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The 6 advantages of an L-shaped house

L-shaped house construction

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When you are lucky enough to have your house built, there is different types of house building plans : the L-shaped house, the U-shaped house, the rectangular house, the two-storey house… SIC houses, home builder for 50 years, tells you more about L-shaped homes.


A good separation of living spaces on one level

This type of house will break the straight line of a “traditional” single-storey house. By opting for an L-shaped house, you can separate the day and night spaces much more strongly. Indeed, one of the main drawbacks of the classic rectangular single-storey house is that the day and night spaces (unlike the construction of a two-storey house, which ensures a separation between the day area on the ground floor and the sleeping area upstairs) is that all the spaces are on the same level and therefore difficult to separate. 

With the L-shaped house, we combine the advantages of the classic single-storey house (safe, without stairs, easy to access) with those of the two-storey house (separation of living spaces). It is for example possible to create all the day spaces in the “large” part of the house (kitchen, living room, dining room) and to put the night spaces in the smaller part (bedrooms, bathrooms, dressing room). …). 


Take advantage of all orientations with an L-shaped house 

build an L-shaped house

The “right” orientation is different for each room in the house. We will prefer an East, or even South-East exposure, for a bedroom offering the room to benefit from the rays of the sun in the morning. For living rooms in which you spend a lot of time, such as the living room or the dining room, a south/south-west exposure is preferable (for thermal comfort) because the light is optimal, all day long. The kitchen can be oriented to the east, to take advantage of the first rays of the sun from breakfast. 

By opting for this construction, it is you who will be able to choose the orientation and exposure of each of the rooms and, having more living space, you will have more possibilities of choice. 


An outdoor space in the hollow 

Whether you want a garden or a simple terrace (or even a swimming pool), the space that is in the hollow of an L-shaped house is a fully convertible outdoor space. If you have enough land, this outdoor space can even be added to the garden space behind your house. We can, for example, create a beautiful wooden terrace which will then be totally protected from vis-à-vis and prevailing winds. In addition, its accessibility directly from the main living rooms will make it possible to extend the living space outside.


L-shaped houses with 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms

build an L-shaped house with 3 bedrooms

You can choose to have up to at least 4 bedrooms in this type of house.

An L-shaped house with 2 bedrooms will offer a strong optimization of space and a fairly compact layout. We will often put the living rooms on the side of the recessed space, in order to take advantage of the strongest possible light. The bedrooms will be placed at the other end, often separated from the day area by a bathroom or WC. 

When you choose to build an L-shaped house with 3 bedrooms or an L-shaped house with 4 bedrooms, the living area of ​​these family houses is quite substantial. Several bathrooms can be created. And a corridor can, from the entrance, lead either to the sleeping area or to the day area. 

As a reminder, when you have your house built, you can call on the builder, an architect, or even a design office. At Maisons SIC, you have direct access to an in-house design office and our architects are at your entire disposal to create the plans for the house of your dreams. 


Build your house on a small area

L-shaped houses are an option often chosen on small lots, in cities or in peri-urban areas. For what ? To save space. Indeed, when you are faced with limited available space in the place where you want to live, a small plot will prove to be easier to maintain, with a more attractive price. But it will often have fairly narrow facades and this house is an ideal solution to optimize this limited space as much as possible. 


Get a big garage

Another great advantage of building an L-shaped house is that it is the ideal configuration to create a large garage. The l-shaped (L) house plan is often used to separate the garage from the rest of the house. With this choice, you will be able to build a garage with direct access to your house. So, whether you want to make it a DIY workshop and/or a space to park your car, your scooter, your bikes, the garage can be the size of your choice in an L-shaped house. 


Energy savings: a particularly efficient house

If the L-shaped house is an often appreciated aesthetic choice, it can also be an economical choice. Indeed, it offers good energy performance. The L-shaped configuration makes it possible to benefit from many openings on the outside, with doors, windows, bay windows. It is then possible to use the heat of the sun wisely in the house and to better take advantage of the luminosity. the orientation in L makes it possible to draw very beneficial contributions from solar energy. Another advantage: the L-shaped configuration creates a space perfectly protected from the wind. which leads to a reduction in drafts and difficulty in heating your home.

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