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Building your house in Gironde, the Eldorado of the South-West

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Building a house in Gironde is now a dream for many inhabitants of the department, but also for many French people. What price? What ground? In which sector? What type of houses? We take stock of this very contrasting sector.


Between ocean, vineyards, forests and countryside, the Gironde offers an ideal living environment for many French people who dream of living there. Especially since between the Bordeaux metropolis and the many human-sized towns that litter the territory, economic and cultural dynamism is never far away.

Dance what contexts, build your house in Gironde always remains possible. “We count nearly 6000 building permits filed each year. Another proof that the market is doing well, nearly 200 individual home builders are present in the department", explains Ian Munoz, Commercial Director of the Gironde department at the single-family home builder Sic houses.

Building your house in Gironde 6 zones
Map of the different territories to build your house in Gironde

The Gironde, a varied territory

The Gironde is made up of 6 sectors. To the north, the Blaye, one of the most affordable areas of Gironde, mainly interests budget and First-time buyers. The East sector, or Libourne, rather agricultural and viticultural in origin, is today in full evolution, because it is increasingly annexed by the Bordelais. THE Medoc is quite popular with newcomers, often second-time buyers, who come to get closer to the ocean and the estuary and enjoy the vines. Then the South Gironde is a more eclectic sector since we find both a public with high means which is concentrated around Biscarrosse and Arcachon bay while the smaller budgets tend to target the southern part of the sector. The last two territories being made up of the Bordeaux metropolis, still very dynamic and popular with both newcomers and natives of the region, and finally, the Arcachon bay where tariffs reserve construction for a relatively well-to-do public.

A new clientele for the construction of houses in Gironde

The Bordeaux conurbation is home to nearly 15 new inhabitants every year. This new population, often wealthy, is notably made up of former Parisians who wish to build. They have often made a nice capital gain on their first purchase and today wish to benefit from this, from a better living environment. We also note the arrival in the department of former inhabitants of the Southeast. " Tired of the growing population, but above all the suffocating heat of their region of origin, people from Cannes and Nice are moving to our region where they can continue to enjoy the sea, but in a milder climate. “, remarks the manager of Sic houses.

What price to build a house in Gironde?

Doubtless with the arrival of this new clientele, the houses built today offer ever higher services. THE average price of single-family house construction has thus increased, reaching today 180 euros including tax excluding land, explains Ian Munoz. " This high price is also due to the particularity of our range composed of rather medium / high-end residences “, he specifies. From one construction to another, prices vary greatly. It all depends on the price and size of the land, the surface of the house, and the services chosen.

The arcachon basin a magnificent landscape to build
The Arcachon basin, a popular territory where land is scarce


Building a house in the Gironde: land for all budgets

Finding land in Gironde today is not easy, due to the very high demand. “It is quite exceptional in the Southwest to have such a disparity in a single territory remarks Ian Munoz. THE average price of building land is around 150 euros, but the territory is not homogeneous. Thus, we find land at 000 euros in the Nord Blayais when they reach up to 15 euros for the same surface on the Arcachon bay. " Today, first-time buyers spend between 40 and 000 euros for their land ».

The departmental average of plots of land to be built is about 650 m2. The size of the pitches has also evolved and the surfaces are getting smaller and smaller.

What architecture and what surface?

Build better but smaller

Backed by ever more expensive land, first-time buyers have not given up on build. On the other hand, they reduced the surfaces of their accommodations.

“Today it is more natural for them to build 80 to 90 m2 . Formerly they asked rather 110 or 120 m2 “, explains the manager of Sic houses.

However, the architecture is often dictated by the size of the land and the client's portfolio. Small plots, especially in cities, favor houses in R + 1 classic and compact shape. But the L-shaped houses are also favored by locals. On larger lots, the volumes are more complex. Single-storey houses are increasingly attractive and remain popular with retirees.

Various styles

build your house in Gironde
In Gironde, single-family homes dot the landscape

Little unity however on this territory where all the styles develop. The traditional brick house thus remains preponderant in the landscape of Gironde construction. There wooden house has however many followers and so many to establish themselves permanently in the landscape.

« The style specific to the Gironde is aged tiles and a stone coating. It is then up to the manufacturer to offer different rhythms and textures, and to find solutions for interior lighting”.

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