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The different construction plans for your future home

how to create the construction plans of your house?

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How to properly draw up the construction plans for your future detached house? As advised in this article on the good design of the construction plans of your house, call on a professional like the builders of Maisons SIC and their team of architects and draftsmen experienced remains a wise choice. To help you see more clearly about the choice of the different construction plans, our architect offers you its insights. 


The interest of using a builder and an architect for the construction plans of your house

Why hire a home builder for your future project? Because an experienced builder (like Maisons SIC, which has been building in the South-West for nearly 50 years) will allow you to benefit from numerous guarantees, before during and after construction, will follow you from the beginning to the end of your project but also because your builder will give you access to a whole team of professionals, such as architects. 

Indeed, many builders call upon architects for the realization of the plans of each house. Caroline Cantaloube, who heads the Maisons SIC study office, explains how her work works.


House construction plans enriched by Maisons SIC customers

benefits of different house building plans

At Maisons SIC, sales representatives are the entry points for customers. With them, they will establish the budget, the desires, define the program, the land on which they plan to build their house. Gathering all this information, they will be able to offer customers their catalog of house plans already available. As Caroline Cantalouble points out, “almost all of our catalog plans come from former client projects. We are inspired by all our old projects and their differences, exchanges and customer feedback. This is our repository for developing all construction plans.”


Knowing how to choose a good architect for the construction plans of your new house

what are the different plans for building a house?

Rich in all his experiences, the good architect will know how to listen to both the needs and desires of his clients in order to respond to them. But he will also know how to see further and draw inspiration, for example, from current life trends. Two examples, underlined by Caroline Cantaloube: “the current context is strongly taken into account, such as the importance of creating independent workspaces with teleworking. And because, sometimes, customers have desires that are not necessarily pleasant on a daily basis, that do not really correspond to their way of life and that there are solutions that we do not necessarily think of, the architects of Maisons SIC are “evolving all our construction plans based on exchanges and customer feedback.” 

As Caroline Cantaloube confirms: “It is our clients who build their own plans. We are here to advise them on something functional, practical on a daily basis. For example, toilet doors that open onto living rooms can be really complicated to live with day to day. So we intervene throughout the construction of the plan of the house to re-advise the client, refining technical aspects in the right direction. And by applying the logic of habitability, the sequence of rooms to be put in place to feel good in your house.”


The work of Maisons SIC around its catalog of construction plans for new houses

Sales representatives and architects/draughtsmen work hand in hand at Maisons SIC to propose the plans best suited to customer requests. 

The Maisons SIC catalog of plans is rich in many models ranging from the "simple" house, from the Performance range, for example on the ground floor, with 3-4 bedrooms, with or without a garage (as for the Performance Line) for moderate budgets to houses with larger areas and volumes (as in the Elegance line) more elaborate architectural formsed (detachments from roofs, volumes, etc.), which implies a little more complexity in terms of the plan of the house. 

Each house construction project being unique and different, the sales representatives then start from this basic plan, make it evolve according to the wishes of each (addition of a room, volume in a different direction). Then the design office and its team of designers will, according to the data provided by the sales representatives, “rework the distribution plan while paying attention to the functionality of the house, to the necessary technique, to be as close as possible to the customer needs and desires.”


The different house construction plans: rectangle, L-shaped, U-shaped, two-storey…

When you want to build a house in accordance with standards and in perfect harmony with its environment, the construction plan is essential. For this, the architect will help you decide on the different rooms, their layout, the area of ​​each space, the shape of the house, the materials needed... And you will be able to choose between different types of construction plans, whose benefits Caroline Cantaloube explains to us. 


The “rectangle” house construction plan 

“It's the simplest house, the easiest plan to make. It is also the least expensive project because there is no wall hanging and the roof is in one piece. In terms of price, starting on a rectangle is ideal for a moderate budget. And if you can, it's best to make slight shifts to clearly distinguish the day part from the night part. This energizes the facade a bit.”


The L-shaped house plan 

“It's a very popular model. In terms of benefits, there is a day part that is quite distinct from the night part. Which means that when we watch television or have dinner, we are quiet, we do not disturb the little one who is doing his homework or the one who wants to sleep and who has staggered schedules. This plan makes it possible to set up well-defined spaces.

The L-shaped house may seem small in terms surface, wrongly. Because from the outside as inside, it is a “posh” house.


The U-shaped house plan 

“It's a plan that appeals to those who want to have a living room in the central part of the house then, on one side a part reserved for children and on the other, a part reserved for parents. Here we have a partition of the house into 3 pieces of life in the same place.”


The “two-storey” house construction plan 

“It's often a choice for a larger budget. Aesthetics then come into play enormously. In the South West, customers really like the tower effect in the middle of the house, centered or not, which leads upstairs with one or two bedrooms. Whether in town or in the countryside, there is immediate visual appeal from home. In terms technical, there are more things to manage, in terms of floor spans, stair position (which we place first on the plan because it is the core of the house, aesthetically and technically) . This house is also more complex in terms of drawing."

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