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Roof window: place it well and choose it well

how to choose your roof window?

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Have you decided to build your own house and are you wondering how to optimize the space, light and comfort of your future home? Have you thought about the roof window? This opening located on the slope of the roof offers numerous advantages, both aesthetically and energetically. But what are the standards to respect? How to choose your window and how to install it? Maisons SIC, builder of individual houses for over 50 years, supports you in your project from A to Z and offers you tailor-made solutions for your roof windows.


The 10 advantages of installing a roof window on your new house

Roof windows are increasingly popular among owners of new homes. And for good reason, they have many advantages which improve quality of life and housing value.

velux roof window

Here are the 10 main benefits of installing a roof window on your new house:

  • They increase the natural light in rooms under the attic, which reduces electricity consumption and promotes well-being.
  • They allow better ventilation and thermal regulation, which helps to maintain a pleasant temperature and avoid humidity problems.
  • They offer a clear view of the sky and the landscape, which creates a feeling of space and freedom.
  • They bring a touch of originality and modernity to your home, which makes it more attractive and enhances its character.
  • They are easy to install and maintain, thanks to installation systems and materials adapted to sloping roofs.
  • They are available in different models, dimensions, shapes, colors and finishes, ce which allows them to be personalized according to the needs and tastes of each person.
  • They can be equipped with safety and comfort devices, such as insulating glazing, blackout blinds, burglar-proof locks, rain detectors, etc.
  • They are compatible with environmental standards and energy performance labels, which guarantee their quality and durability.
  • They are eligible for financial aid, such as the tax credit, the zero-rate eco-loan, the energy bonus, etc.
  • They are accompanied by guarantees and after-sales services, provided by manufacturers and professional installers.


Roof windows, an ecological and economical solution for your new home

One of the multiple advantages of the roof window is its economical and ecological side.

In fact, roof windows make it possible to reduce the energy consumption of your new home, by promoting the entry of natural light and limiting heat loss. This way, you reduce your electricity and heating bills, while respecting the environment.

Urban artist roof windows are designed with materials such as wood, PVC or aluminum, which are recyclable and durable. They are also equipped with low-e glazing, which reflect the sun's rays and prevent overheating in summer.

roof windows help improve indoor air quality, ensuring good ventilation and preventing the risk of mold and allergies. Thanks to roof windows, you enjoy a healthy and comfortable living environment, while doing something for the planet.

To benefit from all these advantages, it is important to choose the right roof window for your new home, taking into account several criteria, such as size, shape, color, finish, type of opening, control method, etc.

There is on the market a wide variety of roof window models, which meet all needs and all budgets. Among the best-known brands, we can cite Velux, Roto, fakro ou Lapeyre, which offer quality, innovative and efficient products.


Roof windows: what standards must be respected for new construction?

roof window standards

Roof windows provide natural light and ventilation to any new construction. Their installation is subject to strict legal obligations. These legal obligations ensure compliance with safety and energy efficiency standards.

SIC houses integrates these obligations when constructing individual houses. The company ensures that roof windows meet all current legal standards. This encompasses the size, position and materials used. Maisons SIC carries out a detailed assessment to meet all legal requirements.


Among the standards to take into account for roof windows :

  • Roof windows must be fitted with movable occlusives which can be used to limit the reflection or heat of the sun's rays.
  • The solar factor (g) of the glazing must be greater than 15% in residential premises…
  • They must be fitted with insulating glazing, double or triple glazing.


Window dimensions must correspond to the area of ​​the room, in accordance with the regulations. Maisons SIC precisely determines these dimensions to maximize natural lighting.

The legislation requires the use of certified materials for effective thermal and acoustic insulation. Maisons SIC selects certified materials to build its roof windows. This choice guarantees the comfort of the inhabitants of the house.

The installation of windows must be carried out by approved installers. Maisons SIC employs approved professionals for installation that complies with safety standards.

Maisons SIC incorporates all legal obligations regarding roof windows. From design to assembly, the company carefully complies with each legal directive. This rigor guarantees the excellence and sustainability of its works.


House construction: where to place your roof window?

attic roof window

The optimal location of a roof window must be considered carefully. It depends on the architecture and the slope of the roof. For a slightly sloping roof, it is advisable to mount the window high. This way, we avoid visual obstacles and enjoy the view.

For aesthetic and practical integration, it is important to consider the installation height. On a low-slope roof, the window must be placed high enough to see outside. The general rule suggests a space of at least 90 cm between the floor and the window.

The orientation of the windows influences the brightness and natural heating. It is recommended to place the windows on each slope of the roof. This ensures optimal sunshine, especially in winter.

Harmony with the external environment must also be taken into account. It is necessary to ensure that the view is not obstructed by neighboring buildings. Well-positioned windows offer a pleasant panorama and maximum brightness.

For a distinctive touch, it is possible to juxtapose several windows. This creates a “canopy” effect, increasing the vibrancy and character of the interior. The glazed surface must represent at least 15% of the surface area of ​​the room.


SIC houses supports you in these choices. Our company advises and uses the best professionals to install your roof window. So, the construction of your new house will benefit from impeccable installation that complies with standards.


What are the different roof window models for your individual home?

fixed roof window

Fixed roof window on Model Pyrénées 02 120 m2 


Roof window models are varied and adapt to different needs. Choosing the right model is essential for the comfort of a home.

Fixed roof windows are ideal for rooms where openings are not required. They provide brightness without changing the ambient air.

Windows with rotation opening facilitate ventilation. They pivot around a central axis. This is practical for low-slope roofs.

Projection opening windows open outwards. They allow a clear view and are suitable for steeply sloped roofs.

Side opening is an unusual but practical option. It is similar to traditional windows. This model is appreciated for its easy access.

Balcony roof windows transform the roof into an outdoor space. When they open, they form a small balcony, offering a wider opening.

Manual windows are economical and easy to use. They are suitable for accessible roofs.

Motorized windows provide additional comfort. They are ideal for high or difficult to access roofs. With a remote control, they open and close easily.

Outdoor blinds protect from heat and intense light. They are installed outside the window. Interior blinds provide privacy and light control. They also decorate the interior of the house. Roller shutters provide additional insulation. They secure the window and protect against bad weather.


What are the ideal dimensions for your roof window?

The ideal size of a roof window depends on several factors. The basic rule is that the glazed area should represent approximately 15% of the living area of ​​the room. Thus, for a room of 20m², a window of 3m² is recommended for optimal natural lighting.

The height of the ceiling also plays a role. For high ceilings, a larger window will maximize light.

The pitch of the roof also affects the size. A gently sloping roof will require a larger window for a clear view and better ventilation.

Maintaining the cleanliness and efficiency of your period swimwear is essential. Whether you choose to respect the minimum dimensions for safety and comfort. The bottom of the window must be at least 90 cm from the ground, and the top 1,9 m. These measures ensure a pleasant exterior view and increased safety.

Choosing the right size therefore requires considering the space, height, and angle of the roof. SIC houses can help you determine the ideal size for your roof window, in order to combine aesthetics and functionality.


Roof window: 5 questions to ask yourself to choose the right one

Choosing a roof window requires thought.

Here are five essential questions to ask yourself:

  1. What size for my roof window? The dimension must correspond to 15% of the habitable surface area of ​​the room.
  2. What type of opening should you prefer? Manual, motorized, by rotation or projection, depending on access and use.
  3. What is the ideal roof angle? This influences the type and size of the window.
  4. Which glazing to choose? Double or triple for better insulation.
  5. What accessories are needed? Blinds, roller shutters to control light and temperature.

These questions are crucial for a choice adapted to your comfort and your home.

And remember that for any new house construction project, Maisons SIC is there to help you. Contact us!


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