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House plan: design the rooms well

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The development of the plan of the new house is an essential step. Orientation, insulation, size, location… How design bedrooms ? The bedrooms are separate rooms where everyone finds their space and exercises their individuality.  parental suite, children's rooms, what are the different constraints for imagining comfortable rooms ?


House plan: A well-designed bedroom combines brightness, soundproofing and judicious location.


House plan: what size bedroom?

There is what the law says, what we want, and what we can achieve. According to decree n° 2002-120 of January 30, 2002, a "decent" room should not be less than 9 m2. There ceiling height is set at 2,20 meters, for a living space of at least 20 m3. These criteria, which apply to the master bedroom housing, must be respected in the case of rental or resale. Nothing prevents you from having a second, smaller bedroom. However, this is not optimum, because these minimum surfaces and volumes guarantee in particular a good renewal of the air.

The parental suite, a luxury that equips many new houses and adapted to aging

A healthy and bright room

Let the natural light about bedrooms, also guarantees a certain level of comfort and healthiness. Assuring both theaeration free lighting, the presence of a window is also essential for the room to be qualified as a bedroom. It is generally estimated that the window should represent at least 1/6 of the floor area.

Which orientation for the rooms?

There are no rules on this. Everything will depend on the house and your way of life. Letting the sun into your room brings a little ray of good humor, but above all sanitize the room, and allows you to benefit from free calories in winter. For this reason, the East facing rooms ou South East are generally considered the most comfortable. Indeed, they benefit from the sun at the coolest hours but preserve themselves from it in the afternoon. There south facing room must be well protected from the sun's rays in summer to avoid overheating. It is, for this reason, less suitable for children who spend long hours in their room. needing natural light, they will indeed suffer from being plunged into darkness in the middle of the day. There Room to the North often gets a bad press, because it is rather cold in winter and promotes the development of dust mites. However, it is a real pleasure in the middle of summer, because it remains cool while preserving the brightness. At the time of global warming, this orientation is therefore well suited to our southwestern regions where summer comfort becomes a real concern. As for theWest orientation, it is more difficult to manage. The room is exposed to winds and bad weather which can interfere with sleep. On the thermal side, beware of summer comfort because the sun comes up at the end of the day, which warms the room before going to bed. According to Feng shui, the orientation also has an influence on sleep and quality of life, and is also to be taken into account for the layout of the rooms, as explained in this article by

To find out how to protect your windows from overheating in the summer, read our article on new house shutters.

Take care of the sound insulation of the rooms

Protect the room from outside noise

When we do build your new house, it is necessary to privilege the tranquility of the rooms. Protecting yourself from outside noise is essential to ensure good living comfort. I'soundproofing will be all the more neat in town or near a very busy road. THE double glazed windows phonic associated with a neat installation, will not let in noise. At the house of Sic houses, the walls of the house are bricks, well insulated against the cold, but also against noise. The design of wooden houses also focused on the acoustic comfort with double insulation of the walls: between the uprights of the frame and from the inside. A solution that guarantees a very good acoustic comfort of wooden houses built by the individual home builder.

A well-insulated ceiling guarantees the comfort of the inhabitants and protects privacy.

Protect the room from interior noise

In a house, all kinds of noise can disturb your sleep. Shock noises First of all. When you walk on a floor in shoes, it generates vibrations that propagate throughout the house. There are also airborne noises such as television, or conversations. All the inhabitants of a house do not have the same rhythm of life, it is important that everyone can be entitled to their bubble of calm. A new house must thus take care of thesoundproofing interior. The partitions are thus insulated so as not to allow noise to pass between the rooms. The laying of the floor will also be careful to avoid the transmission of vibrations and a sound insulation between floors is to be expected.

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Bedrooms: Where to put them

A sleeping area separated from the day area

When we do the detached house plan, we generally distinguish the day space and the night space. In ground floor house, night zonet is separated from the living room by a corridor. The cleverly placed bathrooms or cupboards allow, in addition to thesoundproofing further attenuate the noise of voices. In two-storey house, the bedrooms are generally located above. It is avoided if possible that they directly overlook the living rooms. Preferably, a insulating door at the top of the stairs, will isolate this space.

House plan Ibiza line of Sic houses, single-storey houses of 140 m2 where the sleeping areas are separated from the day area. Each room retains its privacy thanks to a well-designed plan.


House plan: the parental suite, an ideal

The ideal, for more privacy, is to have a parent area and a separate children's area. The parental suite is an independent area, composed of a individual bathroom adjoining and often of a dressing. Isolated from the rest of the house, it is generally placed on the ground floor. This location has the great advantage of corresponding to all ages of life: privacy when the children are young, a single area to be heated when the children are grown up and only come back on weekends, and an accessible and secure area when you is getting old.

House plan Ibiza line of Sic houses, single-storey houses of 140 m2 where the sleeping areas are separated from the day area. Each room retains its privacy thanks to a well-designed plan.

Our different house plans take into account all the constraints to guarantee the comfort of the occupants. Get in touch to make an appointment and develop together the plan of your future home with your ideal bedroom.



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