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Which staircase for my two-story house plan?

the plan of the two-story house is designed around the right staircase.

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Which staircase for my R+1 house?

In a two-story house plan, the positioning of the staircase is decisive. Formerly placed in the hallways of the house, today they are the center of the house. Valued, they become a decorative element, bringing style, volume and depth to homes. Rustic, industrial, raw, how to choose them and where to place them so that they contribute to the general charm of the home.

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Two-story house plan: how to place the staircase?

In a two-story house, thestair location must be carefully studied to provide smooth circulation. Its positioning is based both on the layout of the rooms on the ground floor and the first floor. The ideal is for it to reach a central position, on a landing, a corridor or a mezzanine, serving the entire floor plan, generally 1 to 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.

3 advantages of stairs in the living room

- Space saving : integrating the staircase into the living room can save space elsewhere, by avoiding dedicating an entire room for the staircase.
- Accessibilityé: When the living room is the heart of the house, placing the staircase in the living room can improve accessibility between the different levels of the house. This can make circulation between floors more fluid and natural.
- Aesthetic : Like the kitchens, the staircases open up and contribute to the general atmosphere of the living rooms. Creating a focal point in the living room, they add character and elegance to the space. The idea is also to play with volumes by benefiting from a living room with cathedral ceiling and mezzanine.

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An example of a space-saving wooden staircase in a new house
In the plan of the two-story house, this beautiful space-saving wooden staircase, in the center of a Maison Sic in the South-West, limits noise pollution in the living room and beautifies the entrance.

Two-story house plan: why place the stairs in the entrance?

- Access facility : having the staircase near the entrance facilitates access to the different levels of the house, which is convenient for residents and guests.
- Noise : placing the staircase in the entrance limits the noise and incessant comings and goings between the upper floor and the ground floor and preserves the tranquility of the living room. The site defines the building rules for silent wooden stairs.
- Fluid circulation : The staircase in the entrance can provide better circulation between the different levels of the house, allowing a more functional layout of the space.

What is the minimum size for a staircase in a new house?

On a two-story house plan, defining the size of the staircase also responds to comfort and security inhabitants. Of the standards thus regulate the dimensions of the different elements:
- Inclination of the staircase: it must be between 20° and 45°. In fact, the steeper the slope, the less space it takes up. On the other hand, a longer staircase is also more comfortable with deeper steps and lower heights.
- Step height: traditionally, it is estimated that a step height comfortable is between 16 and 21 cm, but it can reach 23 cm on a spiral staircase.
- Tread or depth of step: must be at least 19 cm in individual house.
- Passage width: la width of a comfortable staircase is generally 90 cm, but can start at 70 cm in individual house.

How to choose the style of staircase?

Two-story house plan: what are the advantages and disadvantages of the straight staircase?

Simple and elegant, the straight staircase is generally the most economical. Its installation and design are in fact simplified since it does not involve any change of direction. Most often leaning against a wall, it can take place in a hallway or become the center of attention with design variants. A straight staircase requires a lot of place on the ground (approximately 3,40 m), and also on the ceiling, at the level of the hopper (allow 3 meters upstairs).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the spiral staircase?

THEwinding staircase requires less wall length to install but a little more width on the ground. The most common is the 1/4 rotating whose L shape allows it to fit into the corner of a room.
On a two-story house plan, the half-turn staircase requires a square-shaped hopper on the upper floor of a minimum side of 1,70 meters. It is ideal in the background of a couloir.

The design of the two-story house plan begins with the installation of the staircase.
Beyond the design, the inclination and size of the staircase affect comfort and safety. Image by LEEROY Agency from Pixabay.

The advantages and disadvantages of the spiral staircase?

Turning on itself, this staircase frees up space and walls, but takes up a little more space on the floor. Freestanding, it fits easily into the house, in the center of a room or in a corner. Elegant and slender, it is however less suitable for carrying bulky loads when moving. At least its floor dimensions as in hopper are a circle with a diameter of 160 cm.

What material to choose for the staircase?

Two-story house plan: the simplicity of the wooden staircase

Preferred materialINTERior fitting, wood is perfectly suited to manufacturing of stairs. Can be painted, stained or left natural, and easy to work with, it meets all two story house styles and allows for all daring. Furthermore, wood goes wonderfully with other materials such as glass, metal or concrete for elegant bimaterial staircases.

The design of stepped steel

Un modern material and robust. Steel is often used for contemporary staircase structures. It can be combined with other materials such as glass or wood for a more aesthetic appearance.

A glass staircase for transparency

Used for steps and railings, glass offers an elegant and modern design. It offers a feeling of openness and brightness in the space, but requires regular cleaning to avoid fingerprints and scratches.

A masonry staircase for a raw aesthetic

The concrete stairs offer a contemporary appearance. Durable and resistant, they can be cast on site or prefabricated.


Stair railings: focus on design

Ramps and guardrails guarantee the safety of the staircase. Most often made of wood, they help to maintain the handrail to guarantee the safety of residents young and old. The balustrade offers a shield against the void on the mezzanine. The other materials are not left out with proposals in glass so as not to break up the volumes or metal for an industrial appearance. We are seeing the development of other original proposals with full height and openwork railings for depth effects.

Two-story house plan: standard or custom staircases?

En new construction, it is always simpler to use a standard solution. Less expensive, these stairs can be personalized thanks to a wide variety of wood species, railings and guardrails, or by choosing or not openwork risers... However, even when you go through a builder's house, it is always possible to go further in personalization and originality by opting for a design and custom manufacturing. This choice will allow you to meet all your specific needs in terms of design, layout or storage, however it will have an impact on the house construction cost.

A beautiful staircase offers a contemporary look to modern homes.
Very stylish, the spiral staircase takes up little space on the ground. Image by will zhang from Pixabay.

Stairs: dare to use surprising shapes.

Stairs are reinventing themselves and the boundaries with designer furniture are blurring. In a minimalist style, they focus on the essential with steps that seem to float. We also find suspended stairs, whose structure instead of resting on the ground clings to the upper floor. Designed as an extension of the furniture, we encounter library stairs, others encompass the office or integrate into the kitchen furniture. The plan of the two-story house will thus be designed around this central element.




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