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Rising material prices: what consequences for new homes?

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The increase in the price of materials is felt on the budget of the individual house.

Material prices are skyrocketing. How does this affect the construction of your new home? Maisons Sic helps you take stock.

Why are the prices of materials increasing?

The surge in oil and metal prices linked to the war in ukraine and material supply problems due to the health crisis, lead to an increase in construction cost of the new house. According to one Capeb study, Confederation of Crafts and Small Building Companies, the average increase in the cost of materials is thus 18% in one year.

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What are the prices of materials that are flying the most in new homes?

– Wood is one of the materials most affected by the shortage of materials. Following the disorganization linked to the Covid crisis, global demand soared. Many American and Chinese wood suppliers have turned to Europe to meet their country's demand. As a result, the price of certain structural wood has more than doubled. But most other materials are affected like theacier (57% in less than a year), the plastic, copper etc. THE joinery are particularly affected by this development. But overall, all products are experiencing sharp and unprecedented increases: insulation panels mainly in polyurethane, the plaster, glues and paints, tiling.

Extension of construction deadlines

La shortage of materials confronts companies with supply delays and therefore delays on site. Suppliers are often unable to give deadlines and price. A difficult situation facing the individual home builders. Companies must constantly adapt team work depending on the products available.

Companies in the construction sector must adapt to the shortage of materials.
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Increase in labor cost

Rising material prices are not solely responsible for the rising house prices. Today, labor is becoming scarcer and thus more expensive. To this are added starts which made strong progress in 2021, catching up with the delays linked to the Covid crisis. Finally, the works of Greater Paris strongly monopolize construction employees.

How much is the rise in single-family house prices?

In just over a year, costs have increased by almost 15% on the total price of the single-family home. THE new home market could still know a price increase as explained this article from Capital magazine. Companies organize themselves to diversify the panel of suppliers and limit shortages and construction delays. Sic houses can rely on its partners, in particular the structural company Siga, to limit construction delays as much as possible.

Do you have to wait to build?

Many customers, already well on their way, are hampered by this soaring prices unexpected. The result: housing starts are down. Customers do not wish to abandon the idea of build your house, but hope for better days. However, the rise in the price of materials seems to be sustainable. THE postponement of constructions will inevitably induce a traffic jam in the event of a return to normal and therefore prolong the shortage of materials. Moreover, there is no indication that the price increase will not continue. Not building could also be a risk.

Build to anticipate rising energy prices

The houses built today are under the regime of the RE 2020. These are houses that consume very little energy for the heating and domestic hot water. Good news at a time when energy price hit records. There energy crisis doesn't seem to be stopping. Limit your consumption while maintaining a optimal comfort seems a good solution to face this uncertain period.


To better understand the RE 2020 and the consequences on your project in the South-West, read our article dedicated to the consequences of this regulation.

In order not to give up on its construction project, it is necessary to adapt the plan and the site to the rise in the price of materials.

How to adapt to rising prices when building a house?

delay sound building project of a new house means taking the risk of seeing prices continue to rise and no longer being able to materialize it. Many customers prefer to revise their project downwards. Several solutions are available to you :

Do some of the work yourself to save money

Some household chores can be done by anyone. This is the case of painting work which is within the reach of careful people or the laying of certain industrial floor coverings (laminates, flexible floors). It will nevertheless be necessary to scrupulously follow the recommendations of the manufacturers to avoid errors. The secret, devote time and care to it, and beware because it quickly becomes a passion!

A simple plan to save

Le house model greatly influences the new house price. THE choice of a two-storey house or single storey, will depend on the house size. Then, the less fancy there will be (stuck, cathedral ceiling, etc.), the more the house will be economical.

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Cutting back on the garage to compensate for the price increase

What if we postponed the construction of the garage until later? Although the garage is an essential element of the detached house, it is possible to postpone its construction a little or to make it smaller. Another way to earn a few euros.


Use economical materials

Floor and wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom furniture, joinery, heating equipment, weigh heavily on the price of a detached house. The prices of these elements vary greatly depending on the choices you make. See with your individual home designer how some amenities could allow you to reconcile budget and project.


Build smaller

Finally, building smaller does not necessarily mean losing comfort. THE house models are designed to optimize each square meters. A builder like Sic houses has the experience and customer feedback needed to offer a variety of layouts. THE new house plans are developed according to your choices by experienced architects and draughtsmen.


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