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Where to build in the Toulouse region: towns and trends in Haute-Garonne

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It is still possible to build in the Toulouse region. Opportunities, trends, we take stock of Haute-Garonne and its municipalities!

Investors or owner-occupiers, there are many who dream of building in the Toulouse region. Driven by landscapes and a warm climate, the region welcomes 15 new inhabitants each year. Real estate is doing well and the new construction is on the rise, as explained in this article by La Dépêche .

Building in the Toulouse region: trends

Building your house: in the Haute Garonne, the view of the Pyrenees is appreciated
Land with a view of the Pyrenees is not lacking in appeal for building a house in the Toulouse region

Build big houses with office

The health crisis has increased the desire for home. Demand continues to grow and buyers are looking for a villa ready to welcome the whole family, benefiting from a pleasant outdoor space. " Today, our clientele favors spaces from 110 to 120 m2. They most often seek three bedrooms plus an office. Teleworking is becoming widespread, this piece is now in high demand by our customers. », stresses Lionel Bouthé, Regional Director at Sic houses.

New single-storey home trend

In order to take advantage of their garden, and benefit from a modern house, customers generally wish to build a ground floor house. But land is rare in the Toulouse region and land is getting smaller and smaller. " The areas greater than 700 m2, even in the third ring, are difficult to find and prices are affected », warns Lionel Bouthé.

The view of the Pyrenees

Whenever they can, residents of the Toulouse region look for land with a view. It must be said that, outside the agglomerations, the region is rather hilly. "We have a culture of Pyrenees. Land with a view of the mountain range will necessarily be more highly rated,” continues the Regional Director.

Building in the Toulouse region: the first crown still popular

The region is obviously turned around Toulouse. The towns that quickly serve the pink city are therefore highly sought after and land prices are affected. “In the very first crown, Pibrac, Turnsheet, Blagnac, Balma, Labege et Castanet, a plot of 500 to 600 m2 costs between 250 and 000 euros,” warns Lionel Bouthé. "To find land at more reasonable prices, you have to go in 300rd crown. The south of the department is still accessible to first-time buyers ».

4 main sectors linked to the activity centers

Schematically, the Toulouse region is divided into 4 parts, and land prices are varied.

Discover the opportunities offered by Maisons Sic in the Toulouse region.

Building in the Toulouse region around Airbus

In the North-West, economic activity is largely drained by Airbus. In order not to stray too far from their place of work, employees in the area favor towns such as Blagnac, Cornebarieu, Pibrac or even Turnsheet.

The North-East for the most urban dwellers

Many inhabitants of the center of Toulouse now wish to move away and enjoy a slightly greener setting. They will naturally go to the towns of Balma ou Saint-Jean. This highly sought-after sector should develop in the years to come, as explained in this article by La Dépêche .

The South East for CNES workers

Located in the district of Rangueil, to the south-east of Toulouse, the national center for space studies CNES and its 1 employees energizes the surrounding towns. The municipalities of Labege, Escalquens, castanet, Tolosan, Ramonville, are favorite places for workers in the area. The region should develop further with the arrival of the 3rd metro line scheduled for 2028. This economic dynamism is also spreading more and more and reaching more distant cities such as Villefranche-de-Lauragais which is now booming.

Building your house around Toulouse
To properly prepare your house construction project near Toulouse, you need to know the different sectors and the prices of land in Haute-Garonne.

The South-West of Toulouse planned development

The South-West of the city also benefits from the dynamism of the industries of the region with in particular the presence of Thalès. Plaisance du Touch, Fonsorbs, holy lily, are now easily accessible towns. Likewise, the municipalities of Cugnaux and its surroundings, which are still accessible, should also experience strong development in the coming years. Indeed, a pole bringing together companies working on the mobility of the future is developing on the site of the former Francazal air base.

Building in the Toulouse region and beyond: The booming Gers

With all these industries, the pink city radiates well beyond its immediate territory. The big trend for executives who build their house it's the beginning of Gers. Still preserved, the sector is full of magnificent landscapes, and transport and family services are developing. “More and more clients are looking for land around cities like Jordan Island ou Pujaudran. Airbus workers in particular reach their work area in a short time. They prefer to go a little further to really be outdoors and in the countryside”. Land has thus doubled in 10 years. And that's just the beginning.


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