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House plan: should we opt for the parental suite?

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The parental suite has the wind in its sails. Not a magazine where it is not displayed as the must of interior design. THE new constructions that are emerging obviously reflect this trend, with large rooms offering all the necessary comfort. Fashion effect, real assets? we take stock of whether to adopt it when we build our house?

What is a parental suite?

The master suite, offers parents a completely private space in the accommodation, away from the noise and bustle of the house. We speak of a parental suite when the bedroom has its own attached bathroom. In new house, customers who opt for this type of service complete the set with a spacious dressing room that allows them to store and prepare quietly.

House plan Sic houses skyline model, single-storey houses of 108 m2 where the parental suite guarantees the privacy and comfort of the occupants thanks to a well-designed plan.



Our different house plans take into account all the constraints to guarantee the comfort of the occupants. Get in touch to make an appointment and develop together the plan of your future home with your ideal bedroom.


The advantages of the parental suite

Building a house with a master suite: a space of your own

In a new house, parents have long planned thechildren's area, so that they do not encroach too much on the rest of the housing. A waste of time, they quickly overflow and invade the living rooms. There bathroom, a place of sharing, must be constantly tidied up and reorganized. Difficult in this context to keep personal belongings, as children sometimes have difficulty not appropriating everything. This observation profoundly changed the design of the house. There parental suite was born from this need to have a space of their own, a kind of sanctuary in which children only enter with the goodwill of their parents.

Get ready quietly

The master suite is also a haven for early risers who can get ready without waking up the whole house. A solution that is suitable for homes where families gather in the summer, when everyone gets up at different times. Ideal when overlooking the terrace, it allows you to go quietly to the kitchen to prepare your breakfast, then enjoy your little private terrace for a moment of calm before starting the day. A house plan with master suite thus offers the occupants the impression of having a particular studio. A configuration that is particularly suitable for L-shaped house plans.

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New house plan: The dressing room is entirely part of the comfort expected in a master suite.

The parental suite for energy savings

The other advantage of having your own studio in your house is to limit the areas to be heated when the house is not fully occupied. When the children are grown up and only come back on weekends, the house becomes more easily partitioned. With regulation on the central heating, and/or a home automation system, it is indeed possible and simple to heat the house by zone to best adapt the energy consumption to his real needs.

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An asset for resale

Even if you plan for the long term in a home that you have built, it is important to consider reselling it. A parental suite is an undeniable asset for a new house, because it can increase its real estate value. A future buyer will project himself more easily into this accommodation, whatever his age.

The parental suite in a new house adapted to old age

The parental suite is not only suitable for young parents and working people. It is also very suitable for older people. Whether you are getting older or welcoming a someone with reduced mobility, this space will be able to make everyday life easier. When you get older, the bathroom is often a risky space. The bathroom in the master suite can very simply meet the needs of people with reduced mobility. Often located on the ground floor, this private studio facilitates movement, and frees up space for moving around in a wheelchair or walker, for example, between the bedroom and the bathroom.

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The defects of the parental suite

Parental suite and staggered hours

The master suite is not for everyone. When a couple lives on staggered schedules, this arrangement is not necessarily ideal. Exit the bathroom or the dressing open to the bedroom. Opaque partitions with soundproofing will then protect the spouse from both light and noise that could disturb his sleep. It will be necessary to pay particular attention to the sound insulation of the door.

Too private a bathroom

Hardly accessible to other occupants of the house, the master suite bathroom is not a second bathroom like the others. In large houses that host a lot of people on weekends and during holidays, guests may be intimidated by the idea of ​​using this space designed as private. The congestion of the bathroom is thus not necessarily avoided. In this case, a house plan with a second bathroom municipality seems better suited.

What space should I plan for a parental suite?

The parental suite imagines itself spacious and bright. But it is not necessarily necessary to devote too much space to it. Generally, it is believed that the master bedroom must offer a surface area of ​​12 m2 to be comfortable, guarantee storage, sleeping space and offer fluid circulation. 3 m2 is enough for a small, comfortable bathroom. The advantage of the new house is to be able to truly create a optimized space and adapted to his way of life. Your builder will thus be able to take advantage of every square meter. It then becomes possible to combine the functions in 12m2. From 17m2, however, the space will be less constrained and will offer more daily comfort. In terms of decoration and layout, everything is allowed: library, bathroom, desk, closet, the bedroom can meet all your desires, as explained this article from the Journal de la Maison.

Very trendy and design, the parental suite with bathroom in open space also has drawbacks.

The open space master suite

The big trend in recent years has been the bathroom open to the bedroom. If the decompartmentalization guarantees beautiful and spacious volumes, you don't necessarily have to stop at aesthetics. The room thus decompartmentalized quickly becomes unusable if you do not want to wake up your spouse, especially if you work staggered hours. We must also think about the humidity generated. If you are a fan of good hot baths, it is better to favor a closed space to promote the proper evacuation of humidity by the VMC and ensure healthy air in the bedroom.

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