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Building on the Bassin d'Arcachon

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Is it still possible to build on the Bassin d'Arcachon? Lege-Cap Ferret, Arcachon, Buch's test, Gujan Mestras, Andernos-les-Bains, Ares, lanton, Audenge, Biganos, 10 municipalities border the Arcachon bay. This charming territory bringing together the city, the beach and the forest just an hour from Bordeaux en Gironde always attracts more people. Many natives and newcomers from all over France dream of a new house in this little paradise. What budget should you plan? How find land? What are the land prices and buildings on the Arcachon bay ? Sic houses, single-family home builder traditional and wooden houses gives you the leads to start your project.

Why does the Basin attract new inhabitants?

A nature that does not lack assets

The tranquility of the lakes and the Bassin, the wildness of the ocean, all surrounded by pine forests, the Arcachon bay offers a peaceful living environment that appeals to everyone. All nautical activities can be practiced.

Cycle paths for soft mobility

While cities are expanding more and more, making the car indispensable, municipalities are trying to promote soft mobility. A good idea on this territory where the flatness of the reliefs makes it possible to consider long bike rides in the forest or along the ocean.

A marked traditional architecture

Arcachonnaise houses are recognizable at first glance with their high peaks and their arched trusses. Of the winter town à Arcachon au Pyla-sur-Mer, the large bourgeois houses of the Belle Epoque with their timeless charm and contemporary houses coexist harmoniously in a grandiose nature.

Abundant infrastructure

What especially appeals to newcomers is the effort that has been made to create a pleasant place to live. School, hospitals, doctors, infrastructure, nothing is missing. Far from medical deserts, the Arcachon bay sought to bring doctors to its territory. Schools have also been built and rebuilt over the past ten years. As for theemployment, it is doing well and the region benefits from a strong economic dynamism.

Maintain local businesses

If here as elsewhere the commercial areas are multiplying giving access to the largest brands, in the commercial areas of Buch's test or Biganos, city centers have sought to preserve the local shops. Bakery, butcher and traditional markets continue to punctuate the life of the inhabitants.

A well-served area

La high speed line between Paris and Bordeaux (LGV) has significantly reduced travel times, putting Arcachon à 2h30 from Paris. The proximity with Bordeaux (one hour by train or by car), is also an undeniable asset. An ideal territory for teleworking and where you can stay connected to family and friends.

What population in the Bassin d'Arcachon?

Since 2006, the Arcachon bay continues to welcome newcomers as explained this article from TVBA. And the trend has strengthened very strongly since the Covid crisis, the arrival of LGV and the generalization of teleworking. today, alongside an elderly and wealthy population, we also see younger profiles and families looking for a better quality of life. They are usually older people with the means. Parisians? yes but not only. " Today, we also see the arrival of former inhabitants of the Southeast, tired of the high Mediterranean temperatures and overpopulation, in search of a milder climate. says Ian Munoz, Commercial Director of the department Gironde at the single-family home builder Sic houses. .

Land prices in the Arcachon basin

A very tight real estate market

All goods go fast on the Arcachon bay and a the land at the right price sells out in less than a week and you have to know how to make up your mind very quickly. The supply is low for both purchase and rental, and the lands are becoming rare, because the opportunities to make operations immobilières are watched by investors. " The market for new construction is doing well. The price of renovating a house is such that many opt for the deconstruction reconstruction. New lots are being created as buyers look for houses to demolish on old large lots. Thanks to the plot division, they then build, according to the PLU, one or two houses above “says Ian Munoz.

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What are the most expensive areas to build on the basin

Price construction of a villa in Arcachon

Unsurprisingly, it is very difficult to find land in the city ofArcachon and you have to be able to pay for it. THE average land price trades on average at €1393/m2 in 2022. The whole city is expensive but there are disparities. The view and location will play a big role in the price of land. These are the neighborhoods of Mouleau, Abbatilles, winter town ou Pereires which are the most popular. There autumn city or the neighborhoodSting, very alive still offer prices a little more affordable.

Land prices New house builder in La Teste de Buch

The Testerine population is younger and more dynamic than that ofArcachon and the prices of land per m2 are more affordable: €509 on average. There Buch test is the largest municipality in France, extending between the ocean, the Bassin and the lake of Cazaux. Land prices vary greatly from one neighborhood to another. Overlooking the Atlantic facade, the district of Pyla s/sea very popular with holidaymakers and equipped with beautiful villas is obviously the most sought after, like the neighborhoods closest to the port. THE downtown is also part of the expensive areas of the Basin and the lands are rare. Neighborhoods further from the city centre, the ocean and the Bassin, such as the Miquelots, are more affordable. On the lake, the pleasant town of Cazaux still allows you to build a new house on the Arcachon basin.

Price of the land of contemporary house in Lège-Cap-Ferret

Far from the bustle of summer, the town of Lege-Cap Ferret finds its calm and its sweetness of life shared between basin and Ocean. With a average land price At 723€, the peninsula does not only attract tourists and the population continues to climb.

New construction. At the heart of the Bassin d'Arcachon offers an admirable living environment.

Have it built in Andernos-les-Bains or Arès

A large jetty, a traditional oyster port, a downtown dynamic, its view of the Bassin d'Arcachon and its proximity to Bordeaux offer to the city ofAndernos an ideal environment for build your house. the land prices is also felt since it is around 955 €/m2 according to the notary statistics. Just as pretty but wilder, the city ofAres will display land at an average value of €500/m2.

What are the cheapest areas to build on the basin

The cities farthest from the ocean frontage are the most affordable on the Arcachon bay. They are however the most representative of this territory, with a maritime life turned 100% on the Arcachon bay. the small oyster ports are the pride of these coastal towns where life is good. Biganos which brings together industries and businesses offers great economic dynamism and land that averages around 280€/m2. The city of Gujan Mestras (410€/m2) appeals for its local life centered around its 7 oyster ports. THE pond (410€/m2) is a booming city where nature remains predominant. The cities of lanton (350€/m2) and Audenge (270/m2) remain municipalities focused on local life where it is still possible to find some opportunities.
With such prices, the natives of the region no longer hesitate to move inland. Several surrounding towns are doing well in the game, such as Marketprime (280 €/m2) or Mios (200 €/m2). A little more in the land, they also offer a more natural side.

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Find land in the Arcachon basin

For an individual, find land on the Bassin d'Arcachon turns out to be complicated. Lots sell out very quickly and it is often difficult to understand the regulations that govern the building surfaces associated with each lot. " Land is not uncommon. Our sellers are always looking for the ideal land for our future clients. Our strength is to be well established in the sector that we know well “, explains Ian Munoz. Thus, even if the market seems tense, the sales representatives of the builder Sic houses will be keen to find land that may fit your budget.

Example of a new brick house in the Arcachonnais style. Realization of Sic houses.

What constructions on the Arcachon basin

Le Arcachon bay is known for its sumptuous villas with an instantly recognizable style. Next door, the rustic wooden huts covered with wood siding pine trees in oyster ports are also attractive for their simplicity and charm. The Landes and Basque influences are also felt there. Specialists in wood frame house and brick houses, builder Sic houses provides new houses who respect thelocal architecture and blend into the territory and surrounding landscapes. Her range of wooden houses thus adapts to the different PLU, and is inspired by the oyster huts that charm vacationers. The houses can also use the architectural codes of the Basin: high finials, roofs with wide overhangs, exposed brickwork around the windows, arched trusses exposed wood etc... There is also nothing to prevent you from preferring contemporary architecture and taking advantage of all the advantages of modern buildings with flat roofs, round shapes or large bay windows.


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