Builder of individual houses for 50 years

throughout the south-west of France

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The Mestrot Park

This is where your project begins!

Discover a unique neighborhood where everything has been thought out to preserve everyone's well-being and tranquility.

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An ideal location

5 minutes from the city center of Agen, and about 1 hour from Bordeaux or Toulouse, the Parc du Mestrot benefits from infrastructures that make everyday life easier: transport (motorway, ring roads, airport, bus lines, etc.), shops, activities…

Here you will find all the advantages of city life with the calm of the countryside!

Safe facilities

Cycle paths, green spaces and road safety contribute to the well-being of all, young and old.

Your well-built home for a risk-free investment

Classic, modern or contemporary, your house is designed and built according to the rules of the art. Choice of materials, orientation, layout and size of living spaces... nothing is left to chance for an investment with great potential.

Maisons Sic, builder of individual houses in the South-West for more than 40 years, is surrounded by high-performance teams in each trade. Maisons Sic thus guarantees you optimal quality construction and site monitoring.

Information Houses Sic Agen
149, boulevard Carnot
47000 Agen
Tel. 05 53 66 32 65

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