Builder of individual houses for 50 years

throughout the south-west of France

Guarantees and CCMI

Because having a house built is not trivial, Maisons Sic brings you all the guarantees of worry-free construction before, during and after construction.

Le CCMI ou Detached House Construction Contract is a very protective contract for individuals who wish to build in the South West.

Service and price guarantee

Sic Houses are committed to build your house in accordance with the descriptive estimate which precisely mentions the materials used. The price will be firm and final for the duration of the work.

Money back guarantee

Sic Houses are committed to refund the sums paid at the signing of the contract in the event of cancellation following a refusal of a building permit or a refusal of a loan.
Ten-year guarantee

Ten-year guarantee

During 10 years, you are guaranteed against any disorder or annoyance endangering the solidity of your construction.
This compulsory insurance for the builder is the guarantor of compliance with construction standards.
Work damage insurance

Building damage insurance

Since 1979, this insurance has been compulsory for the client (project owner). Sic Houses offer you this important advantage. This insurance, valid for 10 years, is complementary to the ten-year guarantee. It allows you to pay for repairs before any appeal.
Delivery time guarantee

Delivery time guarantee

The Sic Houses undertake to build your house imperatively within the period provided for in the contract.

This allows you to accurately predict the date of your move.
Financial guarantee of completion of works

Financial guarantee of completion of works

It is the essential guarantee that your house will be completed and delivered under the terms of the contract no matter what. This guarantee is issued by the financial organizations only to professionals who have proven their seriousness and good management.