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House extension: expand without moving

A house extension offers additional square meters

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What if a house extension was the ideal solution? Do you love your house, its location, its layout, but you feel too cramped? Before moving, find out about the possibilities offered by your the land. An extension will allow you to change almost everything at a lower cost! In height or laterally, there are different solutions to enlarge your interior space.

In just a few months, your home has been completely transformed. More space, more light, more storage and smoother circulation throughout the home. In a context of increasing scarcity of land in the city center especially, expand your house is becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners looking to maximize living space without the hassle of moving. Several cities in South Westas an Toulouse, Bordeaux , Dax or The Buch test will also lack land to build as explained this article from CNews. Whether to respond to family growth, create a space of Work at home or simply add an extra touch of luxury, the extension offers a flexible and customizable solution.

The advantages of house extension

Win time

Find land in the South-West to build or find the house of your dreams, then move, is not easy and represents a lot of time, stress and paperwork of all kinds. Have a house extension built, thus saving valuable time.

House extension cheaper than moving

Expand your house is generally less expensive than moving to a larger house. In particular, we avoid notary fees and moving costs, but also all the time off taken to undertake all these long procedures.

House extension: making something new out of something old

Unlike thebuying a new house, the extension offers the possibility of designing a tailor-made space precisely meeting the needs and preferences of the family. It’s also an opportunity to vary the styles and give a crazy character to your old house.

framework v

Wooden frame extension for lateral expansion as well as for elevation reduces nuisance on site.
The wooden frame is a construction method particularly suited to a house extension

Profitable investment

A well-designed extension can add value to your property, providing a potentially lucrative long-term return on investment. Indeed, this expansion, built to current standards of the RE2020 will be energy efficient and will help you improve comfort in your current home.

Less stress

By staying in the same house, occupants avoid the anxieties and inconveniences associated with moving. They continue to enjoy their familiar environment, while arranging the house at their own pace.

Have a side extension built on the garden

A side house extension: additional tailor-made rooms

When'footprint of your house is lower than that defined by the PLU (Local Urban Plan), you can encroach on the garden to build additional space. This is obviously the simplest solution to earn an extra coin. Treat yourself to a parental suite independent, create a new, brighter kitchen to enlarge the living room, benefit from an office, a workshop or a music studio isolated from the original house, create an independent apartment..., everything can be imagined in this new space which will be designed specifically for you and can even be considered on several floors.

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Limited nuisance

La construction of the extension is very close to that of a new construction, except that it will be connected to your current house. Drilling into the wall, electrical connections and even plumbing connections... the work on the existing premises will be limited and will generally allow residents to stay in their original home for the duration of the work. This extension can be made of brick or wood. L'wooden extension is very advantageous on an occupied site, since apart from the foundations, the elements (walls, roof, frame, etc.) are premanufactured in the workshop and assembled on site in just a few days. This results in less nuisance for the occupants and the neighborhood.

the location of the staircase is essential in an elevation
Raising your house by one floor allows you to create a sleeping area and structure your house.

High house extension: elevation

Attic conversion

If your attic is spacious enough and has a traditional frame, it is possible to transform them at lower cost. In fact, this will only require secondary work: electricity, insulation, plastering, floor covering. If they are too low, or occupied by farms, it will probably be necessary to raise the house.

Raising the house: what work?

If thefootprint does not allow lateral extension, a height extension can be considered. Very common on small urban lots, this practice involves the addition of a new floor or converting the attic into habitable space. A elevation site can be a more complex operation depending on what the foundations of the initial house can support. However, it is a great way to gain additional bedrooms and reserve the ground floor for reception space.
Generally, this involves removing the roof of the house, laying a real floor before building the walls and partitions of this new floor, then installing the new roof once the work is completed.

What are the costs of raising your house?

Le cost of elevation is comparable to that of a new construction, but structural constraints can increase the bill. In fact, work of reinforcement of the foundations and load-bearing walls can represent a significant part of the budget. However, this elevation can be decided while a renovation of the roof or its insulation are on the agenda. The cost of the elevation will therefore be less significant. Here again, a wooden frame elevation will have certain advantages. Lightweight and prefabricated in the workshop, it reduces site intervention costs and offers on-site solutions. difficult terrain or not very accessible.


Determine the location of the staircase

Facilitating access to the different rooms of the house, thestair location is determined carefully. It will occupy a space of approximately 4 m2 per floor and will often merit reviewing the layout of the lower space. It is also an opportunity to treat yourself to new arrangements and to structure the space with a designer staircase.

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Which professionals for my house extension?

Hire qualified professionals to design and plan your extension. Good design is essential to maximize space and ensure aesthetic consistency with the existing home. A home builder undertakes to maintain the budget defined with you and benefits from all the necessary insurance for a construction site in the best possible conditions. Preferably choose a builder specializing in wood construction that in masonry like Sic houses. This dual mastery allows it to adapt to all field and project constraints.


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