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Office extension: expand your home to work

office extension for teleworking

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An office extension is the ideal solution for peaceful teleworking. If working at home has its undeniable advantages, it cannot be improvised. Having a well-identified and arranged office space built to meet the needs of your freelance or teleworking activity offers real comfort and makes it easier to separate work from daily life.

Build a room dedicated to work

Teleworking does not necessarily mean reducing your living space. Creating additional space foroffice layout allows you to maintain accommodation solely dedicated to leisure and family life.

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Where to place the desktop extension?

The ideal for an extension of this type is that it is distributed from the entrance to the house, which prevents your visitors from entering the living space. Obviously, you can opt for the installation of an individual entrance which will allow multiple possibilities for future development: creation of a independent studio… The location overlooking the living room or in the sleeping area will depend on your habits and the people you are likely to receive. Moving closer to the living room allows you to more easily enjoy the living room and kitchen.

What equipment for my future office?

The priority obviously goes to IT and the internet connection. Have a wired network adapted to your needs with an Ethernet network cable and RJ45 sockets to connect your computers and other connected objects without necessarily using Wi-Fi. For the latter, a wifi repeater may be necessary if your new room is too far from the box.

An Ethernet socket must be installed in an office extension.
The Ethernet socket, to be installed for a desktop extension.

What surface area for a home office extension?

It all obviously depends on your needs. Do you receive people for consultations? Do you have collaborators? The minimum space for an office is the same as that of a bedroom, i.e. approximately 9 m2. This desk surface is ideal for installing a desk, shelves, or even a small sofa bed which will temporarily transform the room into a guest bedroom. If your budget and Local Urban Plan, PLU allows, it is better to count on a larger space which offers more possibilities subsequently: teleworking with several people, welcoming collaborators, transforming the space into a bedroom, an independent studio, etc. With this in mind, plan water inlets and evacuations would be a good thing to offer real independence to this extension.

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What material for my office extension?

The construction of a house extension may last for some time. A wooden extension helps reduce time and nuisance on site. In fact, the walls and roof are manufactured directly in the workshop for assembly in just a few days on site. The creation of this new space is thus carried out in record time.

house extension with office.
Building an office extension is ideal for working quietly while enjoying the comfort of your home. Matthew Henry.

What is the ideal orientation for an office?

Having good light to work is very important. L'South exposure is often seen as the most comfortable, because it allows you to benefit from the warmth of the sun in winter and benefit from abundant light all year round. However, beware of glare, overheating and reflections on the screen. A East exposure, North or West can thus avoid these inconveniences but increases the heating needs in this room where there is little movement. Suitable caps (small ledges above the windows) will prevent the sun from entering the house in the middle of summer. Good solar protection (shutters, blinds, pergolas) will allow you to maintain enough natural light without plunging yourself into darkness. Advantage to shutters, but also to adjustable sunshades or BSO which block the sun's rays in summer but let in light.

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