Bordeaux , Toulouse, Agen, Tarbes ou Pau (FR) as revealed byimmobilize south-west observatory. When a specific area attracts you, it will be easier to find an old house in poor condition than a open ground.

Demolish to rebuild according to your tastes

Building is also the assurance of having a house that corresponds exactly to the house of his dreams. Map, materials, decoration, everything is seen directly with the builder who takes the time to understand the way of life and the wishes of the future inhabitant to develop his future home. At Sic houses, our showroom allow you to see and choose the layout of your future home in real condition.

Demolishing a house to rebuild means ensuring a healthy and energy-efficient house.

Build a more energy-efficient house

A new house built today must respect the environmental regulations 2020 the thermal regulations have evolved significantly in recent years. Indeed, since the RT 2012, low-energy buildings or BBC houses have become the norm. Those are houses that consume very little energy to provide heating and domestic hot water to its occupants. It is based on a very strong thermal insulation buildings as well as a good airtightness. It will always be more difficult to achieve these performances by renovating an old building.

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Tearing down an uncomfortable house

Humidity, drafts, molds are common inconveniences encountered in old houses. An efficient and well-conducted renovation will offer a healthy habitat to its occupants. But beware of disappointments. Professionals are still too little trained in energy renovation. Insulation defects and an inefficient ventilation system will lead to disorders that can harm both the health of the occupants and that of the building. THE new construction professionals have taken the time to understand how the buildings they construct work and provide you with a healthy housing and comfortable for many years.

It is possible to demolish a house to rebuild with a parcel division.

Demolish in view of a parcel division

Today, land is scarce and cities are becoming denser. THE land prices encourages buyers to prefer small lots from 300 to 400 m2. Owners of larger land then have an interest in divide their land to build a second house there. This plot division however, is not always possible. The house can be set up in such a way that divide the land in two is not possible given the town planning regulations (ENJOYED). Demolish the existing house will then make it possible to carry out this project and to realize an added value by granting itself a beautiful house to its taste.

Simplified procedures

The demolition of a building usually requires obtaining a permit to demolish. This planning permission must be requested in the event of partial or total demolition of a building. In the case of a demolition reconstruction, the request is made with the request for permission.

Learn more about the demolition permit by following this link.



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