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CCMI guarantees: how Maisons SIC protects you?

manufacturer's warranties in France

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Buying a home is often the investment of a lifetime. But such a real estate project is never without risks. It is essential to protect yourself against possible risks that may arise before, during the work and after delivery of the goods. This is where the guarantees offered by the CCMI (Individual House Construction Contract), offering valuable security to future owners.

Discover the insurance and the advantages that these guarantees bring, thus offering peace of mind when building a house by Maisons SIC.


What are the different CCMI guarantees in France?

What are the main manufacturer's guarantees?

There are a multitude of contracts for the construction of an individual house, however, only one is governed by a law of public order, offering technical and financial guarantees: it is the contract for the construction of an individual house (CCMI).

It is only a builder of individual houses, like SIC houses, which can offer you the opportunity to conclude a contract for the construction of a detached house. And thus offer you certain guarantees.

Manufacturer's warranties in France offer extensive protection to home buyers. Each warranty covers specific items, thus guaranteeing the financial and structural solidity of the work. These measures help to establish increased trust between buyers and builders, thus facilitating the property acquisition process.


Biennial/proper functioning guarantee

Valid for two years after receipt of the work, this guarantee requires the manufacturer to repair (or replace) defects and poor workmanship affecting the separable elements of the work, such as the equipment (hot water tank…).

Also called guarantee of proper functioning, it can be extended beyond two years if the contract so specifies.





Ten-year guarantee

Mandatory in France, this guarantee covers damage compromising the solidity of the construction or making it uninhabitable for a period of ten years after receipt of the work.

This warranty provides coverage for 10 years for problems affecting the building or one of its constituent elements which render it unfit for its intended use, including those resulting from a soil defect.

The warranty period begins from the date of receipt of the construction by the project owner, i.e. the client.


Building damage insurance

This insurance is subscribed by the project owner (often the builder) and aims to accelerate compensation for damage covered by the ten-year guarantee. It avoids delays linked to the responsibilities of construction companies.

The work damage guarantee is essential and must be subscribed before the start of the work.

Just like the ten-year guarantee, it protects for 10 years, in the event of problems that could affect the solidity of the construction.

This insurance provides financing for repair work possible damage, without having to wait to determine liability (manufacturer or companies).


Deposit Refund Guarantee

In the event that a deposit is paid before the start of work, the manufacturer provides a deposit refund guarantee certificate. The refund is made as soon as one of the suspensive conditions is not met within the allotted time or if the project owner, in other words the client, withdraws within ten days

This guarantee allows the purchaser, in the event of manufacturer failure, to recover the amounts paid if the contract is canceled before the work begins.


Guaranteed delivery at the agreed price and time

In the event of default by the builder, clients are assured that the house will be completed in accordance with the terms of the contract, maintaining the price and deadlines initially set by the initial contract.

The delivery guarantee ceases to apply once all reservations made upon receipt have been lifted.

Guarantee of perfect completion

La Guarantee of Perfect Completion (GPA) covers possible lack of conformity noted after receipt of the work and during the following year; And ensures their repair within one year following delivery.

This guarantee can be activated in two situations:

  • If any apparent disorders have been reported upon receipt of the house and recorded as reservations in the minutes.
  • If disorders are noticed during the first year following reception of the house and reported to the builder by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

In these cases, a timetable for carrying out the corrective work is established in consultation with the manufacturer.


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What items are covered by each warranty?

manufacturer's warranties in France

  • The service and price guarantee covers contractual services and any additional costs.
  • The deposit refund guarantee concerns amounts paid in the event of cancellation before the work.
  • The ten-year guarantee covers damage affecting solidity or habitability for ten years.
  • Structural damage insurance accelerates compensation for ten-year damage.
  • The delivery guarantee guarantees deadlines and prices in the event of manufacturer failure.
  • The perfect completion guarantee repairs defects noted within one year following delivery.
  • The two-year guarantee ensures repair of defects affecting separable elements over the two years following receipt.


Manufacturer guarantees: How Maisons SIC can help you?

house construction site builder guarantees

With over 50 years of experience, SIC houses can offer buyers in-depth expertise in manufacturer warranties. Our teams can advise you on the different guarantees available and ensure that your investment is protected for years to come.


The importance of the CCMI for the proper application of manufacturer warranties

Thierry Piticco, technical works director, has worked at Maisons SIC for more than 30 years. At the head of his team of 15 construction managers and 3 technical managers, they all build clients' individual houses together in the field.

As he explains: "LWhen you sign a CCMI contract with a builder like Maisons SIC, one of the advantages is the work damage guarantee. The customer is thus covered for all the lots, that is to say that if there is a problem with his house (on the structure or on the recessed), he does not wait for a procedure to find a solution. responsibility which can be very long. The work is carried out quickly and the works damage insurance is carrying out its investigation. »

Why is Maisons SIC a particularly reliable builder?

The reliability of Maisons SIC already comes from its seniority and experience. The company has existed for over 50 years, so it is known and recognized in its sector.

Another differentiating strength of Maisons SIC: the teams of site employees. As Thierry Piticco confirms: “we have 35 site employees today. We are able to build our own houses. »  

Finally, Maisons SIC has the great advantage of being part of a group and of being able to source materials from its “sister” companies. The teams then manufacture the joinery, frames, etc. in-house, etc. The reliability of the materials is then guaranteed due to the strong bond between the site teams and all their suppliers.




CERT or how to guarantee excellent house construction techniques

SIC house work methods are there to ensure the high quality of house construction.

Thierry Piticco explains: “all our customers can see how their house will be built thanks to our Center for testing technical achievements (CERT). We built a full-scale house on site, from A to Z. All our clients can understand the construction of their house, using the construction method. We have internal specifications which allow us to ensure that all houses are built according to these specifications. Whether the houses are built in Tonneins, Toulouse or Bordeaux, the implementation is identical. »

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