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The steps to lay out your garden at the time of construction

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The garden is thought of in the same way as the interior of your house under construction. Arranging your garden means sublimating it and giving a soul to your future living space. Follow the leader!!!


When we do build his house, we often forget our garden. The empty ground then lacks a bit of flavor. To get out of the flatness and brighten up the whole, opt for a landscaped garden. The different spaces are designed and placed according to your needs! While since confinement the French have favored outdoor spaces, as detailed this article Figaro, arrange your garden will give you a new living space!
Follow these steps to get started.

To arrange your garden, make the plan

Plan the layout of the garden according to the sun
Orient the different areas of the garden according to the sun

While the house is not yet built, try to visualize your garden. Place the already known elements, such as the location of the house, the existing plants (trees, shrubs, etc.), the fences. Now place the Gray areas depending on the time of day and the seasons. For example, the sunniest areas will generally be around the south side of the house, if the space is clear. Sic houses, your individual house builder can make you one 3d simulation de l 'sunshine of your the land.

Arrange your garden by activity zones

– Create a small lounge area

This is where you can have an aperitif with friends. A cozy little corner, well sheltered from the wind where you can rest on summer evenings. Perfect in the West to enjoy the last rays of sunshine. We will install sofas, armchairs, cushions and outdoor coffee table!

– Do not forget the tanning area

Close to swimming pools, in the middle of the garden, this is where the deckchairs are placed. Sheltered from prying eyes and enjoying a beautiful sunshine.

– Enjoy an outdoor dining area

The dining area is obviously located near the kitchen. Large enough to accommodate a table and chairs, the dining area will generally be flat. The ideal? A beautiful terrace facing south, to be able to enjoy it all year round. Of course, it will be necessary to provide sun protection: parasol, blind, pergola or a deciduous tree.

arrange your garden new house terrace and pergola
The terrace is at the heart of the landscaping of the garden.

– Set up a children’s area in your garden

It is a little far from the house for the noise, but all the same in sight of the other parts of the garden. In this space, the shade is required, because the children will not think of protecting themselves from the sun by themselves.

– Provide the garden shed

Store your mower, your tools, your bikes, all those things you don't think about but which take up a lot of space in a house. It will be close to the vegetable garden and water points.

– A well-designed car park

Indispensable, the car park is preferably large enough to be able to turn around, but it should not waste too much space. We prefer it in the North and close to the house for more practicality. Be careful, however, not to spoil the view of certain rooms in the house.

– A functional trash corner

Technical areas should not be neglected. Purpose, increase practicality and conceal them from view. The trash corner will usually be near the front door and the parking lot to benefit from the driveway. Care should be taken to keep it away from windows to avoid bad smells.

Decorate your garden with plants

– Flowers to embellish and perfume

landscaping your garden: shrubs structure the garden
Indispensable for the layout of the garden, plants and shrubs are used in turn to embellish, delimit, hide or shelter the various corners of the garden.

Plantations are truly the queens of garden decoration. Adding color and volume, flower beds and shrubs structure the space and brighten up the garden, as highlighted in this article from La Dépeche.

– Arrange your garden with hedges to hide technical areas

A well-placed hedge will provide a much prettier landscape than the parking lot or trash corner. It is also possible to use screens. In panels or rolls, they are available in different materials and contribute to the layout of the garden.

– Use nature as a sun visor

A tree rather than an umbrella, it's possible! Planted near the dining area, a deciduous tree will provide a shady refuge, appreciated during hot summer days. In winter, however, the fallen leaves let in the light. Also ideal for protecting against solar gain in the house.

Use nature as a screen

Some corners of the garden lack a bit of privacy? The plantations will be able to protect you from prying eyes. A well-placed hedge blocks the view of passers-by. Similarly, a bushy tree will hide you from the plunging views of the neighboring building.

– A landscaped garden for food

In the garden, the vegetable garden will offer both color and utility to your garden. More and more French people are getting into it. Choose a sunny location and, in windy areas, protect your plants with a hedge or a house wall. Finally, plan a little space! Also think of shrubs such as hazel or fruit trees.

Arrange your garden with paths

Lay out your garden during construction: Plan paths
Walkways are an integral part of garden design.

Straight or winding paths serve to connect the different spaces. In gravel or materialized by elements placed on the lawn (not Japanese), these small paths structure the space, even in a small garden.


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