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Invest: construction of semi-detached or terraced houses

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build two semi-detached houses on its land has many advantages. Invest in one or more new rental housing, build to resell, house family members or do seasonal rentals, this optimization of the land is a financial investment to study when doing build his house.

Terraced houses and semi-detached houses what are the differences?

A terraced house is a house whose side walls are attached to those of neighboring houses. Built side by side on the same ground, the semi-detached houses are two terraced houses that share a common wall. These houses built simultaneously generally have identical facades and plan. They are also often built mirroring the adjoining wall. The roof can also be shared.

Is it interesting to build two houses on your land?

The construction of terraced or semi-detached houses is more economical

Build two houses on one lot at the same time saves on construction costs. Indeed, the foundations, the servicing of water and electricity networks, such as the roof structure for semi-detached houses, are pooled or created at the same time, which lowers costs. In the same way, the twin house requires fewer materials since one of the walls is common with the second construction.

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Save time on building two houses

Build two houses at the same time goes much faster than building one house first, then the next. This solution thus makes it possible to become owner of two new houses in half the time. The opportunity to make a profit more quickly financial investment.

Semi-detached houses to optimize even a small plot

Most detached houses are placed in the center of their field. If this solution isolates better from its neighbors, it creates wasted spaces. There terraced house is built in propriety limit. It thus gives the impression of having a larger garden. Of the semi-detached houses comfortable can thus be envisaged on a plot of land with an area from 600 m2. When things are planned during construction, the possibilities of nuisance are limited. Especially if you place the garages between the two houses.

Calculating the financing of the construction of two houses on one's land makes it possible to assess the profitability of this financial investment.

The more ecological terraced house

The detached houses count a lot in the artificialization of soils in France. The suburban model is now being questioned and successive regulations aim to slow down its development because of urban sprawl and the distance from shops which accentuate the need for cars. In this context, the return of the terraced house finds its full meaning, since it is a question of densifying and housing two families on the same land. Closer to the shape of village houses, terraced houses at low height, respond better than collective housing to the need to have one's own home.

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The terraced house consumes less energy

These buildings, which are more compact than individual houses, make it easier to meet the requirements of the 2020 environmental regulations known as RE2020. Indeed, the adjoining wall reduces the heat-losing surfaces, which limits the energy consumption of the two dwellings for heating.

Semi-detached houses and plot division

To build semi-detached houses or adjoining, several legal solutions are possible. It is thus possible to create a condominium. The ground, the roof and other elements then become common areas. It is also possible to put the goods and the undivided land or create a SCI, real estate company. If these different solutions have their advantages, it is advisable to make a plot division. This operation consists of dividing the land, making the two lots independent. It is not obligatory, but makes it possible to clarify the situation in particular in the event of resale. Otherwise, only the entire lot can be sold. It will be necessary to ensure in town hall that the parcel division is permitted by the local planning rules. Ask your individual house builder.

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How to make a land with terraced houses profitable?

Buy common land and build

As small plots are becoming increasingly rare, some buyers do not hesitate to group together to buy. Indeed, a large land to build is easier to find in tight areas from a land perspective. However, this operation will not save money. THE price per square meter of land is generally the same whatever the size of the latter. pooling, the construction of two houses, may on the other hand be more economical than a solitary operation.

Investing for rental income

Build and rent semi-detached houses

La construction of new semi-detached houses for rent is a investment interesting. Indeed, this project offers the prospect of an additional income while constituting a new heritage. This property investment is also more reassuring than an investment in the old one. In the long term, new homes are indeed the promise of lower costs for home maintenance.


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Easy to rent houses

New detached houses for rent are rare in all regions of the South West. Demand is therefore not weakening for this type of property, which is much more pleasant to live in than collective housing. It is therefore easier to find a suitable tenant and it also avoids long periods of vacation between two rentals. In addition, building two medium-sized semi-detached houses rather than one large house, increases the profitability of the construction/rental project by increasing rental income.

Rent a single house

It is also possible to live in only one of the two houses and to rent the second. The rent collected thus helps to repay a large part of the credit. You live in a new house paying very little each month.

The parcel division makes it possible to build several new houses on the same land.

Semi-detached houses: a great added value

The new detached house is a rare product in our regions of the South-West. The demand is huge whether for resale or rental. The possibilities of realizing added value are therefore significant. With the increase in taxes and the imperatives of work on the old, the value of new houses built today to the standards of the RE2020 risks exploding. By investing in two semi-detached houses, the possibility of reselling one of the two houses and repaying the entire loan and remaining the owner of the second house now free of any credit.



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