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Wooden house: all-terrain construction

Beautiful wooden house with roof overhang in Gironde

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Building a wooden house is a dream for many. It is also a technical solution adapted to the constraints of a field. Rough terrain, unstable ground, slope, backfill, clay soil…, there wood construction adapts flexibly to all soil constraints encountered. While the land to build of quality are becoming increasingly rare, the mwooden house is a technical solution that also allows you to benefit from an elegant, healthy, comfortable and ecological home.

Wooden house: an economical response to difficult terrain

Wooden houses: economical foundations on difficult terrain

When you find the perfect piece of land, it's hard to have to give it up because of the type of soil. " Customers get scared when a the land is in a high hazard zone in terms of removal swelling of clays. However, under these conditions, the wooden houses makes it possible to reduce foundation costs compared to a traditional brick or block house. It may even cost less “, analyzes Cédric Leman, manager of wood projects at the wooden house builder and masonry in the South West Sic houses.

Wood is indeed a particularly light material which has the advantage over traditional houses. " The load descent is 6 to 8 times lighter than a masonry house. On poor quality soil, with a medium or high hazard, instead of looking for a vein up to 2,50 meters for a traditional house, the wooden house will probably only have to go down to 1,50 meters He continues.

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How to know the nature of the ground of a ground?

Backfilled soil ou clay soil, the nature of the ground on a site can quickly impact the cost of building a house in the South West. Indeed, the foundation prices increases considerably depending on the depth at which one must go to find a solid base on which to hold on. The Elan law in 2020 came to secure the buyer.

In areas moderately and highly exposed to the phenomenon of shrinkage-swelling of clays, which are numerous in the South West, the seller of land must attach to the promise of sale a geotechnical study, said G1. This preliminary study is a random survey in the field.

Le geohazards website also gives a first indication of the risk that can be encountered in a given area. Once the land has been purchased, further study, the G2 is carried out at the precise locations of the foundations. This G2 study will really determine the foundation cost necessary for the project. It will then be time to look at the possible alternatives in wood construction.

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Construction of a wooden house with bay windows South West
The light wooden house is a solution to clay soils, because it allows shallower foundations.

Clay soil, what additional cost on the foundations?

« The cost is very variable. But on some sites it can reach 2000 euros per micro piles. On a 100 m2 house with fifteen or twenty micro-piles, the budget can thus explode and represent between 15 and 000 euros in added value », says Cédric Léman. A wooden house will then make it possible to keep this part of the budget to have fun, both in the architecture of the house and its comfort or the interior and exterior finishes.

What construction on a sloping ground?

In the same way, the wooden house responds well to the constraints of a slope. While many prefer to level their land, it is also possible to make the slope a charming asset for your home. " Architecturally, the wooden house on stilts has its effect. One thinks for example of the beautiful traditional houses of Arcachon bay which are thus highlighted ". The concept is less suited to masonry houses, which are heavier.

Aerial, the wooden houses on stilts seduce and fit harmoniously into the landscape. Equipped with a raised terrace, they recall the houses of the islands, Reunionese or West Indian. Also suitable for lands most steep, they offer an unobstructed view of the surrounding countryside.

The ideal wooden house for hard-to-reach terrain

Whether in town or in the countryside, some sites are difficult to access. The lightness of the wood material greatly simplifies handling operations. Indeed, most of the elements can be transported by hand. It is thus possible to build on a ground at the bottom of the plot or which does not allow heavy machinery to pass because the access roads are not passable.

Wooden house on small plot in town swimming pool
A wooden house is built more easily in town than a masonry house. The construction site creates less nuisance for the neighborhood. Wooden house in the center of Teste de Buch Gironde. Sic House Builder.

Why is the wooden house ideal in the city?

In the city, construction causes many nuisances for residents. THE lots available in town, often located in the second line, complicate the new house construction. Access is sometimes difficult and it is sometimes necessary to use specific and expensive lifting gear. In addition, parking or storing equipment represents a very strong constraint for construction companies.

La wood construction is a building site said in dry die (foundations and concrete slab excepted). It is thus less noisy than a construction site in the wet sector which requires mortaring all day by rotating the cement mixer. The time on site is also shorter, thanks to the prefabrication in the workshop walls and carpentry. The materials are delivered and installed in a few days, which also creates much less nuisance for local residents.

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Prefabrication for a construction without noise pollution or hazards

The wooden house not subject to climatic hazards

Come rain, wind or snow, the walls of the wooden house build well under cover in the workshop. A prefabrication which thus makes it possible to overcome the vagaries of the weather. Apart from the short time required to erect the walls and the roof, the workers do not have to worry about the weather.

The frost thus has no consequences on the construction, and the site is not likely to be slowed down. A definite advantage for building in snowy regions such as the Pyrenees, or rainy in winter like the whole of Atlantic coastline, Charente au Pays Basque.


no constraints on a snow wood house construction site.
No drying time for the wooden house which advances in all weathers and is built under cover in the workshop.

The wooden house is progressing despite the truce in the works

Some seaside towns do not allow construction and demolition work in the summer. This is particularly the case on the Arcachon bay or work is prohibited all summer, generally from mid-July until the end of August, so as not to disturb the tranquility of tourists.

The construction of a wooden house is not delayed by this constraint. THE builder adapts to this rule and then arranges so that the water proofing is done before the fateful date to start the finishing work, which is allowed during the summer period.


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Build in wood is not reserved for an elite. Today, this type of construction is becoming more democratic and gaining ground in view of the many advantages encountered. Discover here the range of wooden houses et mixed wood and brick houses du builder Sic Houses, which can be personalized and transformed according to your desires.



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