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New house and wood stove in the Southwest: a winning duo

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  • New house and wood stove in the Southwest: a winning duo

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The wood stove has become an element of interior decoration

Rustic, old-fashioned wood heating? On the contrary ! In the Southwest, a new house and a wood stove often go hand in hand. Comfortable, aesthetic, economical and ecological, this method of heating has only advantages. In France, nearly 8 million French households already heat with wood.

Sud-Ouest – New house and wood stove, ecological heating

CUnlike fossil fuels (wood, gas, fuel oil, electricity), thewood energy is a renewable energy. Formerly singled out for their pollutant emissions, recent wood stoves are now very efficient. The combustion of wood is in fact more complete, which saves fuel and limits the production of fine particles.

The quality label for wood-burning appliances Flame verte guarantees the performance of your device in terms of energetic performance and polluting emissions. 7 stars corresponding to the highest level of performance.

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The wood stove a design heating

Traditional, contemporary, rustic, today's wood stoves are available for all tastes. In the city as in the countryside, the device captures the attention and very quickly becomes the heart of the new house. Its ideal location? In the center of the ground floor living area. In the South-West, new homes and wood-burning stoves are often designed at the same time for a perfect harmony of the interior atmosphere. Next to the sofa or in the center of the room, all solutions are possible. The models are more and more elegant and no longer want to hide.

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Wood heating guarantees the comfort of a new home

The vision of the fire, like the gentle heat emitted by the stove are the assets of this mode of heating. Well sized and well positioned, it diffuses heat optimally. The atmosphere of the new house is thus warmer. She lives by the sound of the crackling fire and revives or manufactures childhood memories. How good it is to snuggle up by the fire when it's cold outside!


The wood stove provides the majority of the heating for the house.

Depending on its size and the configuration of the new house, a wood-burning stove alone provides all of the heating. This is all the more true in the Low Consumption houses (with the BBC), Or RT 2012 who are very good isolated. It can thus serve as main heater in compact houses where the heat is distributed throughout the house.

Placed near a stairwell the hot air circulates upstairs. Leaning against a shear wall, the latter stores and then gently releases the heat into the house.

Nothing warmer than a wood fire.

Sud-Ouest – New house and wood stove for economical heating

While the price of energy is exploding, wood remains a rather cheap fuel. Wood especially in the form of log is thus the cheapest energy on the market. A little more expensive, granulated are also very cheap. On average, wood, all types combined, is three to five times less expensive than electricity.

The wood stove a practical solution

When we imagine a wood heating, we quickly think of the drudgery of wood that goes with it. Yet today, it is easy to have quality wood delivered, especially in the South West. So when we do build new house equipped with a wood stove, the constraint of making a fire is above all a pleasure. For convenience, the pellet stoves, automate filling.

Sud-Ouest – New house and wood stove: a local source of energy

With the forest Landes which is the largest man-made forest in Europe, and all the deciduous forests that dot the Pyrenees, Gers, Haute Garonne or Gironde, South West really does not lack wood to make a fire. That's good, favoring local products minimizes the ecological impact of transport. The certification " NF Firewood » and the mark « France Wood Log », guarantee the degree of humidity and the calorific value of the logs. For pellets, priority should be given to certifications “ NF Biofuel pellets ».

The wood stove heating compatible with the RT 2012

A wood-burning stove makes it possible to satisfy the obligation of the thermal regulations 2012. The RT 2012, which is imposed on new constructionss, requires the use of a renewable energy sourcee to cover part of the heat needs of the house. Thus, log or pellet wood stoves can be used auxiliary heating in all new homes to greatly reduce electricity consumption. If you want to make it your main heating, however, you will have to opt for a pellet stove. According to this same regulation, a main heater to wood must be equipped with a regulation automatic temperature control, as well as a shut-off device. However, a wood, log or pellet appliance is enough to heat less than 100 m2.

South West – New house and log wood stove energy autonomy and tradition

With this device, tradition is at the rendezvous. The atmosphere is warm and we find all the pleasure of making a fire. Considered a new house as a auxiliary heatingt because it cannot be automated, it is enough to ensure the heating of a house. Log stoves (steel or cast iron) have a fairly high efficiency of 70 to 85%.

However, you have to put up with the discomfort of a slightly cooler house in the early morning. Another disadvantage, if the logs are widely available and cheap, they require a large storage space and a little handling (transport of the logs, cleaning).

The pellet stove simplifies heating with wood.

Pellet stove, simple and automatic

Le wood pellet is a residue of wood and small processed sawdust which is placed in a silo integrated into the wood stove. No more constraints: start-up and power supply become automatic and autonomy ranges from 12 to 72 hours.

A pellet stove also emits less fine particles. Conventional steel or cast iron appliances also have a better efficiency (over 85%).

Pellets, supplied in 15 kg bags or in 1 ton “big-bags”, are a little more expensive than logs.


Mixed stove for those who want to enjoy all the advantages

More expensive to buy, some stoves are said to be mixed. It is thus possible to feed them with both pellets and logs. No need to choose between the friendliness of logs and the simplicity of pellets.



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