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A new construction project in Marmandais

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Discover our new detached house project near Marmande (47).

The story begins in 1982 in Marmandais, during a construction project in a town near Tonneins (47) close to the Maisons Sic head office. In this house the new owner of this magnificent house in Beaupuy near Marmande (47) will grow up.

“My mother had built with you in 1982 and was very satisfied with her house, I grew up there and I was able to appreciate its tranquility. It was only natural that I turned to you when I had to contact a construction professional »

This approach when you are a builder of individual homes is the culmination of the longevity of your business, which is why we work daily for the satisfaction of our customers. When, at Maisons Sic, 68% of sales already come from our existing customers, we must maintain high professional standards.

We therefore had to roll up our sleeves, understand what new spaces would be created, and what our clients lacked most in the previous accommodation so that they would end up selling it. What followed an impeccable selection of land possibilities around Marmande, towards its hillsides, a location popular with customers.

“Several reasons brought us to Beaupuy but first of all it was the setting and the location that seduced us”.

It is true that for 35% of Maisons SIC customers (internal customer satisfaction survey) it is the location which is the number 1 criterion in their choice. Hence the interest in always having a Premium selection of land and our salespeople are trained for this.

Rightly, our customers explain to us: “Ms. BAZAS was a valuable help for our project, we dealt with a true professional”

It is important to us that our clients feel considered in understanding their project. An approach shared by the interested party: “ the quality of our information sets us apart from the competition and allows us to gain credibility in our approach on a daily basis.” No matter, the land is validated by the clients, then the construction of the project follows, with the organization of the parts as a preamble.

Bioclimatic design consists of optimizing the layout of the house to save energy and also benefit from ample sunshine in all seasons for a valued interior.

The land being ideally exposed, entrance to the north, garden to the south, the clients' wish was to have a central room as the heart of the house with a sleeping area around it dedicated to the children and grandchildren of the guests. The owners' bedroom is equipped with a bathroom and a dressing room.

The two spaces around the living center give two extensions on the main facade formant a “U” shaped house and creating an outdoor terrace room. This is enhanced by a bio-climatic pergola allowing optimal sunshine in winter and comfort in summer.

Overall photo of the interior of the living room


Building permit in hand and owner of the land, let's start the work!

Mason employees, carpenters under the leadership of their manager and the works manager, maintain a sustained pace for optimal work progress.

This also allows us to create exchanges and dialogue to optimize the project, ideas also come during implementation, which our client confirms: “ We also remember the complicity with the craftsmen, which allowed us to feel at ease during the construction phase and also to express the improvements we wanted to make, it is important to feel confident and in dialogue »

Our clients have now been living in the house for a little over a year with pleasure and a desire to share their experience, in fact they have told us they regularly talk about it to those around them. This would allow them to benefit from the sponsorship offer put in place by the company. “Winning from €350 to €1000 remains motivating for us and we will not hesitate to talk about it to those around us.”

Thank you to our customers for their availability, we are delighted to have fulfilled our mission and to obtain their satisfaction.

A single storey house which fits perfectly into the environment.






Virtual tour of the interior of the Marmandais house in Beaupuy








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