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Guide to acquiring a new house for 150 euros

build a house for 150 euros

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A house for 150 euros, is it still possible? In the current real estate landscape, the question arises, especially for those who already own land. This prospect, both enticing and pragmatic, opens the door to numerous life projects, combining the appeal of living in an emblematic region with the advantage of a personalized home.

At Maisons SIC, we understand that the process of building a home is a unique and personal journey. Our goal is to support you every step of the way, transforming this dream into a concrete and affordable reality. With this in mind, we have designed this guide to help you prepare for your construction project. We will guide you on how to wisely choose the plan of your future home and the necessary services to stay within your budget of 150 euros.

With careful planning, strategic selection of plans and services, and a clear understanding of the construction stages, your new house project in Gironde will become not only feasible but also a rewarding adventure. Follow us on this journey where each step is designed to get you closer to the home of your dreams, without compromising your budget.


How to properly approach a construction… affordable

Modern house South West Performance 02

Building a new house with 150 euros is a realistic project if you approach it methodically. First of all, it is essential to break down the budget. This starts with evaluating the cost of the land, notary fees and various taxes. Once these expenses are subtracted, the remainder will determine the construction budget.

It is also essential to choose the professionals carefully. A trusted architect or builder will be able to propose optimized plans. These plans must combine functionality and reduced costs, for example favoring simple construction forms, which limit wasted space and reduce labor and material costs.

The importance of a margin for unforeseen events should not be underestimated. In general, setting aside 10% of the total budget for these contingencies can avoid unpleasant surprises. It is a common practice in the construction sector that allows you to manage unforeseen events without stress.

Budget accuracy involves take into account all elements, including finishes. Items such as painting, exterior design or even equipment can quickly add to the budget. It is therefore advisable to integrate them from the start into the overall calculation.

Planning should be seen as a project roadmap. It includes the different phases of construction and the associated deadlines. This allows progress to be monitored and the budget to be adjusted in real time if necessary.

Another trick is to choose economical but durable building materials. There are many eco-friendly alternatives available today that save money in the long term, such as better insulation to reduce energy bills.

Finally, quotes must be clear, detailed and carefully compared to ensure you choose the most advantageous offer.

Maisons SIC, builder of new houses in the South West for over 50 years, can support you in this project for a small budget.

By following these recommendations, building a new house with a budget of 150 euros becomes an accessible ambition, with a solid plan and an effective budget management strategy.




Choosing a Builder for your 150 Euros house

Detached house Performance 02 South West

The choice of builder is decisive when you plan to build your new house with a budget of 150 euros.

In Gironde, reputation and reliability must be the key words of your selection. An experienced builder like Maisons SIC, with more than fifty years of experience, guarantees not only quality but also respect for your budget and deadlines.

For a house costing 150 euros, the negotiation of the construction contract must be approached carefully. Maisons SIC stands out for its transparency and its ability to offer clear contracts, without hidden costs, which is crucial for such an important project.

Our expertise in the construction of individual houses in the South-West ensures personalized support and sound advice at each stage of the project.

The construction of a new house for 150 euros in Gironde requires a know-how that Maisons SIC has developed over the decades.

Our in-depth knowledge of regional specificities, combined with a customer-centric approach, makes Maisons SIC the choice of choice to make your dream of a new home, affordable and built to the highest quality standards, come true.


House plans for 150 euros

The plan is stage 1 of the detached house construction project.

Developing a house plan for 150 euros requires considering several options to ensure that the final project meets your aspirations, without exceeding your budget.

A well-designed house always starts with an optimized plan, which maximizes living space while minimizing construction costs.

Personalized pre-established plans are available (especially for customers of SIC houses) for those looking to combine economy and functionality. These plans are designed to reduce unnecessary expenses while respecting comfort and quality standards.

Personalizing these plans is a key step. Each family has specific needs, and adjusting the 150 euro house plan to these needs is fundamental.

Whether it's adding an extra bedroom to accommodate a new child, or changing the layout of rooms for better orientation to the sun, adjustments must be made carefully to maintain the balance between customization and budget.



The Models of the SIC Homes Performance Line

For those looking for a turnkey solution, the Performance line from Maisons SIC offers house plans for 150 euros which combine aesthetics and energy efficiency.

Opti-Performance 1 and 2 models, as well as Performance 2 model, offer varied configurations: from 60 to 90 square meters, with options of 1 to 3 bedrooms, thus adapting to many lifestyles.

These houses are designed on a rectangular plan, optimizing each square meter for a practical and pleasant layout.

Energy performance is not to be outdone, with equipment such that the split or ducted Air/Air heat pump, or, a stove waterproof for optimal and economical heating.

The possibility of adding a porch or terrace allows you to increase the living space towards the outside, thus providing an opening towards the garden or the surrounding landscape.

Choosing a house plan for 150 euros also involves practical details such as adding a pantry, which provides much-appreciated additional storage space.

Maisons SIC has understood the importance of these details and naturally integrates them into its 150 euro house plans, guaranteeing thus houses that are both functional, aesthetic and financially accessible.

By opting for one of the plans from the Performance line of Maisons SIC, you benefit from recognized expertise in the creation of houses optimized for your budget. These models are proof that comfort, quality and cost control can go hand in hand in creating your ideal home.


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