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How to light up the garden of the new house

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Securing, decorating or enjoying your garden in the evening, lighting the garden contributes to well-being in the house. To obtain an optimal result, when you build your house, it is better to think about it from the design of the plans. Lighting is a very important element for the well-being of the inhabitants, indoors and outdoors. Maisons Sic, builder of individual houses in the South-West, gives you some advice to enhance your exteriors with well-thought-out lighting.

Bollards and beacons are placed in staggered rows along the paths or in the center of the beds to be enhanced.

Lighting the garden of my new house: What are the main areas?

What lighting for the terrace in a new house?

Living in a house in the South West rhymes with long summer evenings outdoors.

On terrace, good lighting is essential. It is he who will contribute to the friendly atmosphere of the place. Because the terrace is designed as a dining room. THE fixtures installed must provide a brightness strong and homogeneous enough to offer good visibility and also be soft enough to enhance the space. We therefore prefer a indirect light like wall lights.

Around the table, you can opt for dedicated and more intimate solutions such as a luminous parasol or an table lamps in the center of the table. A Street lamp whose location will be carefully chosen also offers all the necessary comfort.
As for the interior of the house, it is the multiplication of light sources which creates the atmosphere. Recessed spotlights in the wooden terrace, Led lamps offering changing colors, there are many solutions today to enhance your exteriors.
For small outdoor lounge, dim lighting, will enter the trend bucolic decoration very popular now.

The pergola, a space to illuminate

Real extra parts, the pergola and covered terrace allow all installations. The structure will gladly accommodate ceiling light, suspension, spots et outdoor light garlands, for an enveloping and warm light around the garden table.

Why light up the front door of your new house

The front door lighting is probably the most important. it's not just about welcoming your guests, but above all about being able to close and open the door without fumbling around in the dark. The location of one or two appliques illuminating the threshold will thus be provided by your individual house builder. Lighting may be subject to a presence detector for greater comfort.

Lighting, inseparable from the swimming pool

In the water, embedded in the terrace or around the swimming pools,pool lighting promises to extend bath time. It's also a way to enhance your home and add more charm to your garden.

In the garden, light reassures and sculpts the space

Lighting to secure access and be reassured

One of the first function of thegarden lighting is to see where we are walking. Secondary or main, the aisles are adorned with lights to mark the way. From the gate to the front door, light sources illuminate the entire path. It is possible torecessed spotlights about garden paths, whether in wood, as in hard driveways, in tiles, stones or cobblestones for discreet and elegant floor lighting. Available in a variety of shapes, from the most classic to the most contemporary, the bollard lights arranged on either side of the driveway secure the surroundings of the house. Exterior lighting will also be required in a exterior staircase. Recessed spotlights, led tape on the risers, applied to an adjoining wall, flush with the stairs. The solutions are numerous and also make it possible to enhance this element ofarchitecture.

Lighting to beautify your new home

Light up the facade of your house

Why not showcase your home as part of your city's heritage. The light reveals the reassuring presence of the house and provides indirect lighting to the garden. Wall positioned on the wall, spots et projectors, installed at the foot of facade, high angle or low angle lighting, it all depends on the desired effect. Projectors at wide beam for a plain facade or narrow beam spotlights for a spot lighting and contrasting, the objective is to accentuate certain elements and create play of shadows and lights and above all of highlight the architecture of your new house.

Lighting to stage nature

The idea here is to create a night landscape. Purely decorative, this lighting takes advantage of your plantations to reveal them in a different light.
The lawn is adorned with a grazing light which delimits the space and underlines the brown grass. Clumps, trees and shrubs serve as supports for plays of light and shadow. Spotlights and projectors here again are skilfully placed and oriented according to the desired effect: Reveal vaporous silhouettes by placing the lighting behind, highlight dense foliage with lighting from a low angle or put a spotlight that illuminates the whole of the antlers, anything is possible.

The lighting of the path and the trees creates a magical picture for the inhabitants of the house.

Provide power supply for outdoor lighting

THEpower supply garden lighting is the most reliable way to always have light. However, this requires good design of your garden and the various spaces upstream, as explained this article from Sic houses on landscaping the garden. Small living room, aisles, children's area or technical areas, each space has its own constraints and requires a suitable lighting. Identifying the areas of your garden will allow the builder of your detached house to design theElectrical Installation in anticipation of future landscaping.
You can design your own exterior lighting, but it is still better to call a professional. A landscape will be able to advise you best on thegarden layout and highlighted. The electrician will know how to install the electrical installation in a safe manner. It must be protected from moisture and meet strict rules. THE cable will be buried in trenches deep enough not to risk being damaged during subsequent work.

Switch to solar lighting

Tag, wall lamp, spotlights, garlands, garden lighting goes indoorssolar energy. There are many advantages, the first of which is not having to pass wires that freeze the future layout of the garden. Nomads, the solar solutions are planted wherever you want, for maximum freedom. THE energy savings are the other strong point of these solutions which today have greatly gained in autonomy. Some equipped with a battery, they know how to shine all night long. On the other hand, their intensity is sometimes considered insufficient.


Home automation and automation in the garden

Control all the garden lights, their brightness, their color, at a fixed point in the house, thanks to a remote control or on your mobile phone, this is what the automation. It is also possible to plan life scenarios with a ignition programming like turning off the lights. A solution that is no longer a luxury at a time when gardens are adorned withincreasingly connected objects.
Automatisms guarantee energy savings. The motion detector will be particularly appreciated outdoors and will allow you to benefit from light when you need it. Equipment to be combined or integrated with the lighting of the driveway as well as at the entrance to the garage or the house.


As part of the construction of your home, the decoration teams at Maisons SIC are there to advise you on your choice of lighting fixtures. Do not hesitate to contact us :



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