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The 10 advantages of a south-facing terrace in Gironde

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  • The 10 advantages of a south-facing terrace in Gironde
Build your house around a south-facing terrace

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A south-facing terrace in Gironde ? An ideal for those who dream of build a house in the Southwest. Of Landes in Gers to the region of Toulouse, this is the best orientation. The proof in 10 advantages.

A terrace to the South because the Gironde is very sunny

On Atlantic coast, Gironde is one of the departments that benefits the most from the sun. Annual sunshine is around 2 hours in Bordeaux. THE Arcachon bay has the highest annual sunshine rate on the Atlantic coast, with 2 hours, as explained this article. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

A terrace in the South in Gironde to enjoy all year round

In Gironde, a south-facing terrace, is the convivial place of the house from the first days of spring, until autumn. Even in winter, eating outside is quite possible since the temperatures are mild with the slightest ray of sunshine.

The south-facing terrace is a warm space in the evening.
From morning to evening, the south-facing terrace remains bathed in sunshine to enjoy every atmosphere.

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A terrace to the south to enjoy from morning to evening

Well designed, the terrace is a real additional living room. A South orientation offers optimum comfort, since you can take advantage of the slightest ray of sunshine, whatever the time. The light is there from morning to night, so it is the most versatile orientation.

At Sic houses, 3D simulations allow you to see the sunshine on your terrace hour by hour and according to the seasons to facilitate planning.

Because a south-facing terrace is a real living room

It is enough to arrange it to benefit from all the comfort. A dining area, well protected from the sun's rays at noon. A well-covered and sheltered space for sunny breakfasts and a lounge area further west for evening aperitifs.

Because sun protection enhances the terrace

Comfortable in mid-season, the south-facing terrace in Gironde can quickly turn into a furnace in the summer. It is therefore necessary to create shadow areas.

                        Protect your south-facing terrace in Gironde with a large parasol

It is the most versatile solution, since it becomes easy to follow the path of the sun. THE cantilever parasols have the advantage of limiting clutter on the terrace.

                        Install an awning above your terrace

A classic and clever solution, the store does not waste floor space and also protects the house in summer from too much solar gain. In winter it disappears without having to put away to benefit from greater luminosity in the house.


new house with pergola and south-facing terrace
The wooden pergola provides additional charm to the house and guarantees a comfortable outdoor space.


                        A pergola to protect its south-facing terrace in Gironde

The pergolas offer an undeniable charm to the terraces. In addition, they allow, by installing transparent plates, to benefit from a sheltered shelter without losing too much brightness. Covered with reeds in summer, they offer a small natural and refreshing cocoon.

                        A shade sail

More contemporary than the blind, the shade sail aims for the same comfort as the latter with south-facing terraces. Triangular or square, the combinations of colors and shapes energize the terraces and give them a touch of modernity.

Because it is easier to protect yourself from the prevailing winds

In Gironde, the prevailing winds blow from the southwest to northwest. West-facing terraces are therefore not recommended. On the other hand, it will be easy to implement a windbreak west of the terrace to shelter it from prevailing winds.

Because the orientation is ideal for plants

The plants will be the cool asset of the terrace. The southern exposure will suit the vast majority of the varieties you choose. Shrubs, potted plants and climbing plants will find their place around or on the south-facing terrace.

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Because the living rooms are generally in the South

The terrace must always be accessible from the house. The ideal being access from the living room to enlarge the living room, and access from the kitchen for more practicality. The south-facing terrace adapts to L-shaped houses, as at planes in U or in I

A south-facing house with outdoor terraces upstairs
Even upstairs, a south-facing terrace is a way to enjoy life in the open air.

More light in the house

The trendy solution of the moment is to access the terrace through large bay windows. The space thus cleared offers both a beautiful view to your interior and also allows you to make the most of natural light.

Warm the interior of the house in winter

In winter, the open space in front of the south-facing windows also makes it possible to take advantage of solar gain to limit energy consumption linked to heating. The sun's rays provide free heating. The south-facing terrace is therefore the ally of bioclimatic houses.


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